Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1112

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Mark Doug Avenue, 124, Disapparation of 3 people from Nox family arrived here. This is a dirty alley. A step leading to the basement connects the entrance of their destination.

Three people climbed down the stairs holding the handrails. Under the steps, there was a dead end. The doorway was bricked to death. On the brick wall was a chronological poster with blond hair and blue eyes in a red evening dress. The modern girl with flaming red lips is applying makeup to the mirror, a red lipstick is under the mirror, and the poster says Blind Pig Bar-as these wizards approach, the eyes of the characters in the portrait start to move calmly looked towards them.

Ian and Leonard both raised one hand and pointed their wand at them. As a flash of silver white brilliance flashed, their black magic robes turned into more decent old-fashioned suits. Ian also created a blue one for himself. Small bow tie.

Jessica stood in front of the brick wall with her hand bag and waited for them to transform. Her makeup was refined and her dress was glamorous. The long hair that had been shed during the previous dinner became a cute bun, which was fixed with a pearl hairpin. Wearing an ice blue gauze dress with blue rays of light.

Ian looked at the elder sister and complained: “Jessica, you can see that you only need to use magic spells to complete the change, every time you have to spend time at home to dress up…”

“I don’t want to accidentally be relieved of the curse.” Jessica looked towards the woman on the magic poster on the brick wall. The woman’s eyes looked up and down in Jessica’s refined dress, her eyes slightly narrowed and nodded, and she smiled.

Jessica raised her hand and tapped rhythmically on the poster four times. The modern girl’s eyes were suddenly pushed open, hollowed out into a rectangle, revealing a pair of eyes with thick eye bags and tight frowns. This look made this beautiful poster beauty instantly become very contradictory and ugly.

Immediately afterwards, the brick wall door that isolated the noisy bar from the outside was opened by the entrance security. They walked into the smoky bar, and the densely packed arrest warrant was proudly posted on the 4 walls, covered with dirt. Everything here looks dirty and dilapidated, forming a gloomy and terrible atmosphere of joy.

Leonard frowned and looked at the environment: “It’s still so smoky here, but it always makes people want to come here for a drink, put on a swagger, and relax.”

The short Goblin waiter in a black tuxedo, holding a large tray full of beer with hops, walks through the wizards. Some seemingly insidious wizards sneak in the corners, seeming to be doing some secret trading. In the most corner of the bar, there is even a giant who is directly holding a beer barrel as a goblet and drinking.

The wizard TV screen hanging on the bar was showing the images of Aaron rising up the Floating Void City and the Misser Energy Core. At this time, the attention of the people in the hotel has shifted from those repeated TV programs to the narrow ones. On the stage, a wizard with maroon hair stood on the stage and gave a speech. His tone was quick and he looked a little excited.

“Sir, the changes in the situation are already obvious.” The wizard paused on stage, sorted out his thoughts and continued to express his opinions, “The road before us after today, the road that can maximize our benefits is to cooperate with Hogwarts. It is the wisest thing to try to bring their advanced magic and core technology back to the United States… Otherwise, technology like Floating Void City, I suspect that our magic Congress will not be developed in a few decades…”

“Fak!…why should we bow our heads to those arrogant British people for these things?!, he made it out…this bastard, go to hell…”

“But he was right. Not only the Congress, but also Ivamoni. Until now is too rigid and hasn’t innovated for so many years. However, the Congress has not stepped up its efforts to support Ivamoni.”

“The United States is a free country! We don’t need Britain’s energy core or their tea!”

The 3 people Ian who just walked into the pub were looking at the situation in the hall to find a place, and they saw this mess, but before Leonard made some complaints, a youngster walked towards them.

“Hey, Ian here!”

He is the protagonist who invited Ian today, Stiff Fox Graves. The male wizard has short black hair and neatly divided heads. What is impressive is that he has a pair of thick and black eyebrows and a high nose bridge. Quite, with the tight chin line and the sharply chiseled chin, it makes the whole person look very firm. The mage’s robe on his body is not luxurious, but his back is straight so that he can walk in the wizards of this slightly darkened hall. It looks very graceful.

“Oh, Mr. Nox, didn’t expect you to come over tonight. It seems that our youngsters are very lucky… Mr. Nox, you have just returned from Britain. If we are lucky enough to hear your opinion, we must It allows us to have a more specific understanding and judgment of the actual situation of Britain…” Stiff Fox Graves greeted Leonard enthusiastically and proactively bowed slightly to extend the hand and shake hands with Leonard.

“Mr. Graves… you’re overwhelmed, but today I am mainly just here for a drink…” Leonard gently held the opponent’s hand and shook it up and down, although he couldn’t help feeling that the other party was indeed not flattering. I’m bored, but because of different positions and factions, not at all means to continue communicating.

“That’s really regrettable…but the spirits and jazz here are really good.” Fujitsu didn’t care, and then he looked towards Jessica with some deep and charming eyes, “Jessica, you did it for Ian last time. I stole a piece of Meiji. It’s soft and cottony, especially the chicken breast inside. It’s not burnt, juicy but delicious. Can you tell me the secret recipe? I hope my wife Carmen can learn this. One hand…”

Ian hearing this growled in irritation, “What?! You stole my 3 Meiji”

“Ian! How about your courtesy?” Jessica smiled because of her cooking skills. “Please tell Mrs. Echogo, the trick is to marinate with coarse salt for half an hour in advance, but Mr. Graves, if you like, please Next time I will do more and let Ian bring it to you.”

“Call me Fuji Fuji, Jessica, don’t be so outside…you know I have a good relationship with Ian.” Graves warned repeatedly.

“Please forgive us for having to find a seat first…” Leonard frowned next to him, and then pointed to a little wizard who walked over quickly and combed his small flat head. “It also seems that this gentleman has something to look for you.”

“Ah, it must be Mr. Chamberlain’s speech that is almost over. The next one to be on stage is me…” Fuji Fuji looked back and said, “It seems to be the case, please forgive me. I will accompany you if you can. Let us if I can. We will have a few drinks together later…” Fuji Weiwei leaned to the wizards of Nox. “But Mr. Nox, this bar provides a platform for the wizards to freely express their opinions and discussions… I always respect your wisdom and qualifications. If you can have this honor, please listen to the heartfelt words of my immature youngster. I know that our ideas are often at odds, but I sincerely hope to get the guidance of Mr. Nox… Everything we do is for the United States .”

Leonard exhales one breath saying, so that he was filled with alienated voices just now and softly said: “Everything is for America.”

Rigid Fuji nodded signaled again and turned to leave, and the maroon-haired wizard Chamberlain on the podium had already stepped down. In the interval when Rigid Fuji was preparing for the stage speech, a person wearing silver revealing costumes seemed to be half- The blood Goblin female singer boarded this narrow podium, which triggered applause and whistles from some wizards and other magic races who were not interested in current affairs.

The sound of music that exudes the free air of jazz sounded, lazy and slightly sentimental tones, slowly swaying rhythm, faint jazz piano sound, a psychedelic mellow jazz picture volume assaults the senses…

The non-human female singer raised her head. She has a long face, half-closed her eyes, and her narrow, pointed ears are raised; the back of her head is stretched out strongly, and she looks like a long round face from the side. Shaped insect egg-the volume of her cranial cavity seems to be very large, equivalent to one and a half times that of an ordinary person.

She has a few silver snake-like pigtails on top of her bare head. In the middle of his forehead, there are still two forked fleshy horns in his heart, those pointed and tall noses and refined five officials. Let the female singer still seem to have some alternative charm.

While the female singer sang, many house elfs in those sheltered places on the stage stretched out their fingers, emitting a lot of silver rays of light, among these dots of silver rays of light, some white smoke rose up. From above, various scenes sung by female singers are imaginary.

And Leonard has already taken the two siblings to a position slightly off the corner that he had just optimistic about.

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