Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1113

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As a short tune for the transition break, the short tune was quickly sung. The short-bodied Goblin waiter in a black tuxedo interspersed from the hall, cautiously paying attention to the tray in his hand to avoid being stepped on by the drunk wizards—— Before the three of Leonard ordered the cogging spirits by the Goblin entertainer, the host re-entered the stage to sparse applause. After talking about a few short what a jokes that mocked foreign wizards, he Noticed Graves who had come to the audience.

“Then, let my what a joke interrupt your ears for a while, and let us welcome the next speaker. Many people in this room should recognize the next gentleman who is about to appear-many people including myself are because He has been arrested several times for drunken troubles…” The host’s words once again made many people in this bar laugh chuckles, “Yes, he comes from Grevy, one of the twelve Auror originally recruited by the American Magic Congress. The Si family, currently serving in the Major Investigation Division of the Magic Congress, let us welcome the Stiff Fuji III of the Graves family!!!”

Graves’ supporter responded with much more enthusiastic applause than he had just given to the host, but there are also some appeasement philosophers who deliberately raised their voices to this radical snort disdainfully, which subsequently caused him to fall into angry supporter easily. They looked sideways and glared, and even scolded swear words.

Some wizard newspaper reporters erupted in some smoke. After taking a few photos of the reactions of Graves and the audience off the field, they took out banknotes and prepared to record them.

Although Britain’s wizard TV station has swept the magic circle of various countries, it has not at all developed its own TV industry for most countries. After all, it is the Harris family that holds the patent right. Although they do not at all prevent other countries from To build a TV station, but the patent fees charged are enough to dispel the wizard businessmen who want to make money from it. Only a few ambitious magic governments have begun to try to form this kind of new wizard media-but for these ancient pure-blooded governments It will take time for the muggle information and ideas provided by not at all Aaron to be formalized. Such pub-level discussions will not attract the attention of TV stations.

Immediately, Graves stepped slowly onto the podium.

The lights in the bar that were normally used to illuminate the band singers gathered on this lonely strong and tall young wizard, the bar was somewhat quiet, but just like the radicals in Chamberlain’s previous speech, those who are biased towards isolationists The appeasementists began to focus their energy on the people around them and began to communicate in a low voice.

“When we were young, we all heard a lot of stories about our ancestors coming to the United States from Europe, from the Mayflower of the Muggle…” Graves’ opening speech was not loud, and his black hair was illuminated by the light. He looked very bright, his expression looked a little melancholy, “I understood the story of the founder of our alma mater Ifamoni, Aesop Thiel.”

“Speak up!” The wizard who had political disagreements seemed to be drinking too much and shouted rudely.

“In fact, we also have a great magic history in the United States. The Ifamoni magic school is also recognized by the world magic circle as the most democratic and the most educational for everyone, irrespective of background, the great magic school, American graduates, according to the previous Statistics, we used to be better at using wand than graduates of some European schools…” Graves ignored the impolite guy, his expression was full of regret and worry, “Yes, we are now back in a backward situation. Under the leadership of Britain, the magic circle in Europe began to try to reorganize their Auror. When the spy became an army, we were isolated overseas… Our Auror is in dilapidated condition compared to those armed Aurors, our best The young wizard is currently tied to the traditional and backward education system, and in the future after today, our economy will be threatened and damaged… However, this is not to blame Britain or other countries, this is our own question… “

“Huha! Uh… sorry…”

There was a sudden loud laughter from the audience interrupted Gravis’s speech. Before the speech, there was a wizard at the table of the wizard Chamberlain, who was not very sincere. This is exactly the effect of the strong drink. Aroused ridicule from those opposition parties.

Graves, but not at all, continued. He stood on the podium with his hands behind his back, just staring at the audience in the silence of his own Silencio.

The atmosphere in the whole bar became a little weird. Many wizards who hadn’t paid attention to the speeches also stopped their conversations, as if they were afraid that people would think that the atmosphere was created by them.

“Ian, is he interrupted and forgot the words or is this part of his speech?” Jessica asked in her seat, lowering her usual loud voice.

Ian also looked blankly at the new friend on stage who had drunk many times. He also realized that he knew nothing about him. He noticed that the host under the stage seemed to be He gestured to him, as if holding a sign with some lines written on it to make Graves emergency, as if he also thought that the other party had forgotten the words.

The rigid Fuji III on the stage just ordered him nodded, and then patted the dust that did not exist on the belly fur robe with his hands, and then took off the hip flask tied to his belt in full view to fill himself. Take a bite.

This made the weird quietness disturbed everyone in the otherwise lively bar-Graves’ leisurely and contented air made the opposition wizards who were ready to coax him to step down, could not help but shut their mouths. Wizard Chamberlain was drinking before the table. The sound interrupted the speech. The wizard had started to sweat on his forehead.

“Ian, Jessica, this is the power of silence.” Leonard looked at the spirit goblet just held in his hand, shook his head and smiled and put it on the table, then looked at his two and focused on himself The younger one, “Don’t be afraid of it, Ian, your new friend seems to be able to shame the previous Chamberlain on stage.”

Just like getting the order of Leonard, when he was tone barely fell, Graves on the stage took a deep breath to his lungs, letting his voice erupt in silence: “Very well, I think everyone is willing to listen now Up.”

The sudden loud voice surprised the wizards present, but Graves, who had already re-spoken, planned to stop at all.

“Like I just said, this is our own problem. It’s not a problem we have now, does it? But no one cares… Didn’t the Wizarding World in the United States ever think that we are facing death?” Graves shook his head on the stage, and struck his head again with his hands. “Self-esteem…Self-esteem is a weapon that each of us should master, rather than deceive it. It represents strength. We are much more powerful…” Graves pointed to the host, “The host just tried to help me. He seems to think I forgot to use his what a joke to help me. To be precise, What a joke about foreigners…”

The host under the stage looked much more embarrassed than he was being watched on stage. He squeezed out a smile, unable to understand Graves’ intention.

“But may I ask, why do we need what a joke as a foreigner? If I lag behind other countries, why do we want what a joke to surpass our country? If we regard what a joke as an enemy, it is like being in the forest. Wild beast, there are mice in the house, and we don’t need what a joke. We don’t need to find a talk show star for ourselves, but either raise our wand or find a hunter wizard. As for mice, we should buy some mice. medicine…”

Graves’ rhetorical question made the mood of the wizards a little more relaxed except for the more embarrassing host. The wizards who are familiar with Graves and the radicals who support him, many like Ian, couldn’t help but laughed .

“This pub’s wizard TV is only so thin, much better than those Ma… Maji products.” Graves gestured with his fingers like a piece of paper with a touch of grace, “I think we don’t have to. Let’s talk about the things about Floating Void City and Energy Core that everyone has heard too much today. This is a miracle of the creativity of the wizards on TV…” Graves put down his previous gestures and said with a heavy tone, “But on TV What’s on in the show? It’s just rubbish…I know that the entire Wizarding World hasn’t worked well in recent years because of the Dark Lord and Britain. The public also needs this kind of entertainment, I understand.”

There was another silence, and Graves lowered his head as if giving the wizards time to understand.

“But the spirit of our American wizard is so empty that we will be interested in the unhealthy garbage broadcast on TV?! What kind of magic country do we live in? The birth rate of most Wizarding Worlds in the world is unprecedentedly low. ! This is not surprising, the wizard would want the child to be born in a country that has gradually lost competitiveness?” Graves lowered his head in a complaining tone, and he unconsciously waved his hand at the audience. Before Floating Void City flew into the skies of Scotland today, before we felt threatened and felt a sense of crisis today, we had already stopped in front of the abyss! But we could not see that it was the abyss! Because on the wizard TV…” Graves put his finger on the top of his head, “People can’t see the abyss. What they see are those fictional movies made up by Mo Ji. It is news about trivial matters like Quidditch match of a house level. It’s Britain Hogwarts Hufflepuff. The house’s cooking show…wizards…especially the wizards’ attention is on the breast of the French hostess of Veela. 3 taps and a hook!”

This caused many wizards in the audience to burst into laughter.

“People can’t see the abyss…” Graves didn’t laugh, he said loudly with a firm expression, “I will continue to fight, not only until we let the American wizard see the abyss, but until we cross it!”

In the bar, the old supporter of Graves and the new supporter who had just changed their identities clapped vigorously. Graves walked to the stage and picked up the goblet of the supporter and gave himself another mouthful before returning to the stage.

After dozens of seconds of applause diminished, Graves opened his mouth and continued to speak, and Chamberlain in the audience saw that the other party received much more welcome than he had before, so he couldn’t help but ask.

“Very exciting, rigid Fuji, but can you explain your specific plan? How do you plan to implement it?”

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