Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1114

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On the stage, Graves’ sonorous tone and the content of his speech attracted many wizards who were drinking and talking in other seats. Even the giant who speaks human language is not very clear. He straightened his body and let his eyes pass easily over the wizards in front of him.

“We need to make the Magic Congress more active and stronger, just like Britain across the ocean can get this kind of development in a short time… a visionary Congress, a courage to rely on its own independent development, Courage to fight against the foreign enemy’s Congress! This will lead us to further prosperity!” Graves watched Chamberlain try to speak again. He shook his head and asked, “Arthur, since the beginning of the Hogwarts revolution, in this pig wart Before the house rose to the sky, many Ifamoni people were already thinking about transferring to another school… They forgot the story of the founder of Isola Seul…”

“Rigid Fuji! I can’t understand. Just because of these historical reasons, should I give up the opportunity to become more powerful? Backwardness will make history happen again. Only powerful will not be arbitrarily bullied!” Chamberlain stood up stubbornly to retort , The maroon hair on top of his head trembled a few times because of his excitement, “Those who are now planning to leave the United States and Ifamoni are not traitors, they are also for the United States to be powerful again!”

“Yes! These talents are doing facts, and they will bring back advanced technology!”

“The United States is a free country! Wizards have the freedom to choose their own future!”

Graves clasped his hands in front of him, calmly waited half a day after the screams subsided, and looked at Chamberlain and asked, “Arthur, can you tell me, how did you do when you graduated from Ifamoni?”

“Except for the Maji study, I have achieved excellent grades.” Chamberlain said proudly. Such grades are completely handy. Basically, most of the professions are open to him and he can choose.

“Your amazing talent is enviable… I must first admit… In my heart, the best magic school ever in the world, Ifamoni, has encountered a difficult period…” Graves said in a low voice. “So Arthur, a genius like you, if you are willing to go to Britain, which has better educational resources, I have no objection. I very much support you wizards with enlightened ideas to learn more advanced magic skills for us…this path you The situation to face is very difficult, because Harris has already stated in the live broadcast that they will not hand over this kind of creation technology that has an overwhelming advantage over other countries… Yes, the situation you have to face is very difficult… So we These ordinary persons shouldn’t make you need to endure the humiliation on this difficult road to go on…”

Seeing that the representatives of the radicals seemed to be subdued by their own achievements, Chamberlain’s expression also eased a little: “Then stiffness Fuji, if you why would you try to stop us?”

“Arthur, can you tell me…” Graves continued to ask calmly: “Can you tell me how many of your partners have this kind of achievement like you?”

“Uh… Although their written results are not very good, in fact, they all have advantages in their respective fields.” Chamberlain seemed a little embarrassed, even if Graves is not included, I know him and his friends here. Quite a lot-his graduation grades are not good.

“It is certainly a good thing to go to Britain Hogwarts to study the more profound magic… The few elite wizards who have thoroughly studied the magic of our Ifamoni, should have a higher and lofty pursuit to learn more rare magic arts… such magic Circle can develop.” Graves continued in a deep voice, “but more wizards are confused by the magical wonders of other countries. When you are in our own Ifamoni and haven’t learned it well. Next, I want to go to those more profound and obscure magic skills. How much can you gain from them this time?”

This rhetorical question made those who yelled before were very embarrassed, and realized the problem-ordinary magic is not well-studied, and they covet more profound knowledge.

“Rigid Fuji seems to make sense…” Jessica murmured hesitantly, but she had lost the motivation to study in Hogwarts.

“Jessica, don’t be fooled by the slogan language. The wizard from the Graves family also not at all told us that he has something practical and practical. As a very old man Magic Congressman, not at all, was stirred up too much, “Ian, your friend will be a very good politician, but you don’t want to…huh? Ian? “

Ian’s look at this time shows that he hasn’t paid attention to the conversation between elder sister and Leonard at all, and he concentrate attention completely on the podium speech.

“The brain drain that Ifamoni is about to face…No one cares, no one thinks that we can even meet after we leave too many people. Some people who are not determined willpower may no longer think about it after seeing the advanced life of Hogwarts Returning to life in the United States, what we have to face is not only the passing talents, but also the population representing the future potential… Self-esteem is a weapon, wand is used to deal with enemies. We also have magic power, strength, and potential in us. It’s much bigger than we thought.” Graves raised his arms gracefully, palms up, as if holding up hope invisibly, “Arthur, you just tried to ask me what is my specific plan of action? I will tell you what I think now…”

Chamberlain, who gave a speech before Graves, slid his arms on the table, clenched his fists with both hands against his lowered head. His head seemed to weigh 1000 kilograms, and he could not lift his head at all. Graves said that he was completely I never thought that if many wizards went to Hogwarts after listening to their own words, and failed to achieve any progress, it would cause the loss of the American population…

A young witch in a silk scarf looked towards the wizards around him and found that many of them were nodded to varying degrees.

“The magic circle does not require everyone to become a wizard who is good at studying magic. It is more an ordinary person like us, but now the rapid development of Britain prevents us from stagnating. We are already standing on the edge of the abyss. Therefore, the Graves family will serve as an example. I will publish the magic secrets of my own family. Not only that, I will also call on other families to say goodbye to the old era and the new era is coming, just like that Like the foresighted Aaron Harris, I encourage everyone to abandon conservative traditions and integrate the knowledge that was previously hidden in our American magic circle, which was rarely learned by others, to provide more and not so genius, but there are goals to move closer. The wizards grow up!” Graves said in a deep tone, “Although we are proud, don’t be arrogant. I hope that those wizards who are talented enough…our Congress can elect those who willpower firmly, support them, and support them to go abroad. Learn advanced technology…” He clenched a fist with his right hand and his eyes were firm. “But we can still choose our own posture. What we can never forget should be the founding history of Ifamoni. We should not lose our own American spirit. , Britain’s way of rising… Regardless of the role played by the most powerful wizards in the world, Britain’s system will never suit us… We choose our own path! That is the principle of freedom!”

At this time, no one talked privately in the bar anymore. The wizards and other races all stood up, applauded vigorously and cheered. In this atmosphere, many people began to pour the spirits down. This kind of liquor brought forbearance. The effect of giggling makes the atmosphere of the scene a step further.

“In this crisis situation, the various factions in the United States should no longer fight each other. This will prevent us from making any progress. Therefore, I will work hard. Although my position is not high, I will try to change this! Powerful officials, let all decision-making actions be more efficient and accountable to the President of Congress! If I fall, I will stand up, if I can’t stand up, I hope you can stand up for me! But the United States does not It will fall, and it will rise again under our efforts!” Graves waved his right hand forcefully and patted his left chest, “America is bound to rise!”

“The United States will rise!” “The United States will rise!” “The United States will rise!”

Most of the wizards and Goblins in the bar chanted slogans and started this action together—Leonard worriedly discovered that his niece and nephew were among them, and the same was true of Arthur Chamberlain.

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