Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1115

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The morning of June this week is the first “Hogsmeade Week” in the new semester as usual.

Almost all the young wizards who are allowed to leave Hogwarts’ castle and go out freely in the Third Year above have mostly chosen to participate-in fact, according to the regulations of the new semester, students of all grades can choose to use this weekend time to return to their respective Reunited with parents at home. But because of the rise of Floating Void City, in the first week of this time, most parents chose to come to Hogwarts by themselves instead of letting the children go back. This way, including those young wizards who are too young in Second Year, can be Accompanied by my parents, I started to browse the urban area of ​​Hogwarts, a school city.

Cheap replicas of the Gubrai fairy fire, known as the eternal fire, have been placed in the entire city and streets of Hogwarts, illuminating the streets and shops of the entire district for the folks who sleep during the day and the customers who shop at night. The needs of tourists who plan to view the night view of Hogwarts at night—not at all, what advantage does this not at all bring to the new guards in those urban areas, and the armed forces of the umbrella department with night vision equipment and masks.

The commercial square outside the Ravenclaw Temple in the southern part of the school city has become the preferred place for students and tourists today. This is the commercial center of Hogwarts that never closes. The announcement stated that it will never close except for festivals.

Umbrella companies in the city also have their headquarters in this Commerce District, not far from the shops they serve or own. Except for a few patrol boats and umbrella wizard guards riding on Dragons, most types of floating boats also stay in The square and the pier on the shell below the city-after all, for the manufacturing industry of Hogwarts, energy nuclear has just been launched soon, and the workshop owners living here still need time to adapt and plan new production plans.

“Diagon Alley is nowhere near so many people…” Ron was a little dumbfounded as the Commerce District started to prosper. “Don’t even mention Hogsmeade Week, or the Muggle train station… I have never seen so many people at once…”

“It’s’Hogwarts Week’! It’s not’Hogsmeade Week’! Ron, Aaron has announced a change of name!” Ginny held Harry’s arm to the Ron and Lavender who followed him with no good expressions.

“So many people remind me of muggle city.” Harry patted Ginny to ease the atmosphere. “Look at the steps of the temple over there are full…Uh…I noticed that there seem to be a lot of foreign wizards?”

“The one called Hannenghe was placed in the temple for people to visit. These people must have rushed to the Divine Item…” Ron looked very proud, “It’s not bad, you see these foreigners see Do we have eyes?”

“Rh, you are right! From now on, Hogwarts wizard will feel expertly ready wherever we go!” Lavender was almost completely hung on Ron, “The only bad thing is that he ran up to the clouds after rising. Some Sun, let’s go to the Madam Puddifoot Tea House to take a break.” She whispered and acted like a baby. “The Madam Puddifoot Tea House rented a big shop here and opened a branch that is bigger than the main shop… Let’s go and see. Right!”

Lavender pinched his throat to say with a smile, the voice was like spilling a large piece of candy. Ginny, who was holding Harry’s arm, was so bored that Harry was uncomfortable because of the sudden superiority of the other party, so they The pair looked at each other tacitly and decided to get rid of Ron.

Ginny took the initiative to speak: “Lavender, you and Ron go by yourself. On such a hot day, I want to eat some ice.”

Lavender didn’t seem to want to spend more time with her boyfriend’s younger sister on the weekend. She waved her hand to Harry and them, and then quickly dragged some Ron who wanted to explore the new city with Harry to one side.

“At least for the benefit, the new city is so big, there are fewer students who can see them crooked…” Ginny looked at the distant brother and his girlfriend sighed then said.

“Ginny, we can go to the Madam Puddifoot teahouse in Hogsmeade.” Harry saw his girlfriend’s thoughts better, “Sirius wanted to come to me today… I told him I have to make up the homework… I hope I won’t touch him later. Up.”

“Then we have to keep our eyes open… Sirius was free at the time? Was his department so idle? My father and Percy were busy after the Floating Void City lifted off… The domestic pure-blood family and the foreign magic government I’m trying to contact Ministry of Magic…” Ginny’s care for her boyfriend still counts. “You have to go back to The Burrow with me before dinner. Mother is preparing dinner for us… But now, we can go to Florin first. Take a look at the Volkswagen ice cream shop here. I watched an advertisement on TV yesterday and said it was near the west porch…”

“Only he is so free… Ms. Josephine Harris has written several letters to remind my godfather not to be late or leave early… He also had a job today, but he still invited me to visit the new town… Ginny, you know what I mean …” Harry sighed, “Let’s go, Florean is very good to me. He knows the situation of medieval witchcraft very well. When I was staying at Leaky Cauldron, I used to do homework in his shop. He was very good at medieval witchcraft. He helped me a lot with his papers, and he also gave me a box of ice cream for free every half an hour.”

The Florin Volkswagen ice cream shop is not difficult to find. It is their logo under the huge parasol outside 2-Layer on the left side of the west porch. Everything is brand new. The parasol is also applied with magic and umbrella surface. Colors changed on the top, and some ads for today’s specials like chocolate with raspberry and crumbled nut ice cream flashed on it.

At this time, in this cold drink shop in Florin, Emily brought a group of her attendants with large and small bags in it.

“Harris Young Lady! Welcome! Now I finally don’t have to wait until the holidays to see the shop…” Florin Volkswagen walked over with a smile. He looked very friendly and harmless wearing a red magic robe and a two-sided moustache. , But generally wizards respect him because he is a descendant of Dexter Volkswagen, the former headmaster of Hogwarts.

“Mr. Volkswagen! I’m so glad to see you outside of Diagon Alley!” Emily’s eyes changed with the changes in the desserts and cold drinks on the menu, and her smile became more sincere and unaffected. “I want a toffee ice cream. Three strawberry peanut butter ice creams…” Emily looked back at Draco and his two attendants, “As for these gentlemen…”

“One green applesauce ice cream and 2 extra large servings with chocolate chip cookies would be fine.” Pansy took the conversation keenly and described his boyfriend’s taste to Boss, and the extra large portion made the tall Crabbe and Goyle faces rise. She couldn’t stop smiling.

“Green apple sauce? Didn’t Draco just nibble on an apple when he came? Okay…” Emily shrugged. “Yes, make me another raw gill pudding…” She paused, “Add another extra Catalan caramel panna cotta and… Mr. Volkswagen… are there any desserts that are not very sweet?”

“Unsweet desserts?…Uh…” Florin Volkswagen was a little embarrassed and didn’t know how to satisfy the taste of Harris’s Little Princess. In fact, if he changed to someone else, he might think that the other party was making trouble or It’s a prank, “If you’re willing to wait a little longer, I can make an unsweet bitter coffee from the beginning, but raw cheek pudding…Miss Lovegood comes every day during class… Today is on vacation and I can’t come by myself… This style is really like his father’s magazine…”

Gabrielle was a little puzzled: “Didn’t Luna say she was on vacation when she was sick?”

“I suspect that Aaron is accommodating her laziness…Anyway, I don’t believe that Aaron is so powerful and there is no disease that can not cure her.” Draco noticed that there was something tricky in it, and he said a little sadly, “Aaron will not want to fight I…played with us.”

“It’s not Miss Lovegood, but I want to taste…” Laura glanced at Emily and took the initiative to find a reason.

“Well, I just bought it for Laura, but Luna is not in good health recently, but it seems that her temperament hasn’t changed, so she sneaked out and bought desserts…” Emily glanced at the wolf mother’s daughter with satisfaction, Luna’s truth Laura didn’t know her identity, but she still keenly found a reason for herself.

After Luna lifted off in Floating Void City, she babblingly announced at home that she would specialize in magic and take care of the temple, so she was temporarily suspended in the name of being sick, but now Emily is not sure whether Loony really has something to do. , Or just want to be lazy.

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