Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1116

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The Ravenclaw Temple located on Floating Void City occupies the entire northern area of ​​Hogwarts Commercial Guangye Plaza. From the outside, there is Ms. Ravenclaw’s Divine Idol on the top of the temple tower. The entire deep blue and bronze temple is in the sun above the clouds. The rays of light reflecting rumors make it impossible to look directly at it for a long time.

The towering spires, pointed arches, large windows, and stained glass painted with Ravenclaw’s deeds make the entire temple very wide and solemn. The interior decoration of the temple is not much different from the much smaller temple of Diagon Alley.

In the center of the temple with Hogwarts and the central axis of the Harris family residence, a raised Demi-God Hall Chamber of Secrets small room on the top floor that is not visible on the ground, the bronze silk curtains are lifted by the wind, and the room is Some of the information on the desktop that appeared to be Hogwarts University admissions information was turned upside down by the wind.

Frowning and looking out the window, Aaron took a sip of the lemon juice in his hand and put it on the table. Then he got up, took a very soft deep blue gauze scarf and approached him, half lying on the recliner with an expression. In front of Luna, who was sad, gently placed a corner of the thin blanket on Luna’s exposed belly button.

“Although it’s still a little hot in the first autumn, at least cover your belly…” Aaron held Luna’s hand on the chair with a very worried expression. “You can’t go on like this… You can eat something if you feel uncomfortable… “

Luna snorted feebly, and suddenly pressed her belly, frowning as if suffering from some pain.

Aaron quickly patted the opponent’s back lightly, his tone a little worried, “My potion can’t do anything about your situation…or let’s go find Snape, it’s no good for you to let it go…”

“He is even more powerless about this.” Luna complexion pale shook his head, “Although you and I have a lot of power, Aaron, this is not something we can change…”

Luna’s desperate tone infected Aaron. Feeling helpless, he beckoned to his hand the glass of lemon juice he had just drunk and handed it to his female partner. The other hand stopped her waist to help her support it.

Luna got up and took a sip of the lemon juice that Aaron had handed over. Her eyes were more protruding because of uncomfortable feelings, and a little misty, tired all over the body, deep into the skin and bone marrow. She only felt that her limbs and skeleton were all It’s soft and light.

Seeing the tiredness of her sweetheart, Aaron put down the water glass, quickly took out a handkerchief from her arms, and leaned heartily to wipe the corners of Luna’s mouth. “Mother may have noticed that something is wrong with you. She asked me in the morning if you were paying attention. Do research…Should we…”

“They can’t help… and there is no need to know…” Luna shook her head to interrupt Aaron’s intentions, “Don’t say it, otherwise you have to deal with them before solving…”

“Are you planning to never show up in front of them? And your father…” Aaron saw Luna’s expression sighed then said and changed the subject without continuing, “Luna, then don’t touch Elder anymore now. Wand and Resurrection Stone, so as not to affect your body… Except for Tom’s potion last time, I have never seen your condition so bad… You just concentrate on rest and don’t waste energy.”

“Hallows has no effect.” Luna stretched out her arm and waved her hand. “I have a headache… now the believers are too noisy.”

“Are you still caring about those believers?!” Aaron’s tone became a little higher in a hurry. “They can wait for their illness. Let them wait. You can make yourself better before you talk. I can think about it when the time comes. Other ways can help you deceive your faith again.”

“No! After the Floating Void City was launched, the wizard who began to believe in me has changed a lot during this time…” Luna raised her arm and wiped the corners of her eyes that were physiologically moist due to her discomfort. “Can’t waste it… Press Press your head…”

Aaron didn’t reply. It seemed that he still didn’t agree with his girlfriend’s plan, but he still pressed his hand on her forehead quickly.

After a while.

In the large mirror of the Chamber of Secrets, the female ghost of Hogwarts borrowed it to wear it out.

“Father, mother.”

Helena floated under the ceiling dome with stars, and then landed on the deep blue carpet also adorned with stars. She claps her hands lightly.

Immediately after bang, Maggie also appeared in this room, with a picnic basket in her hand.

Helena walked to the side of Luna and Aaron sitting on the recliner. She seemed to think it was not polite to look down at her young parents from her own perspective, and she let herself bend her knees again: “Mother, I asked Maggie to make some digestible food specially. There are many kinds, so choose some…you have to eat something.”

“It’s all for the hostess! Maggie got a very good colored ball fish!” Maggie put the food in the insulated box on the table layer by layer, and the scent of the food instantly filled the room.

But after smelling these alluring scents, Luna’s face became paler. She quickly turned sideways and raised two arms to make a postponement, so that the scarf she just put on her belly looked like an East Asian muggle Buddhist. The cassock usually rests on her left arm, “Take it! Take it! Merlin’s beard…”

“Mother, get over it and eat some. Maggie and I have checked the recipe for a long time…” Helena said seriously, “The younger brother younger sister needs nutrition!”

Luna hearing this immediately came some spirits: “I didn’t let your grandma find out?”

“No, Maggie and I avoided Kreacher…” Helena explained her mother’s response quickly, and then asked questioningly, “father, mother is pregnant. This is a happy thing, why can’t we tell grandma?”

“This is my personal affair with your father.” Luna endured the discomfort in her throat. “You have to be careful with the portrait. Don’t let Helga find out.”

“Yes mother…” Helena was a little nodded.

“Maggie, thank you for your hard work. Go back and rest first. If Luna doesn’t eat, I’ll eat it later…” Aaron waved to let the lost house elf leave, then turned to look towards her daughter, “Helena, we are not ready yet Publish this matter…” Seeing her daughter remained silent, obviously still unable to understand, Aaron was silent for a moment and thought about a reason, “You know your grandma’s current physical condition, and she still needs someone to take care of her…”

“If my father understood, your father is afraid you will be beaten…” Luna revealed Aaron’s old bottom in front of her daughter.

“If you are Helga understood, you probably will have to be beaten…” Aaron replied with an angry reply.

“I see…” Helena finally understood the reasons for her parents’ worries, but she couldn’t help but said, “But mother, father, you can’t disappear in front of grandma and them for half a year…”

“I can make an Avatar and use Illusion Technique to straighten my belly…” Luna said and shook her head in a daze, “It’s too much trouble, I want to raise it outside…”

“What?” Helena didn’t keep up with her mother’s rhythm, and looked a little dazed.

Luna glanced sideways behind him and said, “When my butt is smaller than Rowena, it will hurt more.”

Aaron understands a plate, but he is not sure if he understands it, so he is silent for a moment, “Luna…you want to take the baby out… put it out for nurturing?”

“The brain-raising glass cylinder in the Brain Hall of the Mysterious Department of Things is very suitable, as long as we study…” Luna was a little pleased to see Aaron understand, “Wit beyond measure is a man’s greatest treasure.”

“Mother, you were tired of my birth…” Helena floated to mother, leaned down and leaned on Luna to hug her. “The younger brother or younger sister may not be as big as mine, and the pain will be much less. !” Helena persuaded in a low voice, “I don’t want the younger brother younger sister to grow up in a cold glass tank…”

“Helena, good child…” Aaron walked over and knelt down and stroked Helena’s long hair. “You are the most precious baby, and have never been our burden.” As he said, he winked at Luna several times.

“Forget it…It might not be researched anyway…” Luna lightly sighed then said, the godless eyes finally focused on Maggie’s colored ball fish on the table.

Aaron stretched out his hand to serve it, but after taking a look at some daughters who were eager to have a try, he put it down: “Helena, now you are more proficient in touching things, come and feed your mother, the family is in a meeting… Time is almost up, I have to go over and show my face at the end.”

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