Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1117

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The Conference Hall, located in the new Harris home in the heart of the Black Lake, is different from the entire house. As first visitors who use it for the first time today, their first impression is that it’s a bit small, because there are only 300 77. Seats, but no one knows the real number, because this blue bench not at all separates each seat with an armrest, so it may be able to squeeze more people-other people who have studied magic power It is recognized that the non-marking extension of this room is controllable, so when it is unable to sit down, theoretically it can be expanded into more space, enough to ensure that all participants have a place to sit.

There is a long bronze line running through the debate hall under the front row on the two sides, and they are about 2 broomsticks apart to ensure that the two sides of the debate will not start their hands without a word. The conference hall is a three-corner rule, rather than a common semicircular structure. In such a triangular debate hall, the area near the north is the seat of Harris, while the other two sides can freely and conveniently conduct debates, discussions and decision-making-because the so-called left and right positions are easy to change for individuals, but The act of passing through the speaker booth requires careful consideration.

The wizards sitting on the left and right sides, in addition to the upper levels of the umbrella group, have already followed the Harris family’s clan power and the earliest wizards that have come close to each other. The wizards that stayed in Germany also rushed over from their hometown to sit in those The front of the newly added wizard.

As the patriarch of the Harris family, Owen’s seat is unique. It is located on the central axis of the triangle north. This family bench is 3 feet high. The top of the seat is engraved with the imprint of the omniscient eye as a raven head sculpture. It looks very comfortable with its armrests and pedal seats, and it’s stuffed with wicked bird feathers that are usually used to make fine quills.

In the entire seemingly symmetrical conference hall, there is a separate chair with a different direction from the other benches at the entrance. Penelope Clearwater is sitting on this chair while holding the wand. She is responsible for those who cannot control the scene in the venue. Under circumstances, suppress the riots at the scene and maintain order and safety. At the same time, she is also the only wizard who can hold the wand in this room-but in the current situation, this is more representative of the ceremony. Give the red umbrella department sect master a kind of ceremony and honor.

The meeting has been going on for a long time, but these wizards look tired, but their expressions are very excited. Mrs. Letizia Clearwater, sitting in the middle seat on the left, watches from time to time while her husband answers Owen’s questions. Glancing at the special position where her daughter was sitting, she realized that the Harris family valued and respected Penelope, which made her feel very satisfied.

“The revision of the law must also take into account the physical location changes brought about by the modern ascending state of the school city and the impact of energy nuclei…” Although Mr. Clearwater participated in the wizard meeting for the first time, he had already done something to the muggle officials. He is not nervous about short-term service. “The first part that has been completed also needs to be re-checked… This is not something that can be solved in a short time… We have to avoid loopholes…”

Hearing that the revision of the law had not yet been completed, the red-nosed wizard Grimson and the Old Partner beside him glanced at each other silently. Although they dare not say it clearly, these old stubborn still understand each other’s meaning-these muggle work efficiency Far less than the wizard, it took so long for the law to start, and the Floating Void City has to be redone…

Rolan, who was sitting not far below Owen, stood up: “Father, Flippe… Mr. Clearwater has done his best. In fact, 7 laws have been enacted before then. I personally think that it is much more rigorous than the general wizard law. But things have changed. Mr. Clearwater decided to start all over again…”

Hearing the meaning of Rolan’s words, the red-nosed wizard Grimson and the Old Partner beside him looked at each other silently. Although they didn’t dare to say it, these old stubborn still understood each other’s surprise-these muggles actually took the law. They have never heard of the trouble, which magic circle law has been revised to 7 books before it counts as the beginning…

And more wizards were silent in the audience, but their hearts were shocked. Listening to this tone, Owen seemed to have plans to replace all the laws, and they couldn’t figure out how their Big Boss could pass this way through Britain Ministry of Magic. Many laws, even if Harris now controls the Ministry of Magic.

“Mr. Clearwater, your rigor is admirable… This is not a urging, you have enough time to make it perfect, I hope its existence can change some of the bad habits of the magic circle…” Owen personally comforted, then retracted his gaze and asked, ” So, how is the international reaction to the next topic, John?”

John Barça stood up, and he helped his round glasses on his face: “It’s still not clear. The magic governments of many countries are not so efficient, not at all, and making decisions are just a mess… But the Department just now of International Magical Cooperation received a delegation from Madam Maxime, a representative sent by the French Ministry of Magic… They seem to hope to formally establish a more friendly cooperative relationship with Britain Ministry of Magic…” Mr. Barcelona paused, “Their real intention is to borrow Britain The official power of the Ministry of Magic…on the line of Harris and Hogwarts, Madam Maxime expressed the attitude of their ministers. The French are willing to give us whatever we choose in exchange for the technical support of Energy Nuclear…”

“No need to say more about this kind of’good news’…” Owen said solemnly “John, it’s more urgent to say something, except for this kind of country trying to befriend us, what are those opponents’ plans?”

“Minister, many countries are not at all conclusive, but the overall plan cannot be divided into three types. Those neutrals who think a matter of no concern to oneself have been considered a minority after the rise of the magic circle in Floating Void City. I want to show us that they are willing to pay the price to admit counsel…Of course, more countries are not convinced. They try to unite and put pressure on us to make us succumb…” More John looked up towards Owen, Seeing that he did not respond, he shook his golden short hair and continued, “Germany has banned the delivery of potion herbal raw materials, and many countries in Africa have also banned the sale of magical creatures to us… and began to try to pass a bill to allow their country’s The orders and transactions between the merchant and the umbrella have become illegal…” Mr. Barcelona said to Penelope nodded, who was sitting at the real door of the meeting. “In addition, according to the report of the red umbrella department, they seem to be trying to contact the pure-blood family in Britain. , I want to use Hogwarts to stay in the Hogsmeade village after floating in the air and support them to make a fuss about the suspected monopoly of the umbrella, trying to use this method to force us to compromise. In addition, they seem to have formed an alliance to strengthen each other’s trade orders. Reduce economic losses.”

The family discussion broke out for a while. Although Harris’s internal seniors knew some of their own forces’ plans, many people seemed not at all to be prepared for such tensions with the world magic circle.

“Everyone is quiet.” Mr. Barça pressed his hands down, and the wizards who were still arguing blushing looked towards the patriarch’s confidant.

“Everyone, the next step is our response.” Barcelona waited for the scene to calm down for a while before speaking calmly, “In the face of these countries wanting unilateral bullying of trade protectionism and extreme pressure, we plan It’s very simple, it’s a clean countermeasure… As for the ban… we will contact his competitors, such as the second venue, and give some preferential tariffs to ensure that they get their orders as a substitute… if it is a certain country Special products, our method is to give some benefits to third-party countries…pay something to meet our basic needs through them…”

“A good plan. Don’t think about making money at this moment. It is more beneficial for us to pay some benefits in exchange for time… But we must be careful about the conditions of payment. Many countries will take the opportunity to profit from somebody’s misfortune or want us to be at the core by selling favors. Compromise on the issue.” Owen nodded, and then Sonorus said, “Trade frictions will indeed bring us some pain and trouble in the short term, but in the long run, we have survived the transition period of nuclear power, and waited for our magic items to begin to mass When it’s produced… it’s when these countries that are trying to suppress us pay for themselves…”

Owen’s answer caused some wizards who opposed Barcelona to shut their mouths. They are basically well-known in the manufacturing industry. Although they are now integrated under the umbrella, in fact, these merchants’ wizards are still very much about this trade war. The plan is, but the keynote was set by patriarch, so now the whole Conference Hall is still silent, not at all opponents.

Owen glanced at the crowd nodded: “Then, let’s start the next discussion…”

“Wait! I have something to report! About the TV station!”

Xenophilius didn’t wait for the reaction of others, and then writhed up grotesquely-for today he dressed up specially and put on the egg yellow robe of the same color as the hat. The color is dazzling, and his white hair is braided into twists. The dreadlocks fell on his shoulders. He straightened out the long ears of the hat on his head, stood up, and saluted as if he was inviting others to dance.

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