Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1118

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“Everyone has watched TV reports about the incident that the Monte family headquarters in Bulgaria was extinguished a few days ago… Oh, I have to admit that it was really miserable. A house of wizard, just like that… No one survived, that People also left the mark of Death Eater on purpose… But you know who went so far. Many wizards think that he is robbing the pure-blood family again, but I prefer you know who For another purpose, maybe Monte’s family found a Crumple-Horned Snorkack horn? Because there were signs of explosions on the scene… Crumple-Horned Snorkack is a charming little thing, really cute! Few wizards understand its value Once you find it, you can hardly judge how much wealth you can get from it…speaking of which my previous root also exploded when I moved…”

“Mr. Lovegood…Mr. Lovegood! We can talk about Crumple-Horned Snorkack after the meeting…” Rolan knows that this crazy guy regards the horns of Albert’s Animagus as Crumple-Horned Snorkack, but he has already Learn not to refute the other party in these matters so as not to fall into a more embarrassing situation.

“Rolan, you are very wise…Most of the magic circle believe that there is no such animal as Crumple-Horned Snorkack. I have done a lot of research on this, and you will become obsessed with them…” Lovegood flicked the tassel on the hat and sat down. .

Some laughter broke out after a moment of silence on the scene.

“Cough cough…Mr. Lovegood!” Rolan was a little anxious and made his voice louder. “You forgot to say, is there anything else that needs to be discussed at the meeting about the Monte family extinguish sect?”

“Really? I haven’t said yet?” Lovegood nodded, “The wife of the Bulgarian Ministry of Magic is a member of the Monte family. She may have been affected by the harassment that made her delirious. She now blames the family headquarters for being extinguished sect. To Aaron and us… think that if we didn’t eliminate Voldemort and drove him to Britain, there would be nothing in Europe. Now the Bulgarian Ministry of Magic notified the TV station in the morning and announced the prohibition of Harris Wizard TV station in Bulgaria. Operation…” Lovegood sat down and started playing again. “Rolan, how about we go to Hog’s Head and talk about Crumple-Horned Snorkack later? It’s best to call some new friends!”

“It’s fine if you are happy!” Rolan found that the other party hadn’t heard that it was greeted, and was a little angry but didn’t dare to object.

With that said, this crazy guy took a sneaky look at Penelope’s dad. Both his daughter and Penelope forbid him to tell Flippe about the previous incident. In addition, Luna hadn’t done much research recently to make him have some big opinions on Aaron.

“…It’s nothing if the wealth is gone, but the Monte family and the positions of these people are gone…hehe, don’t act low-key now…” The red nosed Grimson was coldly snorted, his nose looked redder, “Such stupidity My family, when I was young, the rest of it might not live long.”

“For this matter, the umbrella also has something to report…” Hermione put her information aside, stood up from the most forward position in the north, with her back straight. “Recently, the Umbrella U.S. Raccoon City Branch reported back. The situation is not optimistic. In the United States, there are many voices calling for and boycotting Britain and the umbrella and Harris…” Her eyes flashed like iron, which was quite similar to McGonagall’s gaze when he taught critics. Many staff in the department have chosen to resign. Based on the survey feedback, I have informed the responsible Court Academecian of the Raccoon City branch that those who resign will not be retained. Gizella Schultz will deploy staff from the headquarters to provide support.” Hermione He pursed his lips and looked a little annoyed. “The Raccoon City branch has also been invaded by the wizard many times. They tried to break in, but they were all stopped by the guards. However, the attitude of the Magic Congress of the United States clearly did not want to go into them…”

“They dare not act in Hogwarts at the moment, but they have a fluke in the hope that we will put the energy nuclear data there…” Owen was angry when he heard these unexpected things, not at all. “What is the direction of American public opinion? , What are their attitudes towards Britain more?”

“Father, the current wind direction in the United States is not good for Britain and Harris. Those hostile forces are gradually emerging, and domestic antipathy and resistance to us have become increasingly fierce. On the whole, the US position can be seen as having changed from a traditional isolated attitude to a more hostile attitude. We’re here.” Rolan held Quill’s fingers together, but his voice remained calm.

Daisy of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, which is in charge of the magic world, clasped his arms: “According to our investigation, among the wizards that promote boycotts, the most influential one is the first ten or two Auror in the US Magic Congress. The descendant of Rigid Fuchs III, this faction is the fastest growing of all radicals. The leader Rigid Fuji seems to be very good at speaking, and people are easily persuaded to change their attitudes.”

Owen nodded, “Then, our countermeasures…”

At this time, the door of the Conference Hall was knocked hard, and then it was knocked twice in rapid succession.

On the outer side of this heavy bronze door, there are numerous and complicated refined carvings. The middle one is a Mithril omniscient imprint. In the imprint there is also a raven with outstretched wings, but with the door knocker outside Hogwarts Ravenclaw’s bedroom. It’s different. This raven didn’t ask any questions. It just turned the eyes to see the people clearly. A blue rays of light ran across the door quickly, and the magic on the door to prevent eavesdropping and intrusion was eliminated. It was extremely heavy. The door slowly opened with a creak.

Wearing a Dragon horn helmet, wearing a dark metal armor with a special black tone for a protective umbrella, surrounded by a terrifying symbol of Death Aura, Lynch, who looks very mighty and terrifying, took a big bronze key from his waist. , Embedded in the door lock hole. The rubbing sound of dark metal armor sounded, and he turned sideways, and Aaron’s silhouette appeared in front of everyone in the Conference Hall.

“Sorry everyone, I’m late.” Aaron strode in, wearing the robe that Rowena had made for him.

Aaron’s dragon leather boots made a loud tapping sound on the floor of the Conference Hall, and the wizards on the second side stood up and saluted, even if it was a senior wizard like Grimson before, there was no exception—— Although these old people respected Aaron in the past, they were more based on respect for Heir’s identity and his strength; this time, Aaron once again bullied the Dark Lord and turned Hogwarts into a Floating Void City. , Produced the revolutionary Divine Item energy core, which made them unconsciously change the attitude of the elders.

Aaron sat down in the seat next to Owen, and John Barça convicted Aaron and briefed Aaron on what had happened at the meeting.

The whole Conference Hall fell into silence for a while, and later, Aaron raised his hand, and after Owen nodded, he stood up calmly.

“Daisy, please organize the power of the Department of International Magical Cooperation, go with European countries to contact and communicate… This is considered to give them another opportunity to choose…” Without making any extra moves, Aaron’s calm and peaceful voice spread. All over the venue, “Penelope Miss Clearwater, how prepared are the rapid response security wizards of the Red Umbrella Department you manage? If possible, please cooperate with Daisy and send them to help countries that are willing to maintain friendly relations with us. Help them fight against those robberies and murders…Let us, like Dumbledore and his Order of the Phoenix, help these Ministry of Magic maintain their own domestic security issues. After that, leave me a contact badge for your people if they encounter After the Dark Lord, don’t do anything to send me messages, I will come to support anytime…”

“It’s time for them to see blood!” Penelope immediately stood upright, with rays of light in her eyes.

“Very good…so Luo…cough…Mr. Lovegood and Fleur…” Aaron was a little awkward when he read of Xenophilius. “Please organize Harris TV and “The Quibbler” to issue a statement on this matter to announce that we are really involved and help other European countries. At the same time, please specify…Well, the United States and Uganda are too far away and can be set aside temporarily, but since the Ministry of Magic of Germany and Bulgaria can focus on the TV station issue under this situation, we default to the other side There is enough strength to deal with the problem of you know who and his Death Eater alone, especially that they are not among the countries where I declare asylum…”

The meeting scene became more silent because of Aaron’s blunt declaration. Only Mrs. Clearwater was still surprised at her daughter’s seemingly dangerous behavior. This strangeness made her look towards her husband-but found her husband’s attention It seems to be placed on the weirder TV director before.

“In the past few days, I will take time to find Tom again. The wealth he robs is ill-gotten wealth. I have to take them back and put them in the Vault of the bank…Of course, I don’t mean to put them in In the Vault of Gringotts Bank,” Aaron touched his chin, looked at the expressions of the wizards in the audience with satisfaction, and then said mischievously, “It’s our Hogwarts bank that is about to open…”

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