Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1119

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The wizards at the venue were still thinking about how to lament Aaron’s intentions, but the sentence after Aaron couldn’t help feeling restless after they came back to his senses, and they uttered self-talking doubts. “Bank? Hogwarts wants to build his own bank?”

“Everyone, my brother Rolan before, I think everyone has heard about the experience in Gringotts… Of course, I actually abide by the rules and regulations of the bank, but I found a problem… now hanging over the head of our wizard The important question-it’s not our wizard that holds the lifeblood of the wizard’s economy, but the Goblins of Gringotts.” Aaron’s gaze swept across the group of wizards, “Gringotts Bank is the only wizard bank and has no competitors. The second incident made me alert to the greedy Goblin… and it is not realistic to want them to cooperate with us. After our Hogwarts Floating Void City business transactions involve money transactions, I don’t want our wizard city What convenience is not in the control of our wizard…”

At the meeting, the wizards remained silent, and no one came forward to raise objections or other opinions.

Grimson opened his mouth and slumped back. He lowered his head and looked at his hand. In fact, he felt that he shouldn’t be able to confront the Goblins so easily now, especially since the Magic World has just begun to show many countries. In the case of hostility towards the Harris family, and observing from the sidelines, there will only be more powers who want to find a chance to rush to tear a piece of meat from the Harris family. In this case, just go to provoke strength. Powerful Goblin makes enemies everywhere and fights on multiple lines… Grimson has made up his mind. After the meeting, he will go to Owen to have a separate talk, and explain the pros and cons to Owen clearly-directly oppose Harris’ heir in the meeting. Obviously it is not a wise idea.

There are many wizards with worries like Grimson in their hearts.

Aaron caught everyone’s expressions in his eyes, and he calmly said: “This drawback must be solved. We have a solution. Now, please let the executive officer of the umbrella, Hermione · Miss Granger, give you a brief introduction to the plan.”

Hermione stood up confidently. Instead of using wand, she used Sonorus instead of wandless to make sure that a moderately loud voice sounded in a certain councilor’s ear: “as everyone knows, my origin is from muggle, although the wizard magic circle is a lot ahead of muggle. Our advantages, but just like the law, in this kind of pursuit of details and logic, I think that our Wizarding World is behind the muggle, so the umbrella is expected to talk about planning this time, rather than saying that I put the muggle world’s banking concept It refers to the Wizarding World…”

Hermione’s unobtrusiveness about her origin made many pure-blooded wizards frown, especially the older generations who followed the first Dark Lord’s revolution and tried to rule the muggles, although it’s not like they don’t know how to shout without a political program. The second generation that kills mudblood is different. They uphold the concept of the first generation. They don’t place too much emphasis on the identity of the pure-blood half-blood muggle, but they also believe that the wizard should rule the muggle—the muggles are useful. But it’s just like needing a horse to pull things.

These wizards don’t mind going to make friends with a muggle parent who is from a witch teacher who holds the real power of muggle to please this Harris heir’s female partner, but now Hermione brazenly says that the wizard is not as good as muggle, it still makes these old stubborn people a little angry,—— However, due to Aaron’s preferences, they could not express this dissatisfaction.

Hermione ignored the hustle and bustle in the venue. She and the Grangers sitting at the seats looked at each other proudly, and said confidently: “The bank shouldn’t just be used for the wizard to store his family wealth…or exchange a small amount of currency… “Hermione said and shook her head. Her hair, who used the hairdressing agent for the meeting today, did not sway with her as usual. “Although the Goblins are also expanding into a small amount of bank business, they also Not at all, what a holistic concept, and our bank will be a central bank—that is, the dominant financial center institution in a country that allows us to intervene and regulate the economic development of the Wizarding World Important tools… will also be responsible for formulating and implementing monetary credit policies, unique currency issuance rights, and financial supervision…”

“Sorry, Miss Granger…” Grimson hesitated. He rubbed his red nose, stood up and took off the new hat on top of his head and bowed slightly, “Sorry, Miss Granger, please forgive me for interrupting. I have some ideas for your reference.”

Seeing that Hermione was an elder who was very qualified but often invited his parents to participate in activities to help them integrate into the Wizarding World, she quickly reached out and asked, “Please be frank, Mr. Grimson.”

“After Rolan hit a wall at Gringotts before, I also very much agree with our wizard, especially in this newly-built wizard city, there should be a bank controlled by our wizard itself… But if I understand correctly… the role of this bank is More control of our Wizarding World economy than Gringotts? This is indeed a very ambitious plan… But what I want to ask is whether there are any specific implementation steps for our plan…” Given that we are facing the actual Helmsman of the umbrella, Ge Rimson tried his best to ease his voice, “I mean, if it were to be announced in a one-off manner, I am worried that the Goblins who were cut off by us will definitely have the idea of ​​rebellion again. , Those pure-blood families that are hostile to us…Although we really don’t need to care too much about these ink stubborns, but if we provoke so many people and forces in a short period of time…We will force them to unite step by step…our plan Is it possible to make it more stable and slow? Sorry… You know that we Old Guys were too eager to do too many things that led to the final failure, so now that people are old and look forward and backward…”

Hermione listened carefully to the other party’s appeal nodded: “Thank you for your reminder, Mr. Grimson.. About the plan…”

“Grimson Uncle…I understand your worries, please don’t say anything that is old or not, it is your participation that allows Harris, who has no background in Britain, to develop so quickly in a short period of time and has a firm foothold…” Aaron interrupted Hermione’s explanation. He knew that the old wizard actually wanted to tell him these words. However, because of understanding and respect for the other party, he directly used the “closer” name to the old wizard, although not at all. Regarding seniority, it is also regarded as public recognition of the thin Bloodline relationship between each other.

Mr. Grimson was a little embarrassed and didn’t know how to answer the conversation. He planned to continue communicating with Hermione to further persuade Aaron, but he didn’t expect the other party to take the conversation directly.

“This is not just a plan. It’s just that when we expanded in Hogwarts, we already planned and built the bank.” Aaron saw that the other party did not answer, so he continued, “In fact, when I know I’m working on nuclear energy By the time and so on, it is already in my plan, and the rise of Hogwarts is inseparable from it…”

Grimson leaned back in his chair and listened intently. He did not raise any objections. Other people who did not approve also remained silent. It was obvious, although they had just misunderstood Aaron’s reason for establishing the bank and thought it was to blame. Gringotts did not cooperate with Ministry of Magic to check Voldemort’s Horcrux, but now that the bank has planned before the expansion of Hogwarts, this time is much earlier than the time Rolan went to Gringotts to invite Goblin to assist in the investigation of Horcrux-this shows that Aaron described Goblin before. Our failure to cooperate with the inspection is just a false reason for publicity.

“As for the enemies…, I actually do put the enemies… on the surface as much as possible. Potential enemies will give them strength and push them to the opposite side of us, but I think everyone is not at all to our present. The situation has turned around. Now is not the time when we were driven out of Germany, so don’t forget who we are… We are Harris and I am Aaron Harris…” Aaron confidently carried his hands on his back and looked at the people in the audience. After his expression, he looked towards his father again, “Father Owen has always taught me, I think what he told me is right, don’t think of people as a whole…so the other force has an Aaron Before Harris…We don’t need to care too much about our opponent’s strategy in terms of strategy, just despise it…”

Owen seemed to maintain his solemn patriarch decent at this time, but he couldn’t help but start to have blue veins on his forehead. The youngest son’s words of shaking the pot are destined to make those long-winded Old Guys who will treat Aaron like this, he is actually not counted. The responsibility for the radicalization of too much recognition is counted on his head, and then he is constantly complaining and preaching-and the point is just like his father taught him with these words before, this sentence is indeed what he taught Aaron not long ago.

“Gan!” Owen, the old father who has been pitted by the little Harris, thought in his heart.

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