Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1120

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After the meeting, the small living room of Harris Castle, a giant crystal chandelier hanging from above, this blue living room is regarded as the most elegant room in Hogwarts Castle, the interior has refined furniture and luxurious carpets, mostly Goblin art Goods, all around The top of the wall is painted with Hogwarts New Town being floated in the air.

Unlike family members who have some worries but did not mention their worries, Aaron does not take the things from the previous meeting seriously. He lies on the sofa and holds the university materials that he has not read before: “Compared to those things abroad, the current The problem with the problem university is more serious. I did not expect that after the Floating Void City launches…There will be so many wizards applying for admission in the whole world…” Aaron shook his head and said, “I have already sent 2 Avatars over…”

“Unfilial son! You father me again! You, father, I have always advised you to be safe!” Owen’s voice came from the door, and he walked into the room foul-mouthed, “Fortunately, Barcelona is loyal and almost can’t return. Up.”

“You have to give them a channel that they think can be communicated and vented. Only father is qualified…” Aaron frivolous begged father for mercy.

“Forget it, there’s not much that can help you anyway… These moves you have recently are big moves, but as long as you know what you are doing, I can’t keep up with your youngster’s rhythm…” Owen did not He stared at his little son angrily, then lay reclining on the sofa…

“Who said that? I can help now?!” Aaron said loudly with a righteous expression, “father, brothers, elder sister…and Fleur can come to the university to give some public lectures…too much help new student .”

“What? Want me to be a professor?…” Daisy tweaked unconfidently before anyone else reacted. “I couldn’t say that my grades at Hogwarts were bad, but it’s not as good as you Bookworms… Now I want me. To be a university tutor… to teach elite wizards from all over the world, I’m afraid… not competent.”

“Daisy, be more confident! We have mastered the Nether Scrolls, and you have improved a lot, and you are fully competent.” Owen didn’t complain as much as Aaron imagined. “Daisy, there is a college professor title. It’s an honour, and these magic world college graduates will naturally have a good impression on us…”

“I’m willing to help too! Cough…” Emily raised her hand like Hermione First Year loves to do, but then coughed. “Cough…I mean, I’m willing to help if I graduate!”

“Daisy, you have also read the witch of the Nether scrolls…” Aaron encouraged his elder sister. He understood the pressure of Daisy being in the “better” children of Harris, in Albert, Rolan, Aaron and even With Emily’s outstanding performance in the school, the other side will inevitably feel a little unconfident after this comparison.

“Aaron, I guess I can teach some magic in practice? Theory I can’t teach anything… Rolan may be okay, I can’t teach them how to command?” Albert said, he looked at Little Sister and shook his head. Emily After being exposed, some people are less and less willing to cover up.

“Why not Albert, you can teach it as a subject…” Aaron was a little anxious for not showing his face at his university. “Don’t worry, the other members of the Umbrella Team and Albert’s teaching content may overlap, but 4 eyes are right. A professor is good enough, Penelope can be on top when you are busy, and I will let Hermione hurry up to dig out more famous wizards who have made achievements in the professional field to teach skills… This year is the beginning of the university and enters the formal more difficult…”

“But I can also teach students?” Fleur, the normally confident French witch, looked a bit like Daisy at this time.

“University subjects are not necessarily too academic. It is not necessary for everyone to specialize in how to study magic.” Aaron found that the wizards at home seemed to have misunderstood the concept of university. He corrected, “There are also a lot of professionalism. Stronger subject settings. For example, your TV station work itself will require more professional people to produce programs in the future, and training by yourself is undoubtedly the best, isn’t it?”

“Aaron, don’t worry, anyway, these wizards don’t know what the university you are thinking about is supposed to be, and let them learn new things to make people satisfied…so others can rest assured to become professors…” Owen The calm and relaxed appearance calmed the family, and then he slumped on the sofa and turned his head and looked towards Aaron and asked, “By the way, what big news are you studying recently? We need her protection to read Nether Scrolls, otherwise I remember you guys saying that your brain will go crazy…If you are not in a hurry, you can spare some time…”

On the other side, Morgan Lefleux suddenly covered her mouth, turned her body to one side, and retched a few times-only then did other Harris discover that the reason she hadn’t spoken was another pregnancy reaction.

Owen stood up quickly and expertly handed a glass of lemonade to his wife.

Aaron, who was relieved by his mother’s reaction, looked at Owen’s proficient eyes becoming a little sneaky. He stared at father’s proficient back pat movements and tried to learn two hands. Only then did his mouth respond: “Let’s slow down for a while. Need some time to deal with…”

Owen replied indiscriminately, and his thoughts were all on his wife at this time. Morgan Lefleux put down the lemonade, but the Hei Blin the husband handed over, took a bite, and lay back on the sofa with a stretched brow.

“Mother, pregnancy is so hard? I haven’t noticed before…” Aaron directly sat next to Morgan Lefleux, took out a handkerchief, and prepared to pick up the pit that mother vomited for a while, “Anything that needs special attention. ?”

“Go and go, don’t come to please me.” Morgan Lefleux said casually, “buy what you want, you don’t need to ask me to give pocket money now.”

“Mother, I think it’s better to talk about it? It’s best if everyone listens.” Aaron said quietly. “Father will be very busy lately. We can help when he is away.”

Owen grabbed the handkerchief in Aaron’s hand and held it by herself: “hmph! It’s not the trouble that your unfilial son is giving us. Do you think other people will not be busy? Your second brother is still accompanying Xenophilius to Hog’s Head…”

“Why are you so fierce?! Aaron cares about me too. Is he unreasonable? You are often missing home…” Morgan Lefleux scolded her husband a little bit. “My reaction this time is better than that of you. There are not many things to pay attention to. For example, I can’t eat a lot of things now, but sometimes even suddenly in the middle of the night, there are things that I especially want to eat, and…uh…” Morgan Lefleux, who wanted to talk a little bit more She got stuck, she found that Owen was paying more attention to these things. After she was silent for a while, she suddenly yelled, “Albert, what are you going to do, but you are not here to listen. You will have to take care of Fleur from now on! And Daisy, where you are. What are you smirking? Sit over and listen! Owen, come and say I’m a little tired…”

Albert Fleur was whispering, but his face flushed at this time. The two of them leaned forward like a student who had been criticized by Professor McGonagall.

“If food is so important… what does mother usually eat? Maybe I should tell Maggie to prepare more and practice some hands?” Aaron looked at mother with some worry, not worried about her health, but worried about the mother’s character during pregnancy. And emotional changes—he was a little envious of the younger sister who nestled in the sofa by virtue of her physical advantage after her mother’s prowess.

Daisy was a little annoyed after being given a sentence by Wuwang disaster: “Aaron, don’t worry about mother. She has been pregnant for so long, and she usually doesn’t see you caring much. Now there are only a few months left. Why are you asking so much? !”

Morgan Lefleux continued to preach dissatisfied: “Daisy! Can your younger brother take time to care about his mother when he is so busy? How about you? I have to care about your problems… You are not young anymore, why follow Tonks every day like a little girl Wandering around?”

The eldest daughter of Harris’s family became dumb. She looked like a small circle and bowed her head on the sofa and did not dare to speak any more. She seemed to be distracted.

“Aaron, I don’t need Maggie to do anything. Now it’s the girl Penelope who is helping me cook. She is really a good girl who treats me much better than you guys… She will find time to help regularly if she is busy… She and Helga I drafted the recipe and posted it in the kitchen…” Morgan Lefleux smiled and praised, “Helga kept saying that Sorting Hat was wrong, and Penelope should be assigned to Hufflepuff. Her culinary talent is particularly good. She can learn any recipe… “

The people present expressed reservations about the opinion that Ms. Mother described Hufflepuff and thought that Penelope, who would learn dark magic, should be assigned to Hufflepuff, but apparently her talent in cooking and her concern for Morgan Lefleux let all The younger Harris are a little ashamed.

Aaron moved a bit because he heard Penelope’s contribution and appeared to be disturbed by His Highness Moon Department. He heard that the recipe was posted on the kitchen and did not intend to continue to ask.

Sitting aside, Owen glanced at Albert, who was starting to distract like the eldest daughter. At this time, he stared suspiciously at Aaron, who had just been serious.

There was a flapping sound from outside the window.

After a while, a forehead with a seam and two eye shadow ravens suddenly flew in. The proportions were a bit bloated and weird. It landed in front of Daisy and spit out his mouth. Daisy would be rolled into a small scroll. The parchment was solved, and the reading started, and after the raven delivered the letter, it was as if the wizard TV signal was not so good in the thunder and lightning. It twitched and twisted a few times before dissipating into the air.

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