Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1121

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“Daisy, don’t use it if you haven’t practiced yet.” Albert hugged his arms, his tone was a little serious, “When 10000 flies up, it fails and you lose your faith?”

“Don’t follow Rolan’s seriousness. I didn’t let it come from the company because of the important letter.” Daisy waved his hand but frowned while staring at the letter.

“Albert, Daisy knows the details, we can relax.” Owen supported her eldest daughter, then looked at her face and asked, “What is the bad news in the letter?”

“It’s not a major event. Recently, Aaron is so beautiful… Many foreign players have the intention to retire because they learned about Aaron’s defeat of Voldemort. Many people have sent a letter of withdrawal to the organizing committee…including us, Britain. The other contestants also retired…” Daisy handed the parchment after reading to Owen. “For this reason, the organizing committee of the duel tournament decided to hold a special meeting to discuss a solution to this unprecedented situation. As a party The organizing committee hopes that Britain Ministry of Magic will cooperate with Aaron and send representatives to discuss with him…”

“Merlin, our TV station has been preparing for the live broadcast of this match for a long time!” The French witch wailed, “How can they surrender faster than our country’s muggle?!”

“If it were me, I would definitely go there. It would be fun to compete with the experts… I couldn’t beat Kinleis in the game back then.” Albert missed a bit, “Aaron, are you still going to participate?”

“Who doesn’t know that the most powerful wizard in the world is Aaron? Otherwise, what are they doing with their retirement… Or if Aaron announces their retirement, don’t bother to go, let our International Affairs Department relax… first we can verify that we have a lot of business to do What…” Daisy threw the letter away, and used his little finger to hook around in his ear. These words and indiscreet movements made Fleur frowned again.

“But Daisy! Now people know that Aaron is the strongest…” Emily was lying on the sofa and teasing the little Basilisk Meropu with a blindfold. At this time, she stopped and turned her head towards Aaron. “That means that if Aaron doesn’t He can get back a title and a trophy without having to retire? Why retire?”

“Little Sweet Bear is right. I also agree with Aaron not to choose a duel tournament because of these people…” Owen flicked his finger on the sofa. “This kind of thing makes more people know that it is an improvement to Aaron’s reputation. , So that other wizard nations have a clearer recognition that no one in his country is Aaron’s opponent… Daisy will let Rolan take care of it if he finds it troublesome… He likes work…”

“That would be great! Also, when are we going to have dinner? Rolan is dragged away by Luna’s father and won’t come back to eat…” Daisy was a little elated. She looked at Aaron, “Don’t wait for him, right? Aaron is also hungry and looking into the kitchen, where is Penelope?”

“Uh…well, I didn’t eat much at noon…As for the duel tournament, let’s see what decisions the organizing committee will make.” Aaron is not hungry, his mind is still on the pregnancy diet in the kitchen. But since the elder sister gave him an excuse, he was lazy and picked a ready-made one.

This is the Hogsmeade village in Hogwarts Floating Void City.

Xenophilius pressed his yellow hat and walked in the middle with a little sway. From time to time, Rolan suddenly turned around in a circle, and Rolan followed him a little awkwardly.

And Mr. Flippe Clearwater also slung his suit on his arm and followed them, but his eyes were staring at the marshmallow-haired wizard in front of him from time to time. He felt familiar with the other party but he didn’t think about it. Mr. Clearwater didn’t understand why the wizard would invite himself as a stranger to the bar, but inexplicably he was very happy about it. At least it showed that the wizard in front of him was another and would not discriminate. They are ordinary person wizards who are not magical – and Mr. Clearwater, who has been a lawyer for many years from the other party’s madness and dressing, can accurately determine that this wizard should be a pure-blooded wizard, so there are such exaggerated quirks.

“Today is not Hogsmeade week? How come Hogsmeade has fewer people than when I was in school…” Lovegood shook his cotton candy-like hair. “Where are my anti-demon glasses? Where are my anti-demon eyes? What’s weird here? ?”

“You attended the meeting today, Maggie didn’t let you wear them? Most of the students went to the Commerce District!” Rolan speaks in a gentle tone, he is very patient, who is familiar with Xenophilius character, “Don’t worry, you are willing to follow us We give priority to the cooperative shops in the Commerce District to give them the opportunity to rent shops, and the prices are also very cheap… and in fact, although students are more willing to go to the new city now, when the flow of people usually increases, Hogsmeade does not have to count on Hogsmeade. One day has made money, and business is usually much better than before…”

“And I think that when the kids lose their freshness in the new city, they will still be willing to find a closer place to disappear…” Mr. Clearwater suddenly stopped talking and started yelling, “Stop and don’t litter!”

Rolan stopped. He turned his head and looked at Mr. Clearwater, who was already behind him. He only felt that his eyelids twitched. Only two young couples dressed up by Slytherin and Ravenclaw were surrounded by Honeydukes. In front of the pit left, I threw the pumpkin juice bottle and snack package I had just finished drinking into the hole. It seemed that the trash that was thrown away would not touch the wall.

And now these two people heard the scolding, and the two young wizards who were supporting the enclosed safety fence looked back and found Mr. Clearwater’s entire group looking at them, and then the Slytherin boy seemed to recognize Rolan’s identity and whispered , These 2 young wizards who were afraid of being punished skillfully transformed into Animagus and prepared to escape.

The Ravenclaw girl turned into an eagle and grabbed her paw, and grabbed the snake head of her male partner who became a poisonous snake and flew into the sky. Judging from the skillful combination of these two people, it is not the first time that they escaped with this method.

“That was originally the position of Honeydukes…” Rolan tried to explain in embarrassment, “These kids just don’t understand…”

“There is no harassment around them.” Xenophilius folded his arms, “but Mr. Froom on the ground will definitely be surrounded by harassment… you have to clean up the rubbish on the roof whenever the business is gone…”

“It doesn’t matter Rolan, but it seems that we have to consider this when making legislation…” Mr. Clearwater took out a notepad and began to write and draw on it, “Pollution and the roof of the wizard that we don’t deal with are trivial… Anyway, you wave Wand can be repaired… But if the Floating Void City moves to the sky above our ordinary person city in the future… If they develop the habit of treating this as a garbage dump…. Such a high bottle of wine will definitely kill people… This kind of kinetic energy estimate It’s much bigger than the cauldron game that killed your wizard so much…”

“My father-in-law, Pandora’s dad likes this sport very much. He has been trying to get Ministry of Magic to unban this project!” Xenophilius was a little dissatisfied with the increase in rules, but when he looked at the muggle in front of him, his eyes changed the subject. “By the way, do you want to take a roller coaster ride at my house later? Energy nuclear is activated. The efficiency of my house is greatly improved. In fact, if it weren’t for the stern Granger to force me to stop, the building wizards on my terrace told me that I could It’s a wonderful 300 metres!”

“What? That house belongs to you?” Mr. Clearwater didn’t realize the harm caused by this speed, he just realized that he could not wonder why he had a good impression of the hippie wizard who should be regarded as the type character he hated— —They all have a tendency to ride a roller coaster.

“Xenophilius, don’t go crazy! Hermione was kind! She mentioned that you calculated it!” Rolan’s mood was completely different. He was no longer peaceful, and the naked eye on the other side of his eyelid began to twitch, but thinking of Hermione’s He warned that he had to raise his voice at this time, “The light dashes 100 consecutive circles in your roof track at a speed of 7 meters per second, and the passengers will be hit by the backflow of blood to the brain, and finally die due to lack of oxygen! If it gets so fast, this is a roller coaster that people can only ride once in a lifetime! The whole process is only 3 minutes, and the time is very short!” It seems that I feel a bit heavy, Rolan sighed then said softly, “It seems that your daughter has hair. Come on… Flippe and I have to live to perfect the law…”

“Rolan, can’t your wizard invent a spell to protect the flow of blood?” Mr. Clearwater, a muggle roller coaster hobby rider, seems to have his own pursuit of this kind of excitement, “Uh, I mean, I also like to ride roller coasters. , If 300 meters per second, this roller coaster must be very exciting…”

The marshmallow hair on Lovegood’s head is lighter. “Flippe, if you are a wizard, maybe you should be assigned to my daughter’s house! Most wizards are too boring!”

Rolan was completely stunned at this time. He couldn’t imagine that Mr. Clearwater in the bones, who had been working with him for several months and showed quite professional and rigorous, seemed to be harder than Penelope…

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