Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1122

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The tattered wooden signboard hangs on the rusty Scabbbers bracket on the door. It is painted with a cut off wild boar head. The blood stains penetrate the white cloth covering it. Under the action of magic, the pig head looks quite fresh. of.

Mr. Clearwater’s heart is frizzy. In muggle society, he has only seen such places in American horror movies, and most of the college students who go in will not live long. Just watching Xenophilius walk in familiarly, even Rolan, who is a strong family member, naturally followed up without showing any strangeness. He sighed secretly, but could only follow in reluctantly, trying to control his body not to touch the curtain of this bar. Tables and chairs.

This small and dark room exudes the smell of dust and drunk vomit that seems to never dissipate. There are thick dirt on the several bay windows, and the light from the outside is almost impenetrable, rough wood Some candle heads were lit on the table.

The shop didn’t seem to be busy today. Apart from them, there were not many customers. There were only a few customers in the bar whose faces were tightly shielded and they were talking in low voices.

Xenophilius took them to the tattered, dirty, sawdust bar. They sat on a few chairs that were too high for their feet to reach the ground. After they sat down, Mr. Clearwater found that Boss was an old man with a grotesque appearance, tall and thin, with long hair and gray beard. The old wizard, he vaguely felt as if he had met him somewhere.

It wasn’t until Xenophilius called the opponent’s name Aberforth Dumbledore that Mr. Clearwater realized that the old wizard with no crooked nose was a relative of Albus Dumbledore who even knew him as a muggle.

There was no smile on Aberforth’s face that any shop boss should have, and he didn’t let them order food. He directly put some of the food prepared in the bar early on the bar and pushed it over.

A large piece of uncut bread, a few slices of cheese, and a jar of mead.

“I have been selling German beer and now it’s banned. I haven’t found a substitute!” The bar boss mumbled angrily. The strands of metallic gray hair and beard made it harder to see him when he approached him. It looks like Aberforth is wearing glasses. Behind the dirty lenses, a pair of blue eyes are bright and sharp. “Do you Ministry of Magic cause trouble and inaction?”

Xenophilius hearing this seemed a little happy: “Then you can just try my suggestion and make a new flavor of beer with Gordigan!”

“Come on, it would be better to just sell the juice made from squeezed beans.” Aberforth snorted, then glanced at Mr. Clearwater, “Your new friends don’t seem to like coming to me. “

“Uh… I’m sorry, I’m just a little uncomfortable today.” Mr. Clearwater’s face turned blue. He just noticed that when Aberforth was pushing food, his fingers with long stucco nails were inserted into the cheese. He reluctantly moved his gaze away from the greasy fingers of the shop boss, and looked at the greasy goblet, immediately showing no interest in the food.

“Then you just use mead to press it down.” Rolan has already given himself a sip, “Aberforth, the embargo can’t be solved temporarily, but if necessary, we can provide you with a venue in the Commerce District as a new hotel venue at a price Guaranteed to be very discount…”

“Forget it, I can’t manage it here. Too many people in the Commerce District will make business easier…” Aberforth shook his head and stopped talking about it.

Mr. Clearwater looked towards Rolan with some surprise. He now fully understands the power and wealth of the Harris family in the magic circle. He thinks that the wizard from this family will definitely be less comfortable with this environment and be more particular about the dining environment, but he Seeing the naturalness on Rolan’s face and thinking of the raw materials used to make potion by Penelope in Xinju, Mr. Clearwater felt that he understood the raw materials such as long-horned toad urine and creepy insect eggs. These wizards have not eaten any dirty things, these foods are normal compared to the medicine ingredients.

Mr. Clearwater’s hand quietly pressed his abdomen. He thought he had no magic, and his delicate stomach had not experienced this kind of training except to drink a lot of elixir. In order to hide his expression, he looked down towards the ground, but But it made him even more disgusting-at first glance, he thought the ground was compacted mud, but now I look carefully and discover that the ground originally paved with stones has accumulated centuries of dirt.

“My Crumple-Horned Snorkack corner exploded when it moved, and my room suffered a heavy loss…but it also stirred my passion. I have to find time. I’m going to take a vacation to Sweden to see…” Xenophilius has already He took off his hat and put it aside. He was not interested in food at all. He gestured and said, “My daughter’s hair is blessed, I hope I can find a live one this time. Recently, the content of “The Quibbler” has been less and less counter-intuitive. Up…”

Rolan picked up a piece of cheese and threw it into his mouth. He had long given up on correcting the so-called Crumple-Horned Snorkack horn in the opponent’s house, which was actually the horn of the magic Animagus object poisonous horn.

Xenophilius talked about his Crumple-Horned Snorkack and other weird-looking things each minding their own business, and didn’t care that Rolan and Aberforth ignored him and talked about the embargo.

“Mr. Lovegood, although I don’t have the one that was blown up… the corner… the Crumple-Horned Snorkack corner, but my wife and I went on a trip to the United States last year. My wife Letizia bought a lot of Indians. I remember a pair of bighorn sheep’s horns…the curved arc is very beautiful, as a thank you gift for inviting me to drink, if you don’t dislike it, you can temporarily replace it before you find the beast.” Mr. Clearwater saw Lovegood and said to himself No one took care of the words, and I couldn’t help feeling pity.

“En? My Crumple-Horned Snorkack horn was blown up before, but it was repaired by itself.” Mr. Lovegood’s expression was a little trance, but he was very happy to hear what horns to give him, “Then I will use Crumple -Horned Snorkack horns can be exchanged with yours! I have not seen bighorn sheep yet, I heard that Hermione’s pets like to eat them!”

Before Mr. Clearwater had time to wave his hand at Lovegood who was going to send him dangerous explosives, the Boss of Hog’s Head store suddenly changed the mead bottle he was going to refill to his own mouth. As if shocked, he took out a black-painted picture with shiny edges, full of the different tenderness of the past. Looking at the picture held by the big hand, his muddy eyes seemed to be wet.

Noting that the atmosphere here is getting more and more weird, and the disturbing snacks in front of you, Clearwater suddenly eyes shined, and then took out a large number of white tablets in plastic packaging from his pocket: “Guys, coming Order it? The milk piece I took from my wife’s bag this morning.”

Rolan and Xenophilius hearing this picked up one, tore off the plastic film and stuffed it into his mouth. Seeing Aberforth’s depression, Xenophilius enthusiastically threw it away, “Aberforth, you also come to taste this new food.”

“I actually took out food…” Aberforth’s somewhat cloudy and wet eyes left the photo and looked towards the tablets, but still a bit viciously squeezed a piece into his mouth.

But then, this dry feeling made Mr. Clearwater startled. He realized that the taste was not the delicious milk flakes he had eaten before. There was even a feeling of chewing paper. He secretly saw several people opposite. After tasting it carefully, he didn’t feel embarrassed to spit it out. He thought it might be that the strange flavored beans of magic circle were similar, with the same appearance, but each taste was different. He was lucky last time, but this time he was more bad luck —— He thought he would never understand the preferences of these wizards.

In fact, Rolan frowned after chewing twice. He found that this thing was not chewable at all, and he began to wonder if muggle’s candies all tasted like this? Don’t say it is sweet, the astringent taste really makes people have a desire to vomit. Just out of respect for Mr. Clearwater, thinking of his praise of this candy just now made Rolan really spit it out, but also felt that it was temporarily difficult to swallow, so he could only hold it in his mouth to see if there would be any changes.

The Boss Aberforth of Hog’s Head didn’t show any unexpected expression. He thought that muggles were not magical. It was normal for these candies to be unpalatable. He glanced at his mead and drank it directly. The rotten candy, the mind has been put on the photo in hand.

Only Lovegood didn’t seem to feel uncomfortable. He slapped his mouth from time to time as if he wanted to give a different taste from the middle grade.

At this moment, the door curtain of Hog’s Head was lifted again, and Penelope entered the bar. As soon as this tall and beautiful woman Auror entered the bar, the dirty bar seemed to be dazzling. She looked at it coldly. In the circle, many wizards around me turned away from the beginning when they came into contact with her. Those fringe people who like this place have some unclean places, so the wizard who recognized the witch’s identity hurriedly threw the wine money on the table and left. .

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