Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1124

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On the cobblestone streets of Diagon Alley, Josephine, who is wearing a black cloak and Ministry of Magic uniform, also wears a sun hat, and many members of the Department of Management and Control of Magical Creatures under her control have certain positions. All were dispatched and dressed behind her. The entire group attracted the attention of shoppers and portraits in Diagon Alley. It looked like an important event to be carried out.

In this area, there are many more Auror patrols than usual, and there are even a lot of red umbrella department armed forces guarding in front of shops that assist and protect umbrellas-recently Hogwarts and Britain Ministry of Magic In addition to dissatisfaction with foreigners, those hard-line plans also frightened some pure-blooded countries. Although nothing has happened in Britain for the time being, Harris is still taking advantage of the embargo issue.

Some additional arrangements were made in advance to deal with possible picture release situations.

But in fact, most of the ordinary wizard groups in Britain magic circle have actually begun to produce some nationalism similar to the American Wizarding World. Of course, this kind of thinking is different from the exaggerated sense of crisis of life and death used by the American rigidity Fox. It is more from Britain’s tough performance and the ability to own the Floating Void City core, as well as the superiority of having the three most powerful wizards in the world (even if one is you know who) and having a True God.

Along the way, most of the shops have not high passenger flow, and even some of them are deserted. Only Fred and George’s Weasley magic trick shop in a frenzy. Many wizards have arrived here directly, and many wizards disapparation from here after they go out. Leaving, this has become a rare lively scene in Diagon Alley businesses.

It’s just that it’s not the old young wizards who enter and leave the joke shop, but many middle-aged and elderly wizards. They take out a lot of gold Galleons, and some are frantically snapping up decoy bombs, portable swamps and other magic items that are easy to get out.

Only the shelves of powerful love potion like magic witch have been emptied. As for the stealth smoke bombs, they had to be imported from Peru before, so they were already out of stock when the magic circle started the embargo campaign on Britain.

On the purple background poster pasted on the window, dazzling yellow characters are printed, attracting people’s attention:

You protect the world,

We protect you,

Fight Death Eater,

Rare Item 5% off…

“I know a few…” Sirius was a little puzzled. “They weren’t like pranksters when they were in school. Why do they become playful when they are old?”

“You don’t watch the news? Umbrella’s rapid-response security forces must send armed forces to Europe to combat Death Eater’s recent crazy robberies. They are the parents of those wizards…” Josephine frowned, “Penelope and additional rationing for these troops With a lot of props, these parents are too worried, and they are not sent to beat Voldemort himself…”

“I know a few parents who work on umbrellas with children. They are actually quite proud of this. They brag to me every day… But if the child is going out to perform dangerous tasks, I will inevitably worry that I can understand their seemingly ambivalent emotions… Fortunately Cedric and Qiu are both excellent Quiddich players. They have never worried me… Uh, I don’t mean that I don’t support them in fighting, but they are more suitable to play Quiddich…” Amos felt a little bit wrong in the middle, but Then his tone changed back to his pride, “Cedric has long become a planetary player of the Monte Rose Magpies, and Qiu rejected the invitation of Captain Gwenger Jones of the Black Hobby team who felt that women had an advantage over men. She went to the Tatehill Tornado team, which she liked when she was a child, and became the team’s substitute…” He triumphantly looked at his single boss and his single middle-aged male colleague. “You know, as Quiddich The stars and their salaries are pretty good, and they each have a large number of fans…So soon they plan to get married and plan to get a house on Floating Void City. When the time comes, the wedding invites you not to come.”

“Then congratulate you in advance, Asmo.” Josephine nodded squeezed a smile on his face. “In addition, I have to remind you that as a member of Ministry of Magic, you also have some benefits on Floating Void City. , Which includes the residential area, if in your name, it is much larger than their discount, which is neither the umbrella nor the Ministry of Magic.”

“That’s really good. I’ll write to Cedric when I go back…Uh… Director, we have to stay away from some magical creature garden… That female boss with thick black-rimmed glasses is not so easy to provoke… She has been looking for us recently Trouble trying to ask for compensation…” Amos Diggory pointed to Josephine at a very gloomy shop with closed doors, “Eh, owl shop is okay… but your nephew.. I mean the recent feat of Harris headmaster. …The embargo sanctions imposed on us by these countries have made the zoo’s purchase channels a problem. In recent years, the taste of young wizard has become tricky, and Hogwarts no longer restricts students’ pets to cats and toads. The sound is terrible…”

It used to be very crowded, full of animal sounds, and the noisy pet shop now looks very clean inside.

“This is very good!” Sirius whistled, “Amos, this is good news for us, so our job is easier!”

“Shut up! You have been at work for so long! Why are you so flamboyant!” Josephine couldn’t help but scolded Sirius, then turned to Asmo and said, “We will tell the magical creature Yuan, we know about her, I will Contact the umbrella and give them some preferential compensation and support measures…”

“That’s the best… Director, their store has always been law-abiding…” Diggory took a peek at Josephine. “In fact, many of these industries are troubled…”

Josephine narrowed his reddish pupils and stared at the subordinate, then calmed down his black cloak to keep it from moving: “Hogwarts is equipped for this, and the umbrella will be counted and compensated. Supported.”

“Asmo, did you receive those shop benefits?” Sirius, with two hands in his pockets, casually made Diggory’s face flushed, but his gaze was placed on the dazzling sunlight to project Florean Fortescue’s Ice Cream On the magic parasols on Parlour, “Josephine, today is like coming back from summer… Let the colleagues from other divisions go first? I invite you to drink something cold…”

“We are ahead of them!” Josephine, who is usually known for her calmness and coldness, has a bit of brain pain. She seems to feel herself within the body, as if she has some heat out of thin air without drinking other people’s fresh blood-this makes her a Vampire Ability to lose later.

Fortunately, as the most prosperous commercial street in Britain magic circle, Diagon Alley is actually not that big. At least it appears to be the case when compared with the Commerce District of Floating Void City. Soon, the members of the management and control department of this group of magic creatures They came to their destination, which is now the only Gringotts wizard bank in Diagon Alley whose passenger flow is comparable to the twin brothers’ joke shop.

Gringotts is also the largest and oldest building in the entire Diagon Alley shopping street. It is located in the middle of the top of the T-junction of Diagon Alley, facing a downward street, and has a very good location. The pillars of this majestic building are slanted and slanted, and are very distinctive. The top is a sculpture of a fire-breathing dragon with wings spread out. It seems to deter those wizards with ulterior motives and provide depositors with confidence in security.

At this time, in front of this extraordinary white building in imposing manner, the other shops looked sad, because it was the only one with sufficient passenger flow, and hurried customers came out in groups of three or four. There was no wizard to act alone, and Everyone looked serious and cautious.

Josephine and his party stood in front of the tall white building towering over the surrounding shops, beside the bright bronze gate of Winky, there were three Goblins wearing scarlet red and gold uniforms, and the leading one was in charge of guiding them. The other two are responsible for guarding honesty detectors each holding a slender gold rod. Seeing the uniform Ministry of Magic uniforms on Josephine and the others, the headed Goblin winked at a guard next to him. Upon seeing this, the Goblin guard immediately ran into the bank. It didn’t take long before Rolan and the others came over. At the time, more crowded guards composed of Goblin and wizards came out from the gate of Gringotts.

Unlike the ordinary Goblin employees who wear white shirts, black suit vests, and black sleeves, the two Goblin Nagnock and Griphook headed by them are wearing straight black striped suits today. A saphire blue silk shirt and big black shoes were polished shiny.

When the two leading Goblins saw Josephine and his party, they paused. They thought it was Ministry of Magic and they wanted to do something about you know who Horcrux. The Goblins heard the wind to report that they doubted whether the other party wanted to rely on the alien. The Goblin Liaison Office under the office allows the department responsible for magic economic affairs and the coordination of the relationship between Goblin and the wizard to handle this matter, but now it seems that the other party is collectively dispatched by the Magic Creature Management and Control Department.

“Could the Ministry of Magic want to check Gringotts through them…” No matter what he thought, Nagnock remained silent on his face. After he walked over and bowed politely to Josephine and the others, he showed a big smile, pointed Shaking his beard, he asked tentatively: “Director Josephine Harris, why did you bring so many people to Gringotts today? Our guardian Dragon and other animals have been filed with the Ministry of Magic. Recently, there is no opportunity or need to bring in. New species…”

As always, Josephine did not take off the hat, but he paid the courtesy politely, showing an etiquette smile and calmly said: “Nagnock, don’t be nervous, this time we are not here for official business, we are all It’s just for private business…but it just so happens that there are more people in Ministry of Magic today who have this kind of need, so I gave me and my colleagues in the department a short half-day vacation.”

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