Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1125

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Today, although some wizards have come over to take away all their wealth stored in Gringotts, but these customers themselves are not Great Family, and the amount is not large. Although Goblin greedily feels a little distressed about this, they are not at all too serious. Thing, but now they finally realized that there was something wrong with it.

Nagnock quietly took a look at Sirius Black, who had the most property in the group, but he was indifferent and relaxed. Unjudged, Goblin asked suspiciously again: “Director Harris, Dirk Klay Director Swee, what kind of business do you want to handle? I will arrange the docking of relevant colleagues to provide you with more convenient services.”

“Uh… Nagnock, we are just here to get some gold Galleon…” A 3 15-16 year old wizard tried to laugh at Goblin in a gentle and casually tone, which seemed very friendly.

This wizard with brown hair and light skin is Dirk Creswell. He was close to Mr. Weasley after the former Goblin Liaison Office Director Cuthbert Mo Kreacher was implicated in political struggles. Inclined to Harris, so I took over this position. This department has a high status in this department, and the office director is also highly respected. Although Dirk Creswell was also from a muggle, he became at that time in school. Potions teacher Horace Slughorn’s favorite students, many of his colleagues, including Arthur Weasley, think he is an excellent wizard.

Griphook’s clever gray and yellow face changed a little, but it was a legitimate business transaction. He had no reason to refuse. He could not maintain the profitable smile on his face. He waited for the black eye to test and asked, “Dirk , But has the Ministry of Magic made any major investment moves? There are particularly many customers who come to Gringotts to handle this business today.”

“Dirk, you can come down and try to appease the Goblins. Now let us hurry up…” Sirius Black put his hands in his pockets a little impatiently, “Nagnock, we are all purely here to withdraw money.”

“Okay, Griphook, we don’t have to worry about Gringotts doing what we withdraw. If you are curious, you can go down and contact Dirk in private.” Josephine still had a smile on his face, and walked toward the door, “Nagnock , Please arrange, we have to go to Floating Void City after we finish…”

The director of the Goblin Liaison Office took a look at Griphook apologetically, and followed other colleagues from the Magical Creatures Management and Control Department into the bank.

Nagnock trot a few steps quickly, ran to the front, and said eagerly to Sirius: “Mr. Black, in your capacity, why bother to come and withdraw money in person, and we can send you a letter with your mark directly, Mr. Black. Send it over…”

“But this time I want to take away all of the House of Black property…” Sirius said briskly, “So I have to come in person, otherwise you won’t agree, will you?”

“Take them all?” Griphook’s voice was a little sharp, his expression froze on his face.

Nagnock glanced at the front Josephine and thought that the other person was also Harris, and his slender fingers pinched together fiercely-this must be Harris’ revenge for refusing Rolan’s request before, which caused so many people to come at the same time. Gringotts takes away wealth.

Thinking of the House of Black that many gold Galleons and treasures are about to be taken away, Goblin, who was in deep pain, could hardly breathe, Nagnock pulled the corner of his mouth reluctantly, gritted his teeth and endured the soreness and pain in his heart. Griphook who wants to speak, “Mr. Black, Gringotts is the safest place in the world… You don’t need to worry about safety if you exist here. Since we opened, Gringotts has been keeping property for the House of Black…”

“I’m very grateful for this…” Sirius’ dark gray eyes glanced at Goblin coldly. Knowing the habits of Goblin, he naturally understood that the president in front of him already regarded the treasures of the House of Black as the wealth of the Goblins. “So now I don’t need to trouble you anymore. I now decide that in addition to withdrawing money, I will also cancel my personal Vault No. 711 and the Family Vault of House of Black. I will no longer store any property in Gringotts.”

“Goblin King Ragnuk the First’s sterling silver sword! Your defeat… Mr. Black, you are telling me… You are going to give up House of Black’s Vault from ancient times to the present?!!!” Nagnok thought of Sirius’ decision After representing the meaning of the latter, I couldn’t restrain myself from punching my chest with my fist, “Mr. Black! Please think carefully, so that the underlying Vault…If you want to regret in the future…Even if you want to reopen an account, you will be impossible to deposit… This is not a Vault position that you can get if you have money! This is the glory your ancestors won for your family!”

“Shit Glory…” Sirius snort disdainfully, he lowered his head and glanced at Goblin with contempt. “You can tell me that I will take my godson over now and let him abstain from Potter’s family…”

Griphook and Nagnock’s faces are distorted, so they don’t care about Potter’s shallowest and lowest level of security. They only need a key to access the Vault. What they care about is Britain’s oldest House of Black.

But the members of the Department of Management and Control of Magical Creatures had no longer paid attention to the Goblins at the door, and followed their director Josephine into the tall marble hall-there were about 100 or so Goblins sitting in a row. On the high stools behind the counter, some use copper balances to weigh coins, and some use eyepieces to check gems, while registering hastily on the large ledger. There are countless doors in the hall, leading to different places, and many Goblins guide people in and out of these doors.

Seeing such a crowded scene in the lobby, the Goblin employees who were not at all aware of the matter put aside their things and hurried over to guide them.

And just after Griphook and Nagnock chased Josephine in, a Gringotts wizard employee ran in from the outside in a panic. The little man flexibly squeezed in from the onlookers of wizards and ran to the president. “President, Leaky Cauldron, there are a lot of wizards coming over there… The magic Department of Magical Games and Sports is here!”

Nagnock only felt that his 2 cheeks were a little stiff and he could no longer squeeze any false smile. He turned his head and saw a familiar face when he felt bad. He quickly grabbed the golden-yellow haired wizard. The clothes asked: “Mr. Ludo Bagman! What business are you also going to handle?!”

“It’s been a long time since Nagnock. I did come to handle the withdrawal business. I want to take out all of Bagman’s wealth and cancel the account…” John Bartha stroked his hair, he was habitual With a diplomatic smile, he said enthusiastically, “Thank you, please help us arrange as soon as possible. In addition to my current colleagues in the department, my former teammates in Wimbourne Wasps should also be coming soon… We all have to handle the same business.”

“What…” Griphook’s eye beads were now more protruding than three Luna. “Are you all crazy? To please Harris, leave the money at home and wait for a thief to steal it?!”

“Griphook, don’t worry… I remember you got the wizard TV in the lounge. Turn on the TV and watch the live broadcast, and you will know what happened…” Ludo Bagman looked at the Goblins who lost one’s head out of fear with a friendly smile With a hint of revenge, “Don’t worry about overtime, Ministry of Magic has divided the time period according to the department, and today we are only the first batch…”

Nagnock and Griphook, who were eager to understand what happened, did not pay attention to the magic Department of Magical Games and Sports. The director ordered a few other Goblin directors to entertain these wizards. They hurried to the customer rest area and turned on the TV— -They know the reason for this attitude of the other side. Around the World Cup in 9, this Ludo Bagman almost escaped because he failed to bet with Goblin many times and owed them a large sum of money. It was financed by Harris. Only then has the honor and position been kept.

On TV, the host Fleur is excitedly and proudly introducing a building on Floating Void City.

The camera is scanning the Hogwarts Floating Void City, the famous commercial plaza in a short period of time, opposite the shrine. After the black curtains are pulled apart by the spell, its true magnificence becomes clear and makes everything The Goblin Goblin who were watching took a breath.

This building has a really eye-catching outline. The building is surrounded by a curved ruler, two-foot gauge, cross-hands and a triangle. This is to imitate the shape of the Harris family’s omniscient mark. The deep blue exterior wall has narrow bronze windows. In order to prevent the scorching sunlight, the glass skylight on the top allows natural light to come in. The lines of the building and the color of the Ravenclaw house make it look like the striped edging carvings on the raven.

The reason that surprised the Goblins was because of the bronze sign of the new building-Harris Wizard Bank, shown on the TV.

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