Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1126

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Outside the Harris wizard bank, beside the bronze gate of Winky, the guards stand straight and stand straight at the door. Many of the main bodies of the desks are painted dark blue, the edges are bronze, and the backs are also painted with bronze numbers. When the wizards enter, bow politely for simple guidance.

Walking into the lobby, you can clearly see the signage dividing different functional areas at the door.

This tall marble hall provides over 100 different business processing windows. The wizard staff sitting behind these long counters all wear uniform uniforms. All male staff wear short hair or tie their long hair into pony tails, while women The staff members put their long hair behind their heads and wear a uniform hairnet, looking very energetic.

Today is not Sunday, but Hogwarts students are also arranged to come to this spacious lobby. At breakfast, Aaron announced that the bank will open today and all Hogwarts students will get a free bank account opening account-although Many young wizards feel that their headmaster is suspected of using official authority for private interests.

In fact, the students were not able to leave at this time except for being opened outdoors. They were arranged to sit on the seats in the hall where the brilliant non-marking curse had been cast, sitting with the umbrellas and the pro-Harris wizard. Together, we have collected the number of people for today’s press conference.

Harris wizard TV station seems not at all. It is affected by the recent ban in some foreign countries. Several live cameras are facing Hermione and Fleur on the podium from various angles, compared to the TV station media when the TV station was just emerging. People also prepared several cameras to capture the expressions of the audience under the podium.

“Dear viewers in front of the TV, we all just learned about the appearance and basic plan of Harris Wizard Bank through the lens. Then, regarding its internal operation, we are very fortunate to have invited the CEO of the Umbrella Group, who is also a member of Harris Bank. The planner-Hermione · Miss Granger accepted our interview.” Fleur stretched her hand to the side gracefully, and Hermione stepped onto the temporary stage of the press conference. Although she was still a student, she was able to naturally smile confidently at this time. Greetings from the audience behind the stage and behind the camera lens.

“Miss Granger, Bonjour! We all know that before the establishment of Harris Wizard Bank, Gringotts was the only bank in the magic circle, so if you want to compete with Gringotts, which is trusted and recognized by the wizards, can you give Let me introduce you. What are the advantages of Harris Bank?” As a professional host and a member of Harris, Fleur compiled the interview transcript in advance to match the content Hermione needs to express.

“Of course, Ms. Delacour, in fact, our bank’s operating model is different from the traditional Goblin’s Gringotts wizard bank in terms of operational purposes. After we refer to the muggles’ financial business, it has been given more Although it also provides customers with the business of traditional personal wealth savings, it is no longer dominated by it.” Hermione’s outspoken remarks revealed her judgment that muggle is ahead of wizards in finance.

Fleur raised the microphone and continued to ask: “Miss Granger, can you explain a little bit for us? You know, many wizards here and behind the TV know much about muggle’s financial business…not at all.”

“Of course, Harris Wizard Bank will focus on the intelligence of the muggle central bank and policy banks. It will perform some monetary detections, and adopt different policies such as tightness and looseness according to the economic development in different periods. Macro-control the magic circle economy, cooperate with the Ministry of Magic to formulate and implement economic policies, directly or indirectly engage in policy financing activities, and act as a financial institution for the magic government to develop the economy, promote social progress, and conduct macroeconomic management tools.” Hermione I took out a brochure prepared by Harris Bank and displayed it in front of the camera, “You can go to Harris Bank to get such a brochure. It explains in detail the various businesses and handling methods of the bank. If you still don’t understand, If you want to know more, you can go to the bank’s inquiry desk, and our bank staff will answer it patiently for you.”

“So many kinds of business…Miss Granger, please answer some questions for the audience who can’t see the manual in front of our TV. What will the Harris wizard bank charge? I mean, this doesn’t sound like a profit structure… “On the preaching stage, Fleur asked about the topics that the wizards might be most concerned about before the preset screen before their interview.

“Not so, as I said earlier, traditional savings services exist, except for the Wizard World’s traditional Gringotts wizard bank’s Vault model. After we charge a management fee and savings fee, the security of the things you store in it can be guaranteed. It is guaranteed that no one except the customer and the wizard authorized by him can get anything that does not belong to him from these Vaults.” Hermione turned the brochure to the page of savings, “Now Harris Wizard Bank itself is engaged in business, it The main business scope also includes absorbing wizards’ deposits, issuing loans, and investment and financial management…wizards only need to choose the savings model as our new model, and put the gold Galleon directly in our bank instead of the personal Vault. In fact, Harris Wizard Bank not only does not charge customers, but also pays you a varying percentage of interest based on whether your savings mode is regular or demand mode… Because it will allow customers to save gold in the bank. Use them in a reasonable and safe ratio, cooperate with Ministry of Magic or Hogwarts, and make some investments for the development of magic circle, so as to speed up the progress of our Wizarding World…”

This kind of wizards who have been living in the Wizarding World have never seen the muggle business let the wizards take a breath. Although there is no shortage of similar loan projects in the financial field of the magic world, they are more similar to muggle medieval and muggle renaissance Those who are not professional and rigorous, treat all kinds of strange things personal mode.

“Miss Granger, the traditional Gringotts mode of operation, everyone is very familiar…but I don’t understand the new model very well. Presumably there are many viewers in front of the TV, just like me, who don’t understand it…” Fleur timely He was puzzled and asked in a very sincere tone, “If the bank uses the customer’s funds, isn’t it possible that the customer will be out of money when they need to withdraw? And if the wizard that has saved money for regular service encounters an accident and needs an accident Isn’t it impossible to withdraw money?”

“Of course it is not the case. As I said above, this will be within a reasonable and safe range. Muggles have had many years of experience in this business. Umbrella and Ministry of Magic experts have been Circle’s actual situation has formulated similar regulations… If a regular customer urgently needs money, he can of course withdraw his original wealth, but the bank will pay the current interest.” Hermione said, taking out a pendant from her neckline , Showed the audience in front of the camera, “Under the communication between Ms. Ravenclaw and her voter Aaron Harris…” Hermione uncomfortably said a lie that is strictly not considered a lie, “Harris wizard bank and Ravenclaw Temple also The cooperation is launched, using this omniscience mark, when you store non-monetary wealth in the bank, the bank will issue such a pendant to you. The pendant stores encrypted information, which records how much money you have stored, and because of the temple aspect Assisting in production, using Ms. Ravenclaw’s divide force asylum, and bank customers no longer have to worry about being falsely claimed… Of course, if you are a believer of Ms. Ravenclaw, you can also use this pendant to directly like Ms. Ravenclaw Conduct prayer activities.”

As he said, there was a wizard dressed up as a Ravenclaw Temple Cultist next to him. Using the magic hookah, the pendant held by Hermione was enlarged to the venue with a smoke illusion. This pendant is very beautiful, the shape represents the omniscient eye of the Harris family, and it is accompanied by a thin bronze necklace-of course, after the implementation of this policy by the bank, this expression is also destined to be linked to money wealth and Goddess. (Author’s note: It’s like the all-seeing eye on the dollar.)

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