Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1128

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However, unlike the excited compatriots, Nagnock’s heart was full of worries at this time-they came from the gilded fireplaces on the city wall in Hogwarts, and the Hogwarts guards did not question or hinder them; and This is also true when advancing aggressively to Harris Bank along the way, and those Hogwarts guards also turned a blind eye to them.

People who contacted Ministry of Magic planned to come to Gringotts to withdraw money and even cancel the account, which shows that Harris was also prepared for Goblin’s response, but Nagnock had no choice. In fact, all countries in Magic Circle use Goblin’s Gringotts is a major bank today, losing some wizard customers or even all British customers can’t be considered for Goblins. More importantly, the representative meaning behind this. If Harris succeeds, other magic The circle’s wizard has seen the benefits of the wizard’s own economic control follow suit. This is where the Goblin panics.

With the live broadcast, more and more wizards left the TV to hear the news and rushed to the bank, enclosing the bank area tightly. The reporters and cameramen of Harris TV station who interviewed in the lobby of the bank took advantage of the situation to leave Ron and other audiences. They jumped through the crowd and began to look for more suitable angles to shoot the Goblins.

Some older wizards noticed the collective action and menacing appearance of the Goblins, and they were worried. No matter how strong you know who, it proves that you are not an opponent of Aaron Harris. Different from the raging Europe today, Britain Few wizards would have the same fear that the Dark Lord, who was assigned to Gryffindor by the Hogwarts headmaster in the duel, aroused.

But Goblins are different. In addition to controlling Gringotts, they are very smart. They are good at metal processing, especially silverware. In addition, they are also responsible for casting currency in the magic world. From Goblin’s perspective, They should be equal to human wizards. Although human wizards don’t think so, it can be said that to a large extent, Goblins control the economic lifeline of the magic world-and the possible impact of Harris’s practices today is not just Locally, this breaks the fundamental unwritten rules of peaceful coexistence between Goblins and wizards.

“Nagnock and Gringotts, you came to Harris Bank today. Do you have any business you want to handle?” Hermione had stood up, and she took out the umbrella president’s temperament and asked.

“Want to create a bank, Harris, you guys have no fun at all!” Goblin Griphook saw each other to ask a question, when already knows the answer. The general provocation couldn’t help but rushed out from one side, pointed her long fingers at Hermione, and roared, “You Want to take customers away from our Gringotts? Take away wealth that does not belong to you! We will let you see the power of Goblin!”

“Mr. Nagnock, so this is what you came from?” Ron, who was sitting in his seat, stood up instead of Hermione. Faced with Goblin’s threat, he asked calmly, “Is Goblin going to threaten the wizard with military force?” “

Nagnock blocked Griphook behind him, with a smirk on his face and squinted his eyes in a dangerous tone: “Director Rolan Harris… You Harris really love to do things without leaving a way back… This is to avenge us last time. Goblin sticks to Gringotts’ rules and customer wealth, keeping you out of Gringotts?”

“Mr. Nagnock, please don’t get me wrong. All this is the freedom of the customers’ choices…” Rolan put two hands on the table in front of her, leaning forward slightly, with a smile in his eyes, “As for the last time I personally don’t mind what happened at Gringotts. At the time, you blocked me out of the door to follow Gringotts’ rules. Although old-fashioned, I can understand that this was for you… As for my younger brother’s bank, it’s not something. The decision was made to retaliate against Gringotts. This is because the original financial institutions of Wizarding World cannot meet the needs of Floating Void City.”

“I don’t believe that you are robbers, trying to occupy areas that you have no right to occupy! You want to seize the right to manage the economy from our Goblin, and take the opportunity to seek benefits for yourself!” Griphook flushed with anger, black eyes without white eyes Winky Glow.

“Griphook, I can’t agree with your remarks.” Rolan put away his smile, his expression became serious and dangerous like his Animagus, and aggravated his tone. “It is the wizard’s free and autonomous behavior for our wizard to create a bank by ourselves. Goblin has no reason to protest here.”

“Over the years, Goblin and the wizard have developed a tacit understanding-the only bank in the magic world run by us, the wizards can go to Gringotts to deposit money or rent the Vault, you Harris is destroying this privately. Kind of peaceful balance…” Nagnock also put away a smirk, gloomy shook his face, and clasped his hands tightly together, “I promise, this is not a good thing for the magic circle…”

“So Nagnock, you admit that this is just a tacit understanding? We obviously have the opportunity to destroy one of his Horcrux, and we are one step closer to destroying him completely… I think all the kind and peaceful wizards want to destroy it. Horcrux was dropped, but because of your stubbornness, it created difficulties for our wizard’s actions for peace… We drove you know who out of Britain so that you can enjoy a peaceful life that other European magic circle residents cannot enjoy. You are Isn’t it taken for granted?” Rolan helped Fufu’s glasses that had slipped down because of a bit of a loud speaking movement. “So under the premise that this kind of tacit understanding cannot guarantee the peaceful life of the wizards…it is only for our wizards to want to change them. It should be…”

Griphook hearing this could not help but screamed again: “The wizards tried to control Gringotts Bank! We will use our actions to inform you of the consequences! All of us Goblin will do the same!”

Although the surrounding wizards were silent, their gazes when they watched Goblins also changed, especially those youngsters, especially Hogwarts students. In recent months, the already somewhat arrogant wizards of Britain magic circle have become even more so. I am arrogant. Throughout the history of the magic world, the Goblin rebellion has occurred several times, mainly because Goblin protested the discrimination and prejudice against them by the wizard group. In the consciousness of most wizards, Goblin is a low-level creature, and the Ministry of Magic also prohibits Goblin from carrying wands, and Goblins obviously don’t think so, so this makes the relationship between Goblin and wizards very tense.

“Griphook, you have to pay attention to your words! Our wizard did not try to point fingers at Gringotts this time. The bank where you stayed in Diagon Alley did not have a wizard trying to control it… My younger brother just built a new one of our own. And the behavior of the wizards to withdraw personal property from Gringotts is completely normal business management,” Rolan said in a very formal tone, “If anyone gets in the way and prevents the wizards from exercising their rights, the normal interests of the wizards are infringed…Ministry of Magic will at all costs and protect the legal rights of the wizards according to law…”

The young wizards who were watching were dissatisfied when they saw these Goblin, these low-level creatures, who dared to threaten the wizard in turn, and after Rolan’s refutation, each and everyone looked excited.

“The wizard’s economy is controlled by the wizard itself, and it’s time for Gringotts to end.”

“I want to write to my grandma to take the family property from Gringotts and transfer it to Harris Bank. I want to tell her what happened today.”

“We have all the Floating Void City, can we not have a bank?”


The Goblins sounded cold. He understood the meaning of Rolan’s words. Goblins had better cooperate with the wizards’ transfer of property, otherwise it would give the Ministry of Magic military force a reason to intervene.

“Director Harris, I think you have overlooked one thing. As a financial institution, the most important function is to unify the organization and management of currency issuance… Whoever has the right to issue currency controls everything… And now the most important thing in Magic Circle The universal currency is the gold Galleon made by our Goblin…” Nagnock was silent for a while and raised his head. He shook his slender finger at Rolan, said with a smile harboring malicious intentions, “So…short Maybe you won’t feel it in the time… It takes a little longer… I think we will be able to reach a consensus again… In the magic circle, the role of Gringotts is insurmountable.”

“If you just watched this press conference, you should have heard… this wizard bank has…” At this time, Rolan, the Harris spokesperson, didn’t mean to give in. He took a step forward and faced Nag with quite an oppression. Knock’s dark eyes, “In fact, Harris Wizard Bank will soon have a brand new new currency system to meet with you… In addition to the traditional way, I can reveal some information in advance… It will also be the same as the Ravenclaw necklace we mentioned earlier. related…”

“Many times, don’t think things too good! Spend a lot of time and energy to make the currency for promotion. In the end, it will only be futile, and the currency that has not been recognized is just a pile of metal.” Nagnock has already been considered torn on both sides. Down, instead of the initial panic, this Goblin put his arms on his chest, and pointed at Rolan with his big nose with a hook, “I dare to assert that the new currency produced by Hogwarts will not be recognized by other countries… “Not caring about the disturbances in the field at all, Nagnock fiddled with his pointed beard triumphantly. “Your understanding of the economy is taken for granted. If a currency is not recognized in other countries… then it will not. As a currency qualification, Goblin’s Gringotts will not accept such currency that does not have sufficient circulation value and exchange services for it… I guarantee that Gringotts in various countries are like this…”

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