Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter

You can search “Harry Potter: Bookworm Invincible Magic Pen Pavilion” in 100 degrees to find the latest chapter!

Dear book friends, due to Tong Tang’s negligence, I just uploaded the 1135 chapter that was supposed to be uploaded at 1134:1 tomorrow to be the 1 chapter, and now I have covered the correct chapter.

I’m very sorry, because of Tongtang’s carelessness, he always makes such low-level mistakes.

If you don’t see the correct chapter tonight, you can download and refresh this chapter again to see the correct chapter. At midnight on August 8 (tomorrow), Chapter 23 will be updated.

Tongtang stood up and saluted, and beg forgiveness, and once again said sorry to his friends, which caused everyone trouble.

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