Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1129

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The threat of Goblin calmed down some wizards who were originally emotionally excited, and some elderly wizards who knew Goblin’s power began to remain silent, and their original abuse turned into abnormal silence.

Now that many countries have begun to try or have imposed trade bans on Britain magic circle, some industries and shops have been affected by this sanction… If now it is between Gringotts, which controls the magic circle economy. It’s too much trouble, once the two sides really break, there is no doubt that this will make Britain more passive in the economy, and for most ordinary persons, they do not really need a bank of their own-especially It is under the premise of paying these risks.

Because Gringotts controls the economies of most foreign countries at the same time, trade with other countries will definitely be constrained by Gringotts. However, as he had expected this, he calmly replied, “Since the currency circulating in the United States is outstanding Pot instead of Galleon, then Britain can also have its own currency, and if Gringotts does something wrong…”

“Please get out of the way, I’m Rufus·Scrimgeour, Director of Auror’s Office! Who gave you the power to dare to stop the Ministry of Magic’s patrol Auror.” Scrimgeour suppressed the cold voice of anger, he squeezed in from the crowd with bushy eyebrows. Wrinkled, his sharp gaze swept across the wizard and Goblin on the field. The magic robe on his body was squeezed a little wrinkled. He originally brought a team of Ministry of Magic patrol Auror, but they just came from the urn wall with the floo powder. The fireplace above was forcibly intercepted by the armed forces of the armed Auror and the umbrella red umbrella department. He was full of anger and had to come by himself.

“Who asked you to come over? Director Scrimgeour, I remember that your mission today should be magic, how can you leave your post without authorization?” Rolan whispered and ordered before the other party was finished.

“Director Harris…” Scrimgeour’s deep voice sounded, and his sharp eyes met Rolan. The other party took advantage of not giving him the opportunity to speak. The office of Auror was a subordinate structure of the Magic Department of Magical Law Enforcement to suppress identity and rushed over. He is very passive.

But at this time, the crowd was separated by a huff, and several powerful pure-blood families in Britain, under the leadership of the Steward of the Bock family, approached Rolan aggressively.

“Director Harris, we saw the whole story through the Harris TV live broadcast.” Ben Bosd was the first to stand up and accuse him. He had no scruples at all. His daughter Millison followed Dumbledore’s relationship. , Has transferred to Beauxbatons to study, but after Hogwarts rose, his shop in Hogmorton Village is now left unattended. The family-owned shop in Diagon Alley has also been shrunk by the run on Hogwarts New Town Commerce District. There is no fear of losing anything, “You are just messing around…Because of the embargo, the increasingly tense international trade relations have posed a threat to the economy of Britain magic circle, and maintaining order and stability is to maintain the current economic prosperity of Britain magic circle. The Harris family is powerful, but there is no winner in the economic and trade war. If Gringotts moves to the opposite of Britain’s magic circle because of this… Why do you let our ordinary wizards in Britain take risks and bear the loss of your unauthorized decision-making?”

The other pure-blood family representatives on the stage also devotion to righteousness that inspires reverence. They protested there, and Amelia Bones, wearing a pair of monocles, squeezed a few The wizard walked up the steps and stood beside Hermione,

Amelia didn’t want to express her position face to face to be used by others to cause the Bones family to oppose the Harris illusion. She whispered: “Miss Granger, hello, I’ve heard Susan talk about you many times. She admires you very much. She thinks you are The smartest witch of Hogwarts… I am not planning to oppose Harris. I did not intend to do so after Hogwarts last time. I just want to remind that in the case of many countries in the international community announcing an embargo on Britain, they will be so aggressive to provoke Goblin Very troublesome…Of course you may have your own plan…”

“Don’t worry, Mrs. Bones…but thank you for coming over to remind me in private…” Hermione thanked her earnestly, her right hand naturally holding the lowered left arm.

Seeing that Rolan didn’t reply, Bosted said with a stern tone: “Director Harris, I’ve also strolled here a few times since Floating Void City rose up, and it’s all prosperous. Harris is in Floating Void City. In terms of the project, the profits must be very generous…but in comparison, the original Hogsmeade village has become a poor rural area with no one to walk in. Not to mention the comparison with the past, it is now a problem even to continue to live… And now Harris Still want to have grudges with the Goblins of Gringotts? Are you really ignoring the situation of our other families and ordinary wizards?…” The fatty sighed with compassion. “Since the embargo, the Ministry of Magic now has some very difficult decisions. Recklessly and recklessly… These policies satisfying the selfish desires of a certain person or family have caused ordinary wizards to suffer unnecessary pain and risks.”

The rhetoric provided by the bloggers to Burstd did play a role. The wizards in front of the TV did indeed feel the loss and inconvenience caused by the embargo recently, which made many people have to go along. Continue to think with this idea: if the split with the Goblins eventually leads to a war, ordinary wizards caught in economic crisis will find it difficult to get through the storm, and life will definitely become a mess-the Goblin rebellion in history is “blooded and thrilling”, even now Goblin seems to be an impossible opponent of Harris in military force, but if these creatures are not as straightforward as they used to be, but have also learned to avoid the law and start economically, then the subject of suffering will always be their ordinary person…

“Ministry of Magic has formulated a series of support plans that are sufficient to help companies and individuals get through some of the difficulties that may arise…” Rolan didn’t retort much, but he didn’t get confused by the doubts raised around him. We will gradually announce the specific measures, and today’s banks are only part of them…”

“Ministry of Magic was also controlled by Harris for a long time. From the initial inspection and closure of various family properties, the rise of Floating Void City, the embargo, to the current bank… Harris used his power to open the way for his own umbrella industry. Grabbing profit, rich a family, but suffering countless ordinary wizards.” Ben Bosted glared at Rolan, squeezing his fat double chin into a pile, “Just in front of us, Director Harris To show off his official power, he ordered Auror’s office director to leave Floating Void City…and Auror, the Ministry of Magic patrol, was stopped from entering the Floating Void City…even if Hogwarts belonged to Aaron Harris, it also belongs to Britain magic circle. Right? This kind of abuse of power must be more prominent in places we can’t see…”

“Is there still a law? Is there a king’s law?” The wizards of the pure-blood family echoed Burst and began to reprimand Rolan loudly.

There were even a few people like Annette Pobin, who was about to close down by the umbrella run of the potion workshop, launched a personal attack on him, using the glasses on Rolan’s face to talk about things and began to scold Rolan 4 in his home language.

“It seems that this lady has a deep prejudice against people wearing glasses…” It’s just that Rolan on the high platform has a calm expression, as if completely remaining unmoved. “Diagon Alley’s store basically opened a new branch in Hogwarts, and In addition to Hogsmeade, I chose not to want Harris to spend a lot of effort to satisfy their intentions and also rose to the sky. Therefore, the benefits of the prosperity of Floating Void City are naturally not owned by Harris alone… Just like I began to promise, Regardless of whether it is Harris or Ministry of Magic, there are follow-up plans for follow-up issues…” Rolan maintained a slow voice, “Of course, if you have objections to this and want to protest, as long as it is in compliance with the legal norms, this is also The power you have… Whether it’s the wizard or the Goblin, you can do it yourself…”

Rolan’s ignorant attitude angered the pure-blood family and Goblin who are usually pampered. They took a step closer and began to verbally criticize, but instead they became messy.

“Everyone… please be quiet…” Al Fred de Crawford, as the steward of the Bock family, finally came to the front desk. He was wearing a white shirt with a black vest, a black bow tie, and a pair of white gloves. , Wearing bright black leather shoes, stood up straight, “The Bock family will set an example and protest against this dictatorship… For this reason, the Bock family will close all family businesses in Britain…” Steward and Rolan faced each other face-to-face, and used some victim-like tone, “Your Excellency Harris, this is not just a protest… Actually, it’s because of the messy economic situation of Britain now… It’s a pity that it hurts those employees. Losing a job in such a hard time…but our Bok family can’t sustain itself under this loss…I believe the situation in many pure-blood families is the same…”

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