Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1130

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Before Alfred had finished speaking, he was immediately echoed by the group of pure-blood family wizards around him-these pure-blood families found this suitable reason before they came to Floating Void City, and they faced the live broadcast. The camera made a distressed look, each and everyone loudly announced with great pain that they would join the Bok family, describing that they had to be forced to close their family’s business in Britain.

Although these pure-blood families feel heartache about the decision to close the business in Britain magic circle, this cannot cause fatal damage to the families that have accumulated hundreds of years of wealth. For the greater benefit they think, let the entire Britain magic Circle The number of unemployed wizards has soared to highlight the importance of Ministry of Magic’s policy, as a way to combat the Ministry of Magic under Harris power, and take this opportunity to at least try to overthrow Owen Harris from office.

This is the pureblood who thinks that the use of Harris to provoke other Wizarding Worlds and immediately provokes such aggressive actions of Goblins is the last opportunity they can seize now, because once Floating Void City has stepped up its steps, they are in control. Harris, who has been involved in politics, education, and manufacturing, will be a disaster for their old forces-this indeed threatens the wizards of the ordinary person class, especially those wizards who have just seen their jobs lost in the live broadcast.

Immediately afterwards, a burst of fire rose out of thin air. The golden-bright and dazzling, the majestic phoenix stood on the shoulders of Aaron wearing a hood, and appeared in front of the bank together. Aaron held a staff in his hand, and the foam was shouting like those dragon eyes. The orbs focused on the surrounding Goblins and the pure-blood family.

It’s just that the scent of’I not to be trifled with’ is out of place with his usual dress, and it also makes the wizards on and off the wizard’s TV screen confused. Aaron is now hanging some large and small wands. The translucent pockets of bags, and there are many fresh-looking ingredients in them, all kinds of ingredients, in addition to meat, vegetables, mushrooms and even a few boxes of milk popped out of the headband, a few fresh The live colored ball fish is opening and closing its gills in the water polo—the gray-haired wizard seems to be careful not to let these things touch his robe to avoid the smell, it seems that he did not put these things in The reason for the non-marking stretch curse pocket on his waist.

If you ignore the Hogwarts headmaster’s dressing and the stagnant atmosphere that it brings to the scene, this look is almost like a husband who just got off work, under the order of his wife, to help run errands to the market to buy vegetables and go home.

The wizards and Goblins of the pure-blood family looked at Aaron vigilantly. The timid and cunning could not help but step back a distance to make their companion’s face more present. I can’t guess what Aaron wants to do. and so on They feel more disturbed.

The fact that Voldemort, who was as strong as the Dark Lord at the time, stepped on the muggle toy under Aaron’s design, was forced to separate the house to Gryffindor, and was dressed up as an undead boy, is still strongly stored in their memory-this They couldn’t tell whether Aaron’s weird dress had deep meaning at the time, but now they were opposed to Harris, they could be sure that the wizard in front of them would have a ghost if they didn’t know.

But Aaron, who entered the Harris Bank, took Anka from the lower steps to Level 1 Level 1 and walked to the press conference venue. The sound of his leisurely footsteps knocked on the field of Goblin and the pure blood. In the heart, the voices of the wizards who had been yelling at Harris gradually lowered and became inaudible.

The wizards at the scene stopped talking. No one was waiting casually. People looked at Aaron on the stage and felt the chills of assaults the senses. They couldn’t help holding their breath. The cameras didn’t dare to neglect, immediately Turn the camera to Aaron. At this time, as the owner of Floating Void City, Aaron as it should be by rights became the focus of attention both inside and outside the TV screen. Everyone is waiting for his speech, waiting for him to speak to the pure-blood family The counterattack of previous threats,

“Ah, it’s very good that you can come over.” Aaron said, but it was even more confusing.

Hogwarts headmaster’s eyes, which had been a little protruding from the search, relaxed at this time. He strode down a few steps with joy, and walked into the wide black hat of Director Josephine · Harris-and he was right I passed her aunt nodded and stayed beside Sirius who was stealing a glass of ice cream, but his head was facing the fatter middle-aged wizard who was wearing a beige cap. He is Ah Moss Diggory, Cedric’s father.

This made the wizards present and absent look at Aaron in amazement. At this time, Aaron’s actions made the atmosphere of the scene even more confusing. The sweat on Amos Diggory’s head had already come out, and he did not understand this at all. The Hogwarts headmaster, who is more famous than his son on Quiddich, will come to him at this moment.

Diggory perceives the gaze and the focusing camera he is betting on, suppressing the surprise and anxiety that arises in his heart, and takes off the hat on his head, pretending to be calm and proactively speaking: “Harris headmaster, what’s your order for you to find me? ?”

“Mr. Diggory, I have an urgent business and want to ask you for help…” Aaron solemnly faced Diggory, “I would like to ask… Are your Cho Chang parents familiar with them? Have you eaten with them? I am the ones who entertain you. Have you eaten at home?…Sorry, although Qiu and I were friends in the Quidditch team when I was in school, they didn’t know much about her family…”

“Autumn’s parents?” Diggory repeated without reacting, and then this Harris heir’s not-so-good sentimental comments on emotional issues flooded his head. He immediately said with some caution, “Of course, Harris headmaster, Qiu and my son Cedric have long been engaged. My family had dinner with their parents, Harris headmaster, are you…?”

“Then they treat you to the taste…oh, it’s their hometown food! That couldn’t be better!” Aaron glared at Diggory, asking and answering himself that made the other party a little surprised. He also discovered that he was misunderstood by the other party and some wizards present. Smiled bitterly and quickly stated the purpose of my trip, “You may not know, I just went to the Soho area of ​​Westminster, but there are a few things missing… and there are some who go directly to their hometown with Disapparation. It’s too exaggerated…so Mr. Diggory, I just want you to do me a favor and bring me a letter to your in-laws. I especially need some of the condiments from their hometown listed on this list…”

“Condiment?” Diggory was so surprised that he raised his hand subconsciously, and put his cap on again in the conversation, “en? Condiment?!!!” He finally thought about it. Picking up the stones hanging on the staff in Aaron’s hand, “Harris headmaster are you… cooking?”

However, before Aaron’s reply, the surrounding wizards and Goblins were also considered to have reacted. The purpose of Aaron’s appearance here was not to deal with the provocations of Goblin and the pure-blood family and to resolve disputes. It was actually because of poor cooking. Come to Amos Diggory for seasoning…

Angrily rushed to the hearts of these pure-blood family wizards and Goblins. They thought it was obvious. The white-haired wizard in front of them was impossible to know about their protest at the bank, so the other party must have done this deliberately to show what he thought of them. Protest is not a problematic attitude at all. I deliberately ignore them, and deliberately use this form to humiliate them-letting people know that they are pure blood and Goblins from the 28 holy race, in his eyes, Aaron Harris A few packets of seasoning are important.

This made the blogger Steward Al Fred, who has always been more used to speaking less and better at controlling others’ speech, couldn’t suppress the rising anger in his heart. He tried to talk to Aaron stiffly: “Aaron Harris headmaster, you can’t despise us like this! We are fighting…”

“Sorry Mr. Diggory, could you please write a letter to Cho Chang’s parents now? I asked my Anka to send the letter to be prepared. I will pick it up later… If I visit the house directly A little abrupt…” Aaron ignored the other wizards, and he stretched the food he was carrying on his staff to beck Diggory to pay attention, “You see this is very urgent… after a long delay, the fish will die but it won’t be new…”

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