Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1131

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Seeing Aaron’s actions, Al Fred’s face flushed, and the wizards of the pure-blood family felt the same way and glared at Aaron. Some people who can’t control their emotions, consciously have nothing to lose, such as the pure-blooded wizards like Ben Bosd and Goblin like Griphook, and even can’t help loudly reprimand Aaron for being too ridiculous and supercilious.

The angry clamor seemed to finally make Aaron notice them. The headmaster of Hogwarts turned his head and glanced at them. After his morphing prophetic eyes were activated, he became even more unhuman gaze. These half swear words The guys who were still stuck in their belly seemed to be pinched by their throats and could not speak for a while, and then Aaron’s voice came out calmly: “Whether it is me, the Harris family, or your pure-blood family or Goblins, As long as you want to do what you want is our wizard’s freedom. Of course, as long as it does not violate the law, no one or organization can control it… So you want to close the store, or legally protest, or do something else… That is your own business, why do you want to? Pull in irrelevant?”

Aaron’s words made the wizards and Goblins of the pure-blood family unable to pick out the words for a while, but Al Fred didn’t seem to be able to keep his mouth shut just after the bombing. He continued to say angrily, “We people Do your best for the future of Britain magic circle! Is that how you humiliate us? The future of Britain is not as important as the meal of the Hogwarts headmaster?!!!”

“What does your family’s business decisions have to do with Britain’s future?” Aaron asked with some inexplicable surprise. “As the headmaster of Hogwarts City and Harris’ heir, I had planned before Miss Granger and I made these decisions. After the development steps are completed, these plans will bring broader cooperation opportunities and practical benefits… Ministry of Magic and Harris Wizard Bank will also implement various measures to provide assistance to wizards in need…”

“You say that there is benefit…” After speaking for a while, Bosd found that Aaron turned his head and looked towards his voice, too.

“I said that if there is interest, it is advantageous.” Aaron made his voice more calm. “Why do you want to ask? Because this is what Aaron Harris said.”

As Aaron’s voice fell, the ordinary wizards in front of the screen and on the scene began to panic because of the panic just now. At this time, a sense of steadiness rose. The promises made by leaders like Aaron Harris are very weighty. Yes, his name itself is a guarantee, and Harris’ success and prominence this year also shows that they are not stupid.

Only those wizards who have learned that they have just been unemployed, which directly affects their lives and economic income, are not at all. How much mood improved by these words, but the owner of Hogwarts promised to help the wizards who need help is the only good thing today. news.

“This is the end of the press conference on the creation of Harris Bank. Thank you for coming. Please feel free to everyone.” Aaron shook the dishes in his hand to the people, and then he looked towards his young wizards and said in a relaxed tone, ” My students, you can’t guarantee that everyone likes you, but as long as those who hate you are subdued or bored, you will be fine.”

The atmosphere between the wizards of the pure-blood family and the Goblins seemed to freeze. Aaron Harris did not explain and debate their accusations. It was obvious that the other party did not want to continue to argue with them too much on this matter. Entanglement, but after this kind of opponent used their reputation to make promises, they had no reason to continue to say anything other than returning to prepare for this kind of confrontation.

“Mr. Diggory, 10000 points, thank you for your help…” Aaron has already received the letter written by Cedric. He asked for the address and pointed his finger on Anka on his shoulder. The address was passed to Phoenix’s mind, and the letter was placed in Anka’s beak, and then disappeared without a trace as the fire light flashed, “By the way, I have one more thing to trouble you… You know, Hogwarts recently The scale has come up. You also know that I am a Quiddich athlete and hobbyist, so although I don’t have much time to play, I want to form a Quiddich club… Cedric and Qiu’s strengths are obvious to all, Mr. Diggory, I think we will also Can I find time to meet and talk… I remember that Qiu originally planned to be with Cedric on the same team?”

Hearing this, Diggory has regained his spirit from the muddleheaded before, and seeing that Aaron actually still has the time to focus on forming a professional Quiddich club, not at all, the stop of the live broadcast made the wizards behind the TV more at ease. ——Also let more Quiddich hobby people to be wild with joy.

Although the members of the pure-blood family at the scene were more jealous, they had to prepare to leave silently, planning to start preparing for the closing of the shop. Whether Aaron really has a way to deal with it or is bluffing, their counterattack is inevitable or must be implemented Yes, the longer it drags on until Hogwarts really takes off, the less they have the capital to resist—and on the Gringotts side, Nagnock understands that they can’t persuade the other party to compromise. He waved his hand bitterly, making the Goblins of Gringotts ready to leave. ,.

Aaron no longer looked at the situation at all. He signaled to Diggory and turned to Josephine and said, “Auntie, I will come back for dinner early after get off work. Emily had a cold and cough a few days ago. I didn’t want to drink potion without liking. I plan to do it myself. Cook, make something delicious and liking for her…” He paused, “I prepared some black puddings (Britain blood sausage) you like for my aunt, which are also suitable to put in… Come and try my craft.”

“Oh? Then you are the first one of Harris Child who likes to cook…” Josephine was a little surprised and puzzled. “Emily has not been sick or pretended to be sick once or twice, and I haven’t seen you do anything…”

Before Aaron came up with an answer, Goblin Griphook rescued him.

“No! I’m not going!” Griphook yelled, waving his hand abruptly, and pushing away Goblin next to him. “Aaron Harris!” He rushed out and yelled unconvincedly, “Hogwarts has to take Ragnuk the First’s sword Give it back to us, again the arrogance of the wizard! The sword was Ragnuk the First and was stolen by Godric Gryffindor! But now it is considered a treasure we lost, a masterpiece of Goblin! It belongs to Goblin!”

Nagnock paused for his departure. After he heard Griphook’s yelling, he was not reconciled to return without success. He planned to seize this reason: “Harris headmaster, Griphook said rightly. Hogwarts One of the founders, Mr. Godric · Gryffindor, stole the sword from King Ragnuk the First… It has been stored in Hogwarts for so many years, now please return it to our Goblin… I believe Harris headmaster, since the law is so important just now, it must be Wouldn’t it be illegal for Hogwarts to continue to erroneously occupy a treasure that does not belong to it?”

The sudden excitement of the Goblin’s request caused an uproar among the wizards who knew this history. The more radical wizards with some wizard-oriented wizards have already yelled at the side, especially a few wizards from Gryffindor. The founder was said to be The thieves were particularly angry. If they weren’t blocked by the wizard around them, they even wanted to go with the Goblins who had insulted the founder to fight.

“Damn it, what are they talking about nonsense, how could Gryffindor’s sword be stolen from Goblin? A History of Magic…uh…” Frank Brown cursed in surprise, he couldn’t accept the creation of his house A person is a thief, but as a muggle, he is not well-versed in the historical problems of magic circle. He habitually asks for help from his house’s 10000 things on such problems. “Hermione! Please tell them the accuracy of A History of Magic. Record, let these Goblins clear their heads!”

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