Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1132

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“A History of Magic often takes the wizard’s actions to other magic races in one stroke.” Hermione helpless responded to Frank, who was extra indignant compared to the past, and then she said seriously to the Goblins, “But as far as I know, There is no record of wizard, mentioning that Gryffindor stole the sword… and according to modern law…

“Aha! Sure enough, this is another story by Goblin! Goblin always thinks we are persecuting them!” Ron’s shout interrupted Hermione, who was annoyed by the camera focusing on him today,” Goblin said The wizard always tries to surpass them. I think we should feel lucky that we made them unable to use our wand.”

“Gryffindor is of course not a thief! My mother told me that story! That Ragnuk the First was reluctant to bear the sword he made for Gryffindor, so he lied that Gryffindor stole the sword from himself and sent a group of subjects to claim it, but They were all repelled by Gryffindor. Therefore, there are rumors in Goblin that Gryffindor stole the sword.” Seamus Finnigan has a strong accent. He was originally a Quiddich fan and he was just happy about the news that Aaron was planning to form a new club. But at this time he had pointed his sturdy finger at those Goblins and glared.

“It’s the arrogance of the wizard again!” Griphook glared at the wizards when he saw so many opposing voices. The short stature made a fist with over-proportioned fingers and waved, “You let us not use wand. It’s not enough, it has taken over our treasure, and now I want to run on our bank!”

“But, you Goblin are not fluffy little rabbits, are they?” Ron replied, “You also killed a lot of us, and the methods are despicable!”

“Gentlemen! Please calm down! I understand your maintenance of the founder, but not to mention whether the sword was stolen by Godric Gryffindor. After his death, the sword should be returned to us Goblin.” Nagnock told us. In the previous step, the tone became stronger and stronger, “We Goblin never steal! The legal owner of an item will always be its maker, not the subsequent purchaser. The purchaser should return the original to the maker after death, but you now A Goblin-made thing is passed from the wizard to the wizard without paying any subsequent remuneration. This is no better than stealing!”

“That’s your Goblin’s own custom! It’s not our wizard’s. According to the wizard’s law, whether it is ancient or the latest revised law, the wizard has never recognized Goblin’s custom, and your behavior standards cannot be used to restrain the wizard. Hermione said in one breath, and then loudly said very rudely, “I understand that you Goblin think you have been treated unfairly and cruelly, but this has nothing to do with Gryffindor’s sword. After Gryffindor, the owner of Hogwarts is the owner of the sword, and there is no need to return it even after his death.”

“This is just the rules of your wizard. You are always putting your greed on us step by step!” Of course, Griphook knows the rules of the wizard, but he couldn’t find a better reason but still stubbornly yelled, “That Cornelius Fudge” During his tenure as a minister, he planned to control Goblin’s gold reserves, and would use military force’without the slightest hesitation’ when necessary! This is what your wizard’s “The Quibbler” admits, and this is what your magazine says Yes! I remembered that the former Ministry of Magic Cornelius · Fudge had the nickname “Goblin killer.” According to the article, Fudge “always talked about the Goblins he killed.” The method used included throwing into the water. Drowned in it, pushed down from upstairs to death, poisoned to death, and baked into pies!”

Griphook said a few years ago that “The Quibbler” was an exaggerated conspiracy theory, but it was brought up again to make many angry wizards laugh and laugh, and it also made people realize that this book has never been who. The niche magazines I read have become the second only to “Daily Prophet” paper media not at all that takes too much time.

“Griphook! Calm down!” Nagnock noticed the change in atmosphere. He a little annoyed to stop his companion from taking an article that even Goblin knew was not very reliable. He said crafty, “Ministry of Magic’s management and control department of magical creatures happens to be there, and their Goblin liaison office is the department that handles this kind of property disputes between the wizards and Goblin… Although things are a bit troublesome, it is not without guidance in history. We at Goblin will give everything to maintain our own wealth…so I request that our claims be arbitrated in accordance with the usual practice in accordance with the law. I believe that the Ministry of Magic will not favor this because of the status of Harris headmaster…”

The surrounding Goblins were nodded and raised their fists. They looked towards Aaron and Hermione. Their gazes were angry and intent of fighting intent. Goblin was extremely clever. During the years of unsuccessful rebellions, they have been able to use various Means to effectively deal with the relationship with the wizard. Although many wizards still believe that they are subservient to themselves, Goblin has succeeded in gaining a place in the magic world… Now of course, Goblins know that this does not prevent the opening of Harris Wizard Bank, but since The door has been hit, and the other party wants to regain control of the magic world’s economy. Now when facing the powerful stares of Aaron and those armed Auror, Goblin naturally understands that they can no longer directly betray the military force against the wizard. The government, but they are retaliatory, they will naturally find trouble for the other side in these aspects.

“Everyone, please stop arguing… I have a question…” Aaron habitually put his hands on his back and let the staff stand on the ground. The vegetable bag hanging on the head of the sword devil shook with its movements but couldn’t get the staff. Was shaken, “Mr. Nagnock, if I did not understand the error, according to Goblin’s rules and customs, the person who bought the item from Goblin should return the original to the original Goblin after death, right?”

“Yes, that’s it. After you die, you should return things to us Goblin.” Nagnock looked at Aaron confusedly, but realized that the wind seemed to be beneficial to him, he did not hesitate and affirmed Aaron’s. statement.

“Then, Mr. Godric · Gryffindor is not dead…” Aaron’s playful eyes swept across the group of Goblins. “So what is the topic of our arguing here… This is what I just didn’t say when I was puzzled. The reason…because the current situation, regardless of the custom of either side of us, there should be no disputes…”

The wizards, both live and watching the live broadcast, lost their voices in an instant. They had seen the news of the Ravenclaw Manifestation, and now Gryffindor is still alive. They can hardly believe their ears, which is shocking. .

The Goblins stared at Aaron in disbelief, shaking their round heads much larger than normal humans, and they couldn’t believe Aaron’s words.

“Lie!” Griphook was flustered and exasperated. “Who can live like this…” He seemed to think of Ravenclaw and shook his head for another reason. “I clearly remember your wizard’s own report at the end of Hogwarts in the first half of the year, you admit That Gryffindor transferred all the power of the founder to you, how could it be alive?!”

“Mr. Gryffindor did transfer the ownership to me, but what does it have to do with whether he is alive? Of course, it is not convenient for me to disclose the whereabouts and status of Mr. Gryffindor without his permission…” Aaron looked indifferently at these suspicious Goblins. We swept over them, and he said indifferently: “Since you don’t believe me, use your own methods to divination… If you are not good at this aspect, I believe that there will be enough funds to invite fortune-tellers with innate talent… From the letter to judge whether what I’m describing is true… You Goblin has your own magic system, or you can use some magic without wand… I think you can easily check this on this wealth-related matter.”

The Goblins were as if their throats were strangled by invisible hands, each and everyone blushed, the originally angry Griphook, not knowing what to do looked towards their president Nagno in amazement K, but saw that his president’s two long hands were already tightly clasped together, and his mouth was closed without a word. Obviously, there was no way to refute Aaron.

“So, judging from the current situation, the creator of the Gryffindor sword has passed away, and the user is still alive in the world. How should this situation be counted according to the customs you requested?” Aaron sneered. “In addition, I have to remind you that I am not at all planning to rely on Mr. Gryffindor to be alive. My attitude will only be based on the laws of the wizards.”

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