Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1133

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Bok’s mansion, in this manor’s extraordinary living room, Herbert Bok sits in a wheelchair facing the fireplace, welcoming the arrival of these pure-blooded wizards. Through the live TV broadcast, he already understands the matter. After passing, the pure-blooded wizards who went to the wizard bank will start a new gathering here after they leave Harris Bank collectively.

“Master… Just now Aaron Harris…” Al Fred lowered his head, but did not dare to lower his voice, lest Herbert could not hear him clearly.

Herbert raised his loose-skinned hand, and Al Fred stopped talking immediately, and his old voice sounded: “I have seen the process of your negotiations. Just like I predicted before, I told you they It’s not easy to compromise like this…so we must implement the collective closure plan that we previously agreed upon as soon as possible, otherwise our status and interests in Magic Circle will be infringed…The Bock family is willing to set an example and set Knockturn Alley and The shops in Hogsmeade are closed.”

The room was silent, and some pure-blooded wizards of small families looked down at the red brick floor embarrassedly. They thought they were threatening Harris and Ministry of Magic with cessation of business. Didn’t expect it would actually be implemented.

“This… Mr. Bok, the Bok family, as the most powerful family among us… can take the lead as an exemplary performance, and is the leader among us. It’s just…” Anite Bobin touched his turquoise gemstone ring in his heart. Embarrassed, she said cautiously, “It seems that closing all the shops like this…Compared with the results that can be obtained, this does not seem to be cost-effective. Maybe we should discuss some more effective methods? Today, Harris also provokes those Goblins. Maybe we can contact them first?”

Al-Fredder considers the recent situation of the Pobin family, but understands her thoughts. Under the umbrella run of the Harris family’s pharmaceutical fortune, the Pobin family, which is dominated by potion business, is among the first to suffer. When it comes to the impact, it is also the most affected-if this declining family completely shuts down the industry, then the few orders they now rely on previously signed contracts and favors will not be able to keep.

With the lead of Pobin, other pure-blood families, which are no longer as good as the ancient scenery, also expressed difficulties in closing their businesses.

“This is the end, we have no retreat. You have also seen Harris and their attitude…” Ben Bosd said loudly angrily, his hu hu chin trembling as he waved his arm, “Mr. Bock began I originally planned to close the store directly without giving Harris time to react. It is because you want to threaten first and stop imagining it. We have no way out.”

“Ben, you have to understand… I think that in addition to closing the business, our leading families also need to give our allies some appropriate additional help… such as the issue of liquidated damages after the contract has been closed…” Herbert’s finger was on him My wheelchair’s handle flicked and made a little concession, and the unsatisfied people finally made the room quiet. They only heard the sound of the clock on the shelf next to the fireplace moving needles, “The situation is clear now. Now, after Floating Void City, Harris has no intention of hiding it at all. He not only wants to replace Britain’s old forces… his ambition is not only that…”

The old voice was very gentle, and the wizards in the living room listened quietly.

“Al Fred, make a business closure plan so that the ordinary person understands that this war is not a matter of no concern to oneself… In addition, let Bo Jin strengthen his support for you know who, and don’t stop funding him just because he failed. , This is a good thing for us. It can help the half-blood Demon King to clear his mind. He also needs us if he wants to defeat Harris…” Herbert told Steward with a little effort, “So Bo Bin Young Lady’s story on Goblin is correct… Contact these short things, they hope Harris bad luck more than us… These Goblins will not really dare to launch a violent rebellion. They are smart and can judge each other. The balance of power… at least they won’t be able to see the possibility of winning…” He seemed to have exhausted too much energy and leaned back on his chair. “But whether at home or abroad, these guys control most of the wizard world’s economy. We temporarily close the business and want to make Harris financially troublesome, so with their cooperation, twice the results for half the effort…”

“Master, you should go to rest…” Alfred walked to Herbert’s side, pushed his wheelchair and left the Conference Hall after getting the consent of the other party. He didn’t get to his master’s ear until he got out of this small hall. “Master, the radical wizard organization in the U.S. that has developed rapidly…it is the organization of the young wizards who are also dissatisfied with the rise of Britain and Harris. Some time ago, they have been trying to contact us. When I came back, I found that after watching today’s live broadcast, they invited us again… It seems that there are some plans to seek our support. They revealed that they seem to want to take advantage of this year’s duel tournament…”

Herbert Bock’s eyes flashed in the wheelchair, and he couldn’t see the fatigue just now. He sat up straight and tapped the armrest of the wheelchair with his fingers for a while. He didn’t speak, but just clicked his chin to his steward. .

At this time, the Harris Lake Manor is different from the undercurrent of the Wizarding World, which caused the shock due to the announcement of the Harris Bank. The tension and heated discussions are completely invisible here-except in the confrontation between the Harris mother and daughter.

In the living room, Emily is resting on the sofa with a light green blanket. On the coffee table in front of her, there is a cup of steaming potion. Morgan Lefleux is sitting next to her, looking a little helpless. With a bitter expression on her daughter, she resolutely refused to drink the medicine.

“Mother, this medicine is too awful! I have to smoke in my ears for a long time after I drink it. Anyway, my illness is not serious… I really don’t want to take medicine… And Aaron is already preparing me some food, I take it It will be better after the meal, no medicine is needed.” Emily pouted, the sick little girl is more willful than ever.

“Emily, if you don’t want to drink potion, do you want to try the muggle medicine? It’s just that you swallow the pill with water and you can’t taste anything, so you can drink it…” Hermione stared at the situation and said, then she looked towards Morgan again Lefleux’s big belly moved and stopped for a while, and finally opened again, “Morgan Lefleux, although we have taken potion for strengthening physique, since Emily can catch a cold…you better be careful in your current state, we don’t know this. Is the cold contagious…”

Emily, who did not register for the muggle research course, did not know much about muggle’s medical technology. She shook her head in fear; and Morgan Lefleux’s expression was also a little surprised for a while, and she didn’t remember how to respond to this nagging concern. , She hasn’t been nagging for many years, and she is usually better at nagging others…

“Hermione, you are more mother than my mother…” Daisy, who looked at her being trained, couldn’t help but feel a little funny, but she still felt a little intolerable at Hermione’s focus. “Hermione, you are more mother than my mother…you I should learn from Penelope to see if Aaron will poison us… I have not seen him cook a meal after I have lived so long… It’s not easy for me to live so long… Help me see…”

Speaking of Daisy, she pointed to Hermione from time to time and looked towards the direction of the kitchen where the sound of running water and the sound of cutting vegetables were heard, while Penelope was originally sitting on the other side of the sofa near the kitchen. At this time, people had moved outside the kitchen door-of course she At the beginning, he followed Aaron into the kitchen instead of putting Emily or TV programs like everyone else.

“Penelope! Aaron said he doesn’t want us to help. He plans to do it himself this time…” Hermione looked at Penelope and reminded him solemnly.

But this seemed to give Penelope enough reason. Her red lips were raised and she glanced at Hermione triumphantly. “Aaron bought too many dishes. It’s okay for me to beat him. Didn’t he call Maggie in?”

After speaking, Penelope tucked her hair behind her ears, rolled up her sleeves and reached out to the wooden kitchen door with refined relief.

Hermione’s front teeth, which had been shrunk to a normal size, still kept the habit of her childhood. She bit her lip. She couldn’t use her own cooking skills. She could only look at the other side with a little anger outside and enter openly. kitchen.

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