Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1134

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Harris’ kitchen on the island manor in the heart of the lake, because of the design of the portrait of Helga Hufflepuff hanging here, although she was also driven by Aaron to those frames in the living room that could not be left in the kitchen.

It looks a bit similar to the kitchen in Hogwarts. This is a large room with a high ceiling. The area is larger than a dinning hall. There are many Winky luminous copper pots and basins piled on the surrounding stone walls. The original Hogwarts The food storage cabinets in the kitchen that had been cursed to keep fresh were completely gone.

Instead, those locations are full of beautiful, diamond-like flashing jumping rays of light. On the walls are some clocks and watches. They are of different sizes. There are grandfather clocks and travel clocks, a kind of rapid and endless ticking. The sound fills this corner, like the tidy footsteps marching in fine lines of 1000 to 10000, the bright diamond-like jumping rays of light from the bell-shaped crystal glass covers in front of these clocks. Inside the covers Planting ingredients, and constantly changing its growth pattern-the cut lamb changes its meat quality in this time zone. Although this does not make it resurrect from a piece of meat to a sheep, it also allows it to grow from lamb to old. The mutton went round and round again and 10000 things returned.

In addition to the traditional large fireplace and oven on the other side, Hufflepuff, which has accepted modern cooking skills, also has a lot of modern kitchenware installed here—many of which are still experimental products developed by umbrellas that have been transformed into muggle kitchenware wizards. They are not yet on the market, but a few trial works are given priority to the company’s Big Boss experience.

But Aaron, who has been in the kitchen for a while, still doesn’t use them at all. In fact, he didn’t know how to cook until he was cooking. It takes a lot of practice to make good food-but fortunately he is self-aware. Today, it is not complicated to choose things. He himself is still fighting on the chopping board with the ball fish with two long legs and a spherical body.

Not at all Aaron who has practiced Blade Technique, although his cutting technique is not good, at least he has good knowledge in magic. He didn’t use any tools, and he stroked the fish body with his hands like healed fish. The colorful ball fish went mad, with long webbed feet and started to kick, and also tried to bite Aaron with his mouth, because the fish suddenly found himself in pain, and was stripped by the wizard in front of him. .

Maggie in a blue skirt followed Aaron. As Aaron’s little assistant, she was putting some old mushrooms into the bell-shaped crystal glass with the kind made by Luna that can protect from Time-Turner. Be tender.

Originally Black’s Kreacher was hiding behind the apron rack at the door, watching Aaron and Maggie’s every move with jealousy eyes. He moved his big ears that were itchy by the apron hanging down, whispering whispering. “The old Kreacher is much better than Little Brat. In the past, the hostess gave all the housework to Kreacher. Kreacher is the best… Oh, how can I let the owner do it myself… This is the shame of house elf! Look, let others understood What would you say…”

When Penelope walked into the kitchen, she heard the mumble sound under the shelf. She walked across gently, stretched out her long arms, reached a small floral apron, and then saw house elf hidden underneath.

Penelope was coldly snorted, stretched out his long legs and kicked Kreacher aside with strength without actually hurting the elderly elf-then Kreacher realized that his peeking behavior was discovered by the wicked witch who was born in muggle. , Knowing that the other party is not easy to provoke, he apologizes and prepares to go away, but his long nose and somewhat congested eyes are even less cute in the eyes of Penelope, who normally has a bad relationship with Kreacher.

Hearing the movement behind him and the sound of the other party rustling in an apron, Aaron suspended the fish in his hand so that it could not use it, then turned and looked over: “Penelope, are you hungry? Have to wait a bit longer. Wait.”

“Aaron, you have been busy for a long time,” Penelope looked at Aaron’s pale and slender hands with eyesight, and licked her lips with the tip of her tongue. She imagined some of the deliciousness that these hands could make, and then she shook her head firmly. Throwing those delicious dishes away from his mind, he raised a smiley face to Aaron and changed the tone, “You tell me how to do it, I’ll do it.”

“Don’t believe my craftsmanship?” Aaron laughed turned and walked over, “Then help me do some preparations, I’ll do the cooking later…otherwise the other people who call back will laugh at me, right?” Then Gently pressed Penelope’s shoulders, turned her around, and began to wear her apron.

Maggie, who had been silent at this time, waved to Aaron on the side of the glass cover. Aaron looked at each other with some confusion, and found that Maggie was using her gloved prosthesis to take the fattest one of the several colorful ball fish. Grabbed it, and looked at Aaron eagerly.

Aaron paused for a few seconds to understand the meaning of this loyal house elf. He smiled bitterly at Maggie nodded and found that the other party had put the fish away-she was planning to keep this fish for her pregnant mistress.

Penelope, who was wearing an apron by Aaron, lost Auror’s vigilance. She almost put her back on Aaron’s arms. She was very happy with this state and turned her head to look at Aaron and asked with a sharp voice: “Then Aaron, what should I do? Do? Is there a recipe? What kind of dishes?”

“Help me freeze the mutton use spell and cut some mutton slices. Remember the mutton soup you made last semester? This time it is also Cho Chang’s dish. The taste is different from last time… The recipe is in my mind… Huh? Don’t look at me like that, you know that Cedric and Cho Chang are getting married, right?!” Aaron looked at the change of female Auror’s expression somewhat helplessly. He twitched his hands between his chest and abdomen and the other’s back so that he could be in this way. Under the squeezing of the body and the body, I can continue to tie the apron belt, “I just went to Cho Chang’s parents’ house today and asked for some condiments. I only saw her parents…”

“I’m not…Aaron…” Penelope’s pale face started to flush again, “Morgan Lefleux is pregnant, pregnant women should be more afraid of these fishy things.”-Penelope and Rolan did not at all take what they had eaten that day The lamb came from Hog’s Head Aberforth’s lost pet. Tell the other family members.

“Huh?” Aaron was a little surprised to find that he hadn’t thought about it so much, and he asked a little uncertainly, “What about the fish? Can pregnant women eat it if it is colored ball fish?”

“Morgan Lefleux is okay, the colored ball fish has no fishy smell…” Penelope was a little confused because of the name, “What should I do with the fish?”

“I prepared 3 kinds of food today… I think it should be no problem to eat dairy products at ordinary times, but if the lamb mother doesn’t like to eat, then you have to prepare some other meat…” Although Aaron caught the other’s expression, he still With a natural face, he moved his hand away from the opponent’s back, “I’ll show you… Maggie, please help catch 2 of them.” Aaron asked house elf to bring the colored ball fish over, and then started to kick the ball fish in accordance with the law. The scales on the fish’s body were polished, and then the internal organs and so on of the fish were also transferred out of the fish’s belly. After quickly causing its death, it began to move with little by little carefully, “just this process. It’s a bit more troublesome. I wanted to ensure the integrity of the fish when removing the bones, so I didn’t cut them apart, so I used this stupid method.

“Chuck…” Penelope seemed to be ridiculed by Aaron’s actions. She wrapped one arm around her chest and touched her white chin with the other. She said with some contentment, “Look at Senior Sister, I have a more convenient one. The spell…Teach you a hand…The guy Lockhart used it to solve a lot of Death Eaters.”

Penelope didn’t wait for Aaron’s response. She started to do it after she said it. She neatly tied the remaining two long legs of the colorful ball fish around her body and knotted it. This guy who was kicking in Aaron’s hands before was like When Binding Curse is applied, they usually can’t move. “Merpeople will treat the puck fish as a scourge and tie its long legs into knots and let it drift along the water.” Then Penelope did the same as Aaron did before. The fish scales and internal organs were taken out in a way, but then she waved her fingers at the lost colored ball fish and shook, and shouted spell, “Fishbone repair.”

Under the action of magic, this poor Little Brat collapsed a little in an instant, and it lost all bones.

“Nice job! Senior Sister!” Aaron echoed to Penelope. He recalled how the other party cast a spell, “I remember this spell… Primordial was invented deliberately by Lockhart? This guy didn’t expect to hide it quite deep. Better than I thought…”

“No… he really couldn’t practice the healing spell at first… When I was teaching little Patricia, I heard her describe how powerful Lockhart is and so on… I asked the ghost to question…” Penelope raised aside Eyebrows, “It turns out that he made a mistake in his pronunciation and wand’s jitter when using this healing magic, but it is the same as Floating Incantation, which can summon a bison on his chest… This has changed to an attack spell… Although the formidable power is not It’s big but it’s very practical, and it’s okay to use it in cooking…”

“When the university is truly formalized in education, I think the newly invented curse will not be that many in accidents…” Aaron paused, “Well, I’m sorry for not talking about this, Penelope, then you will help me to put others Let’s take care of the colored ball fish, I just happen to make a copper pot…”

“Holly, what’s next? Is there anything else to deal with?” Penelope asked.

“I’ll do it alone. It’s rare to have such a thought, although the craftsmanship may be a little bit worse… But this is the first time I cook for you, and it makes more sense for me to personally…” Aaron said in a tone Unsurely explained to Penelope, then suddenly paused and exclaimed, “After processing the fish, please help me get the phonograph in the living room into the dinning hall. The taste is worse. I plan to add special effects and background. The way of music comes together… well, I mean extra points…”

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