Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1135

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While Aaron was trying to fight food in the kitchen, one after another, after the Ministry of Magic officially got off work, the living room became more and more lively.

The potion in front of Emily was no longer steaming. Penelope was fiddle with the gramophone in the living room. She drove the little bird snake hidden in the cabinet to Rolan’s side, and then placed a few pictures at random. After listening to the vinyl disc, she used the floating technique to move it to the dinning hall, but she turned her head and noticed that Hermione was looking at her, and her red lips raised her tone and said critically, “I also have one for my father study. Even better, I don’t have to move it around if I bring it here tomorrow.”

“Penelope, you love Aaron too much. How can you get a phonograph soundtrack for a meal… It’s too exaggerated.” Seeing the two arguing again, Daisy turned off the topic loudly, “Hermione, come here, you’re on TV. Your haircut today looks pretty.”

“Wolf’s mother helped me spray the smooth hair cream… the effect is very good, but it would be too troublesome to spray every day.” Hermione sat down next to Daisy to Penelope rolled the eyes without arguing with her, “4 eyes analysis Some ingredients came out. The quick-smoothing agent contains Barbados rubber, Asian Dragon hair and Vaseline. The umbrella will soon be better…” Hermione paused, “speaking of which this conditioner is still Harry’s grandfather Fremont ·Mr Potter’s invention. This best-selling product doubled the wealth of the Potter family. Fortunately, he sold the company with a huge profit after retirement. The buyer did not deal with us… But anyway, this matter is still Somewhat immoral…” (Author’s Note: The setting is from “Harry Potter Wizard Collection Edition”. The label above shows that this hair slip is actually produced in China.)

“I also changed this brand after I came to Britain. This hair slipper is suitable for all hair types. It is particularly effective for thick and tousled hair. It can make them smooth and shiny… However, the label still clearly warns people with red hair. Do not use this potion, otherwise it will cause a “unique effect”. The one that I often spend with Potter… The Weasley Family boys like sea cucumbers seem to be unusable. Hermione may consider fixing this defect in your new product. I found Britain Wizarding World There are a lot of these red ginger people.” Fleur held a cup of green tea with sugar cubes and fresh mint leaves, and took a sip elegantly. “Besides, Daisy, playing music during dinner is not tasteful? Played beautifully with an old phonograph. Music… Maybe Aaron should have gone to Beauxbatons to study…”

“Why Aaron hasn’t come out yet. This kid is cooking for the first time, is it possible that he messed up the kitchen…sorry out?” Seeing these two arguing again, he changed the subject loudly, “Penelope, you were How did he do when he entered? If not, Rolan, you’d better go to Three Broomsticks Inn and buy some ready-made broomsticks…”

“The kid Aaron just knocked on the door of my tree house. The purpose of knocking me out was to get me out!” Helga Hufflepuff grumbled in the portrait of the living room, “Rowena didn’t come today? Want me Say you have to keep an eye on… She and Aaron don’t have much truth in their mouths…”

“Don’t worry, Owen and Helga, I just went in and took a look. Aaron’s cooking should be relatively simple…” Penelope had directed the phonograph to float, hearing this she defended Aaron and changed the subject, “Yes, Victor sent a message before that the cowards who made trouble in the bank today seem to be gathered in the manor of the Bok family…”

Albert nodded earnestly: “Although Scrimgeour obeyed the order in public, he is in charge of patrolling Auror after all, and he is naturally oppressive to those ordinary armed Auror… During this period he and our armed Auror did not deal with each other and made trouble. …After today, it may be time to cast aside all considerations for face…I have to say that he is actually not a bad person, because he thinks he should do something, father, can’t we promote him to another position?”

“Auror’s office is still under the management of the Magic Department of Magical Law Enforcement, Albert. If he makes trouble, tell me that my position can still suppress him.” Rolan teased the snake in his pocket, “Just take some Difficulty. In addition to the pure-blood family’s residual power in Ministry of Magic, they will definitely try their best to prevent it, and ordinary wizards, and Dumbledore like Dumbledore, think that we are doing a thorough cleaning to control the Britain magic circle… No, at least for now. Not yet, the Floating Void City energy nuclear school has not really turned into our capital. We don’t need to consider those families, but we still have to take into account the reputation of ordinary wizards.”

“Hermione, temporarily put aside the plan to use energy nuclei to control undying creatures and Mr. Qiaoshou and other golems instead of manpower. Research can continue, but after today, many ordinary wizards will lose their jobs…We have to let them work. “Owen’s fingers habitually flicked on the sofa. “It’s better to let Arthur speed up. I will provide him with more free time in Ministry of Magic… Convert more muggle things into wizard products, and then Open more workshops on Floating Void City…Hermione, you don’t have to worry about temporary losses. It’s okay to cover up your umbrella. This kind of economic confrontation will eventually win when our own manufacturing becomes formal.”

“Aaron also told me similar things before.” Hermione’s eyes were bright and moist. She was very happy that Owen father and son could care about ordinary persons at this time. “He said that even if the warehouse can’t sell, the bank should expand production. It will also give priority to helping many wizard families to survive this economic winter.”

Owen satisfied nodded: “Very well, you have your own plan… after today, wait for them to criticize for a while, and then Aaron can show his other treasure in public…”

“Owen!” Morgan Lefleux didn’t care, but at this time she put her hands on her swollen belly and let out a louder roar, “Before you speak!”

“En? Ah!… I’m sorry I am not…” Ministry of Magic froze for 3 seconds and then responded that he opened a yellow voice. Before he could finish speaking, some laughter broke out at home.

Daisy laughed out loud and yelled, “Father, maybe Aaron can do this too? Then Aaron is even more famous in the whole world Wizarding World…and Fleur is going to do an interview!”

“Daisy!” Albert frantically yelled at the younger sister who he thought was too joking. Fleur couldn’t help but chased Daisy with her husband.

But at this time, the kitchen suddenly opened, drawing everyone’s attention.

Aaron is now a bit like the aunt on the Hogwarts train who is popular with all the students, pushing a large dining cart and walking out, neatly covered with each and everyone plates covered with silver lids of different sizes, let They can’t know what food Aaron actually made.

And Aaron was sitting on the plug of the dinning table, with a somewhat overconfident smile extending the hand, inviting them to come to the dinning hall to sit together-and a flash of fire in the dinning hall indicated that Anka had already sent in and sat in advance. On the tree-shaped phoenix-specific dinning table.

But Harris was still surprised. Seeing that many hemispherical lids were placed on the cart, Daisy’s mouth grew in surprise: “My younger brother, how can you cook so many dishes?”

“In such a short period of time? Did you ask Maggie to help?” Morgan Lefleux clutched her belly, her expression was similar to that of her eldest daughter, she hadn’t noticed the innate talent in her child at all before.

Hermione’s expression was also stunned. She was originally full of joy and expectation to be able to eat the food Aaron made. She used to think that Aaron and herself would not cook, and it was because he was a top student because of putting energy This is the case for more important things such as learning, but now seeing so many lids, it gave her a fatal blow and made her realize that people are different. Under the extreme innate talent, Aaron is in the kitchen. Art also has too much innate talent than her.

“Remember to write me a recipe.” Helga knocked in the portrait and caught Aaron’s attention. “When the time comes, I will show Merlin and Odegar in the tree house. The muggle recruiter liking Very good… and, why didn’t I see Rowena and Helena? You quarreled? Why didn’t you even come over to eat?”

“Of course not, Luna recently…have some of her problems, you know her current state…Helena is with her, don’t worry about Helga, I have already sent them a copy…” Aaron tried to imply Luna’s identity as a false god Misleading others, “Of course it’s okay to write a recipe, Helga, in fact, I’ve already prepared it in there, and Kreacher will read it to you later, sorry, I just didn’t want you to spoil the mothers what I’m doing…” he I found that my family’s expressions were a bit exaggerated, so I hurried to clarify, “Also, don’t look at so many dishes, but in reality, most of them are side dishes that’s all. It’s a bit like the mutton soup that Penelope made for us last year… Actually, I even made it. Three dishes, one of which is just dessert…but I tried it in the kitchen and it should still meet your taste…especially Emily.”

Emily, who was excited when she heard the sweets, was also energetic. She stood up from the sofa and cheered to Aaron: “I said when I was a kid, Aaron, you are the best!”

However, unlike the curiosity and appetite aroused by most people at this time, Rolan’s expression on Hog’s Head before here is not very good. Thinking of Anna III who made Aberforth weeping bitter tears, Rolan, who was unprepared He kept retching for a while, but he was forced to press it down; Penelope heard Helga and Aaron talking about Luna, which made her taste a little bit. As for the female Bookworm Hermione, she was still in a position where she thought she and Aaron were both The culinary study dregs suddenly found that only he was hit-this made the three wizards somewhat muddleheaded and followed others into the more traditional dinning hall.

However, in front of the cart, Aaron was a little pleased to see Luna’s explanation confuse, he waved his arms confidently, all the lids and the dinner plate floated in the air under the action of brilliant Floating Incantation, and landed accurately in the dinning hall. On the mahogany long dinning table inside, only a few hoods with dipping ingredients are still on the cart.

Seeing Aaron’s confident appearance, Harris leaned forward expectantly, leaning close to the lid of a dish facing him on the table, Aaron turned his head confidently and nodded to Maggie, who was already floating beside the gramophone. Maggie usually moved the stylus on the phonograph to the vinyl disc above. The dinning hall sounded very magnificent music, with a strong ancient charm, and brought out the feeling of grand scene. (Author’s note: The BGM of this chapter is the classic song “ten thousand li の Great Wall” written by Michihiko Ota in the cartoon “China Little Home”.)

Then, all the lids flew up in the air under the control of Aaron. Instantly dazzling golden rays of light burst out from these silver dinner plates. The clusters of golden light gathered upwards like a fast shuttle of light, and finally became A huge circular beam of light touched the ceiling and spread out, and then the whole room was enveloped by the strong light. (Author’s Note: The Illusion Technique here is the special effect of the cartoon “The Little Master of China” when the little head opened the golden fried rice at the beginning.)

“Ah! I’m blind!” Owen and his sons wailed, covering their eyes.

“My eyes!” Morgan Lefleux and the girls instantly flushed with tears.

“Cack!” Phoenix Anka fell directly from its dinning table. The rays of light, which were much more dazzling than its flame, made it cover its bird face with its wings before falling to the ground.

The music from the gramophone also stopped-house elf Maggie had just set her up under the bright light temporarily blind.

“Don’t panic! Sorry!” Aaron himself was flashed a little dizzy, “I have used Illusion Technique to add too many special effects! I only tested the effect of a single plate, didn’t expect so many to gather together into a muggle flash bomb…. “

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