Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1136

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In the Chamber of Secrets of Harris Temple, the windows are already open, and the curtains fly up and down continuously under the blowing of the night wind.

On the desk in the room, apart from a few uncovered plates, the middle one is a copper pot with a special shape. A structure similar to a chimney emerges in the middle, and there is some burning inside. The reddish charcoal makes the domestic steam around the chimney steaming with smoke, and also makes the whole room filled with sweetness and meaty aroma.

“Gudong Gudong” in the boiling soup, slightly yellow sauerkraut floated up and down.

The Ravenclaw family of three are sitting around this square table, eating well.

At this time, Luna was holding the lamb plate, turned the bottom of the plate upside down, and saw the lamb clinging to the plate, and there was no sign of falling: “Is it good lamb if it doesn’t fall?”

“And my good knifeman~” Aaron saw Luna, who has no appetite, happily eat. “Cho Chang’s parents don’t have this stuff. I used mother pickled German sauerkraut instead, but the taste should be the same. Look at father before. When eating roast pork knuckle, he said that the taste of this jar of pickling is better than ever.”

“I helped my grandma when picking sauerkraut.” Helena used a silver spoon to maintain the medieval court etiquette. After taking a sip of the soup, she wiped the corners of her mouth with a napkin gracefully, her tone very proud,” Grandma said if it was autumn and winter The cabbage is firmer, and it’s a bit softer this season, otherwise it will be crispier.”

“Helena did it? You have been very proficient in switching status recently…” Aaron praised her as a father when she looked at her daughter. “What did you do to introduce your father and mother.”

“Father, it’s cumin and salt. Grandma added a little buttermilk to help ferment.” Helena was a little pleased to see that father asked as she wished. “Then put the whole cabbage leaves on the sauerkraut pottery. At the bottom of the altar, grandma said that she didn’t ask why she did it just to keep the tradition. Then she spread the thinly sliced ​​cabbage, then added salt and cumin and rubbed the salt into the cabbage by hand until the dish Until the surface of the leaf is damaged…so the water in the vegetable will be decomposed…” Helena looked at Aaron and said seriously, “Then repeat the process until the pickles are filled and the cabbage is pressed on top with 2 stones to seep out. Finally, put a lid on the raised side of the altar and the lid to isolate the air inside and outside… 2 weeks in summer is enough to marinate, but it seems to take 3 weeks in summer?” (Author’s note: find After studying the production process of German sauerkraut, I found that it is similar to Northeast sauerkraut, no wonder it tastes the same.)

“You are much better than father when you go to school.” Aaron saw her daughter say so much that she was waiting to be praised, “I said why this sauerkraut copper hot pot is so delicious today, I just put things in to cook. Once cooked, it is your credit for being so delicious.”

“It sounds a bit laborious…” Luna looked at Aaron and Helena interacting, and she seemed to have some emulation. She also decided to teach her daughter as a mother. “Helena, if you don’t want to do it, remember to miss it a few times. …”

“I like to cook with grandma, mother.” Helena nodded, “but, I used this excuse to leave when Miss Clearwater was there.”

“Luna! Do you usually deal with me like this? And… uh…” Aaron hearing this somewhat awkwardly tried to use rhetorical questions to divert the topic of her daughter, but got stuck in a sentence. He added special effects to Harris dinning hall. Too much, the fact that a bunch of people were temporarily blinded was passed from Avatar change, and he said in a somewhat guilty tone: “I won’t go back today, just sleep here… I have caused some trouble over there. Aunt Josephine and her cloak bat had blown hair.”

“Auntie doesn’t like father’s dishes? I thought she would like black pudding…” Helena pointed out that the pot was actually a sausage made from animal blood, meat, fat, oats and bread. Like pig blood?”

Luna had her hair tucked behind her ears, her mouth moved forward, and she took a sip of the sauerkraut soup with gu lu. She sighed, raised her head, and wiped the hot sweat from her forehead, “Tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, and the day after tomorrow. This one.”

“No, I asked the doctor Michela before. It’s really appetizing, but you can’t eat more. The salt content is too high for a god.” Aaron joked and fished a piece of black pudding with a colander. When I got up, I dipped the tea with a fork and dipped a bite of mashed garlic, blew the heat, put it on Luna’s plate, and gave another piece to the eager daughter.

“The black pudding is not tasty.” Luna returned the bite of the black pudding fork to Aaron, and then she lifted the lid of the remaining plate on the table. “There are also colored ball fish? Not bad.”

The bottom of this dish is soy sauce-colored soup. The ball-like fish body was lightly scratched by Aaron at the original line of the fish. Now it has been steamed and the flowers are popped and look very fresh. With seasonings such as ginger, green onions, and chili rings, it looks red, green and white, and the color is very appetizing.

“I used Emily’s cold as an excuse to make this meal for you today. Of course there will be colored ball fish.” Aaron raised his eyebrows proudly. “I only steamed 70% of the time. Cho Chang’s mother taught me a steamed fish. The main points of this are: the fire is big, the water is rich, the gas is enough… the high temperature quickly inhibits the loss of the juice in the fish and locks the umami taste. The soy sauce I asked for was also preheated in advance to prevent the cold soy sauce from cooling the fish. Temperature… Maggie also deserves to be praised, this fish is because she played a careful eye and left you the fattest fish.”

“Helga taught me that when the fresh eyes are ready, the eyes will be a little convex.” Luna stared at her convex eyes and looked at the convex eyes of the colorful ball fish, then put her fork to the colorful ball fish’s chin and dug out. Some crescent meat, the white tender fish trembling on her fork.

“Father, it’s a pity that there is no Gulping Plimpy anymore. At that time, Helga could only get one occasionally…she would send it to us.” Helena picked up a common fork that was not used by the two parents beside the plate and divided it. I put a large piece of fish maw on Aaron’s plate, “father, you eat this piece…I don’t need nutrition now, and I don’t think it tastes too much for this kind of non-savoury dishes… The fish maw is fatty and delicate. Mother every time Eat chin meat and give me fish maw…”

“It doesn’t matter Helena, I prepared some spicy sauce dipping for you, and you can still feel the soft and tender taste.” Aaron dialed the fish’s belly back to the child, and passed the dipping sauce prepared for her from the plate. Finally, he touched Helena’s hair, “Father will do something heavy for you next time.”

“Thank you father!” Helena didn’t refuse. She enjoyed the moment of having a family of three. This was the thing she was most jealous of other young wizards when she was a child.

After seeing Helena eating fish with a fork, Aaron turned her head and glared at Luna. A vague voice sounded in her heart: “I heard that the ancient kidnappers would starve the kidnapped child for 3 days, and then do it for him. For a fish, if he first eats the meat on the back of the fish and picks a large piece to eat, it is a child of a poor family and puts it directly or slaughtered it; if the child comes up and digs the fish’s belly, then this has to be deducted. Heaven asked him to let his bloodletter at home; but if the child comes up, he will switch to a fish chin, otherwise the child will not go bankrupt, he will definitely not be able to leave, because it shows that he is the most favored in the family…”

Luna didn’t stop eating, she just pushed forward her belly which was not protruding at all. This made Aaron lose her temper immediately, and she could only eat some fish back.

When the last family enjoyed the main course prepared by the host, Aaron unlocked the remaining lid and gave the mother and daughter a bowl of white flowers.

Feeling that the taste buds were quickly occupied by the softness and smoothness of milk, Luna looked towards Aaron vaguely, “New flavor pudding?”

“It’s also called double skin milk. The layer of milk you just picked up actually needs to be coagulated twice during production. The upper skin is sweet and the lower skin is smooth.” Aaron also picked up a bowl of double skin milk and sipped it. One mouthful, half-squinting his eyes with enjoyment, “I can’t find buffalo milk, so I can only use regular milk instead, so the color is a bit yellow. Fortunately, although the taste is not authentic and sweet, it is still reasonable…Huh? Huh… “Aaron put down the bowl in his hand, people are full of sorrow, “Luna, my Avatar is happy and the mother over there is worried about your situation. It’s no way for us to keep hiding like this…Helga is also suspicious today…”

“A day is counted as a day.” Luna lowered her unfocused eyes and focused on the dessert.

Aaron noticed Luna’s little action, and realized that Luna seemed to be somewhat guilty… But why did she have a guilty conscience? He suddenly became alert, and after a little thought, Aaron screamed at the pregnant object: “Luna! Do you want to drag your belly so that other people can’t beat you so that they only beat me?! !!!”

At hearing this, Luna turned her head away from Aaron at all-and just when Aaron was about to complain, her expression suddenly changed, “Wait, Aaron.”

“Don’t try to divert the subject!” Aaron thought of Mother’s thick feather duster, and the fear of pain made this Ravenclaw little eagle feel a little hairy.

“I have a hunch…” Luna’s shallow silver eyes turned to Aaron, with a piece of unerased double skin milk at the corner of her mouth, and her ethereal voice was slightly higher than in the past, “Invisibility Cloak is time to get it back, someone Focus on it.”

“Who is it?” Aaron blurted out after collecting all the playful expressions, “Death?”

“No, if it’s the real owner of Deathly Hallows, I can’t feel it…but don’t worry too much, I have a foreboding…” Luna leaned back on the chair and burped comfortably, “I have recently improved the divine force very quickly. In addition to knowledge, many businessmen also began to pray to me…In addition, my research on Elder Wand and Resurrection Stone gave me a destiny connection with this cloak. It should be only some mortal beings interested in it. Perhaps the name of Invisibility Cloak was mentioned too much, which gave me a hunch…”

“Then say… when we talk about them, won’t Death also perceive it?” Aaron expressed the worry in his heart, “I mean, he is at least a True God…”

“If he is willing to come to the mortal world, he can really feel it, but now he is in the underworld.” Luna continued to scoop up the double skin milk, “but he can still feel the creation of Death in the underworld after the change of ownership… afterwards he It should not be so leisurely and slow…Helena, don’t run around recently, just stay in the temple or at home.”

Helena just did not make a sound when her father questioned her mother and talked with him later. At this time, she responded after hearing the instructions: “Yes, mother.”

“Death can move better. It’s better than always worrying about us in the dark…” Aaron tapped his fingers on the table. “Invisibility Cloak…Dumbledore? It could also be Voldemort…Well, Tom wasn’t there some time ago. Looking for Elder Wand, he might have figured out something about Deathly Hallows… When Crouch Jr. pretended to be mad-eye, he knew that Harry had Invisibility Cloak, maybe Tom had heard from him…” Some said to himself After talking to himself, Aaron stood up and said, “You can go to bed after you eat, Helena, take care of your mother. I will go out now to avoid long nights and dreams… Well, I will go to the Gryffindor common room to get the things back and go. Ask Tom to teach him another lesson, it just happens that our economy is in recession recently…”

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