Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1137

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In the Moselle region of Germany, dense vines surround an avant-garde manor. The owner of this winery is a wizard from muggle. Obviously Voldemort led Death Eater to occupy this winery. Most of the owner’s family has died, only a few core family members are left, and they are controlled by Death Eater with Imperius Curse, making them show their faces from time to time to cover up the facts.

“Master, I will set up the Conference Hall.” Bellatrix’s excited voice sounded sharply. Even after the baby was born, the witch did not become more rounded. Being a mother not at all relieved the madness in her eyes. color,

“Bella, some people don’t need to have a place anymore.” Voldemort followed Bella’s tone and tilted his head slightly to one side. The Vikna’s eye bulged in the eye socket and stared at Bellatrix, the spider web around the eye socket. The general context of black blood vessels makes his face look even more terrifying. “Lucius once again brings us good news. Those pure-blood families finally realize who is worthy of allegiance.”

“Yes, the master always expects things like a god.” Bella hurried out excitedly with an expression of excitement and enthusiasm. The hem of Voldemort’s robe rolled, and he walked outside the door, Nagini crawling beside him.

Suddenly, in a quiet room in the corridor, the baby’s cry sounded. Voldemort stopped and pushed open the door of this Bellatrix room, his icy eyes fell on the unattended baby girl lying in her swaddle. .

“Ugly thing, why are you crying.” Voldemort’s low si si sound rang.

This is actually not ugly. It also inherited the beautiful baby girl from the mother before entering Azkaban and Tom Riddle when she was young. She stopped crying. Her pure blue eyes under her silver blue hair looked towards Voldemort, who appeared in the line of sight, revealing nothing. Tooth’s cute smile.

Facing such an unfamiliar expression, Voldemort slightly startled his snake face, and he stretched out the cradle with Vicner’s hand suddenly.

“You should be terrified of your father…” Although his voice is very soft, it is full of chills. Scarlet red’s eyes are fierce, and the snake-like pale face is twisted into an unprecedented horror face in front of his daughter. The icy breath was enough to make any Death Eater shiver kneel coldly on the ground, Voldemort let out a low, sent cold shivers down one’s spine howl from his throat.

Seeing all the changes in the master’s face, Nagini’s snake body quickly climbed upwards, climbing higher and higher, directly blocking Voldemort and the baby. Its body was as thick as a human’s thigh and it completely blocked the child. Nagini’s eyes didn’t blink, and his pupils were vertical, making a low and rapid si si sound.

“Nagini, that will make you weak…” Voldemort followed, but he slowed down the imposing manner, the official no longer distorted, he caressed the giant snake carelessly with his slender fingers, his eyes still looking at the snake. Know the scared baby.

The giant snake dangled obediently and lowered itself, allowing the baby girl to be completely exposed to Voldemort’s eyes again.

The baby girl’s gaze did not leave Voldemort’s body at all. When she just changed her face, her light brows frowned, seeming to be a little puzzled and scared, but after Voldemort’s face returned to normal, she showed it to Voldemort again. Innocent and cute smile, obviously she thought Voldemort was just playing with herself.

“I hate you…little monster…” Voldemort slowly raised his chin, looked at the baby snorted indifferently, and then took Nagini out of the room and closed the door, ignoring the baby who was crying inside.

The dinning hall of this winery is already full of silent Death Eaters. Some people of status are sitting next to the well-decorated long dinning table, while other commonly used furniture in the room has been pushed to the wall indiscriminately On the other hand, those dark wizards of low status can only stand around the periphery.

The door of the Conference Hall automatically opened to the second side with a heavy creaking sound. Voldemort’s leather boots stepped on the smooth marble brick. The sound broke the silence of the Conference Hall. Death Eaters stood up and bowed until Voldemort left. When they sat down at the top of the long table, they dared to take their seats.

The pupils in Voldemort’s original eyes were motionless, and the eye of Vicner that made his face more terrifying slowly swept across Death Eater present, no one dared to look at him.

“Dear Lucius.” Voldemort asked Lucius first, “Tell others what you just notified me.”

“Yes, the host…the pure-blood family headed by the Bock family in Britain magic circle sent people to contact us. They recognized the authority of the host…” Lucius spoke slowly, but the pronunciation of every word was very clear. “They are now planning a larger scale of closure protests against the Harris family. I have brought the resources that I promised to us before and promised to give us more support.”

“Those humble bastards, selfish and hypocritical beasts…” Bellatrix grinned, “It’s just that those stupid people blindly believe in Harris, and they can’t see these under his aura. Now they’ve only found out when they show their fangs. The ambition of these greedy Germans.”

The people at the long table watched Voldemort trembling with fear, and saw that he hadn’t responded to Bella’s scolding. Each and everyone agreed to scold Harris with the most vicious words he knew.

“What kind of asylum country is the son trying to use, in an attempt to use us to help them deal with their hostile forces…” Voldemort’s Victor’s hand suddenly closed, and there was a popping sound in the room, a stone sculpture The head was pinched into powder by invisible power, “Lucius, only Britain’s pure blood is not enough. Harris is now provoke enemies everywhere. You can contact them, contact those Goblin, contact those non-Harris asylum countries, tell them, let They support your master…Just wait for Rudolphs to dig things up, and that Floating Void City will be ours.”

Lucius bowed his head respectfully, and put a dark green pocket embroidered with peacocks around his waist to Voldemort with both hands respectfully: “Master, this is the first batch of supplies they provided, mainly gold Galleon…”

Voldemort moved the fingers of his Vecna’s hand, moved the pocket that had been subjected to the Non-marking Stretching Curse into his hand and tied it to his waist. After he had 2 Divine Items of Vecna, He clearly felt that his power was greatly enhanced by the blessing of this suit, and from it he also mastered more dark knowledge that he had never understood before-but after the Captain with Aaron before and the energy locked in the snow bottle, The arrogant he clearly realizes that he is not yet the opponent’s opponent, but the additional gains brought by equipping 2 Vecna ​​Divine Items at the same time makes Voldemort very confident that he can only collect the third one and combine other forces. Let him have the capital to stand on the same position with the other party again.

The sound of hurried footsteps sounded from the door. Several dark wizards walked in with their heads bowed and interrupted the conversation in the hall. One of them appeared to be taking the lead and bowed deeply to Voldemort. He has a German accent. “Master, we have news from the…Gregorovitch rod master…” He paused, almost begging, “We are a step late…There is no way to get him back. Just a few days ago, Gregorovitch master was in Dumbledore’s Escorted back to Britain, and then he went to Floating Void City…”

Voldemort’s wide-eyed Vecna’s eye suddenly released a continuous red blood vessel-like ray, rushing to this Small Captain swiftly and violently.

The little boss of a local wizard criminal group begging for mercy still remained on his face, and was instantly wrapped in layers of red silk thread into a red cocoon, and then “boom” broke apart, but it was not ushered in after the break new student, but death, eventually scattered into a gray dregs.

“We have discovered the whereabouts of the wand!!! Master is forgiving!!!” The Captain’s subordinates were frightened, but at this time they wisely understood that they should first talk about the effect achieved instead of explaining the reason for the failure. “We Infiltrate the home of Gregorovitch master! I have collected some information…understood the whereabouts of that thing.”

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