Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1138

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“Master! Elder Wand was taken away by Gellert · Grindelwald, not in Gregorovitch’s hands…” These shiver coldly subordinates almost all knelt on the ground after saying that, waiting for the Dark Lord to fall, but Voldemort did not speak. A bolder one quietly raised his eyes and took a peek at Voldemort. He immediately lowered his head as if being electrocuted. His voice was trembling and he dared not delay and continued, saying, “Grindelwald is being held in Nurmengard…but there should be no wand in his hands…”

With sharp eyes swept over these Death Eaters who were trembling with fear, Voldemort asked loudly towards the end of the table. Vicner’s eyes turned aside strangely, “How about it, Yaxley? By the 3rd of next week.” , Can I know the specifics of Nurmengard?”

Lucius Malfoy narrowed his eyes, his gaze fell on Yaxley with his chest puffed out, his cold pale gray eyes drooping without any emotional fluctuations.

“Master, I must figure out the situation.” Yaxley said, and he also glanced at Lucius, as if he was determined to get some rewards to increase his position in front of the Dark Lord. “We have confidence in this aspect. Nurmengard is not. Seems scarier than Azkaban.”

The Death Eaters did not dare to go out and lowered their heads, waiting for Voldemort’s orders.

“Apart from this, wealth shouldn’t be left in the warehouse again…” Voldemort turned his gaze to the slowly rotating crystal chandelier above his head. “Lucius, Bella, give me a plan tomorrow.”

Lucius quickly responded, “Yes, master…I will…”

“You all think about what you can do for the master?” Bellatrix shrieked scolded. As the mother of the Dark Lord’s daughter, she has the right to Life Source to make those dark wizards serve her.

For a while, no one spoke, no one dared to move, only the crystal chandelier on the ceiling still rotated tirelessly, and there seemed to be some rain sounds outside the window, but Dark Lord not at all reacted to Bella’s question. Death Eaters have the guts to speak.

“Those Centaur can’t be considered, but apart from the dangerous undead, Harris has domesticated a lot of giants as armed forces… Floating Void City has also built a new dragon farm, and that Rolan Harris can turn into a sacred leopard. …” Raba Stan Lestrange asked gruffly, “Bella, we need more magical creatures, and more Inferius as cannon fodder to hinder them… We need to rebuild a real base.”

“Floating Void City, those magic ships, and Dragon…” Since his elder brother Amikus Carlo died in The Burrow, he was turned into a blood eagle, and Alecto Carlo has become haggard and gloomy, and hatred has accumulated. Nianhe is tyrannical, chewing her heart from time to time, “If they turn on anti-Disapparation, we need a flying vehicle to send us up if we want to attack, broomstick, flying car, flying carpet, whatever it is.”

“Master, instead of letting these wastes continue to silence and delay more things, we should indeed let them all act.” Lucius lowered his head to ask for instructions. A long platinum hair hung behind him, and the rays of light from the chandelier shone on his hair. , Winky lighted up, “We still need more funds…”

“I remember… It seems that Harris first announced that it was France?” Voldemort’s pale, thin fingers swayed casually in the air, then stood up and walked back.

“Master! I’m going to look at these idiots, lest they mess up again.” Bellatrix licked her thin lips. Seeing that Voldemort had no objection, she was actually trying to relax her killing, pulling Laba bouncely. Stan went out with a few Death Eaters who knew him well.

One after another silhouette disappeared into the void, Voldemort’s leather boots rang in the room studded with marble, and Nagini crawled beside him. In this silent manor, the baby girl in the previous room heard the noise. The cry came again, and it was accompanied by some low and trembling calls.

The magic robe on Voldemort rolled, and he turned around after he had walked through the baby’s room. The sound became louder as he got closer.

When I walked into the room, I felt the irritable magic power coming from the direction of the crib. Voldemort’s pale face looked towards the baby girl. The baby girl had floated above the crib. She kept kicking her fatty legs and grabbing her hands on the crib. The edge allows myself to walk without floating.

A black bird with a sad look and a thin body. Its whole body is green and shiny, and it looks a bit like a malnourished little vulture. It flew in at some point and landed on a bed bell directly above the crib.

“I showed the innate talent at such a young age…” Voldemort raised his hairless skin that was originally at the eyebrows: “My innate talent…Is it trying to catch that…Bo bird?”

Voldemort recognized the little bird that had been stunned by the dangerous breath on him.

This kind of magical creature is native to Great Britain and Ireland, but sometimes you can see it in some places in Europe. It should have been very shy, nesting among thorns, eating large Insect and Fairy, and flying out only when it rains. Usually hide in its pear-shaped nest.

Wizards are avoiding Bo Bird’s nest, because they are afraid of hearing the heartbreaking sound, and believe that many wizards pass through the bushes and hear Bo Bird’s screaming, even though they don’t see it, they all have heartbroken. Illness, however, through the study of patients, it was finally shown that the bird only screamed when the heavy rain came. Since then, Bo Bird became a smash hit as a family weather forecaster, but many people later discovered that it almost never stops screaming in winter, which is unbearable. And the feathers of the bird can not be used as a quill, because they repel ink. Today, similar to the raven, this ugly bird, also called the Irish Phoenix, is still regarded as an unknown symbol by many superstitious wizards. The appearance of will often bring some unfortunate events to the wizard who hears its cry, and make people suffer.

“Oh, it seems that Delphi, the little monster, can’t hold on anymore.” Voldemort refocused his gaze on the baby. At this time, Delphi’s hands, which had no grip, were almost unable to hold on, and the whole person went to the ceiling. The direction shrugged.

Nagini the big snake bounced up, straightened up and leaped towards the crib, hovering himself directly into a ball, trying to use himself as a mat to catch the baby.

Later, under the effect of the magic power riot, Voldemort’s daughter Delphi flew into the sky. She was so frightened that she cried louder, her little hands scratched in the air, her whole body started to bump into the air like a bouncy ball— —But so far she has not been injured at all, because the invisible force bounced her back before her body actually touched the surface of other objects.

Nagini seemed to be frantic. It spit out snake letters, continuously trying to adjust its position and trying to grab her with his teeth while the opponent was bouncing down, but all ended in failure.

It lasted for a while, like a pair of invisible hands supported the little baby, and then steadily supported it back to the crib. The crib’s guardrail was also deformed into a prison, and Delphi completely Trapped in the crib, the little bird was turned into a birdcage by the bell at its feet and trapped in it.

Nagini leaned out his head and climbed higher and higher to straighten his body. Seeing the baby girl lying back in the crib safe and sound, he turned the snake’s face to Voldemort, and just looked at his unreleased arm.

“Why?” Voldemort asked without emotion, then turned around and was about to walk out of the baby room, but after Nagini was very humanely slumped and followed out of the room, a burst of flame appeared out of thin air The rays of light illuminated the faces of Voldemort and the snake.

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