Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1139

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Harris manor, dinning hall, under the magnificent lights, the dinning table is a mess.

Most of Harris who are full of food and drink have already left the room. Owen and Rolan have already left their seats and went to Study to exchange the Ministry of Magic work. Albert and Fleur have also left the dining table and returned to the room. There are 2 people in the world, portrait Helga and Josephine were also taken to the kitchen by Aaron Avatar before.

One of these three asked Kreacher to describe Aaron’s recipe to her. The other went to the kitchen to prepare some black pudding and then borrowed the stove and used floo powder to return to his home. The last Aaron Avatar waited for her aunt to leave. Let yourself dissipate again.

In the dinning hall, only a few slow-moving and liking big ones still stay here to eat, but the stacked cups and saucers are disordered and in a mess.

Daisy and Penelope are in liquidation. One of them is liking, and the other is not to waste the food that Aaron made.

Morgan Lefleux collapsed on the seat, sipping lemonade little by little to promote digestion. She said to Emily, who was still working hard to pull the food into her mouth, “Emily, don’t eat it if you can’t eat it.”

“No mother, I can eat some more. Aaron made it specially for me…” Emily happily returned to complied. Her hoarse voice was pitiful because of a cold, but after taking a few more mouthfuls, she was not very well liking due to illness. Emily doesn’t seem to be able to eat anymore, just use a fork to pull it there. At first, Emily, who is fond of sweets, ate up the double skin milk for herself. The sauerkraut is also appetizing, and she eats a lot. , But when it was the last turn of the colorful ball fish, she had no room for her small belly.

“It’s okay, Emily, I will eat it up and don’t waste it.” Penelope had been waiting for this time, she moved her chair directly in front of Emily, took her fork and drew the fish and fish Just put the sauce in her mouth-she didn’t want to waste this opportunity to eat the dishes Aaron made herself.

“Penelope, don’t eat what’s on her plate…” Hermione frowned and reached out to block Penelope’s fork. “She is still sick.”

“Leave me alone, I never get sick.” Penelope shrank back with the plate, and simply drove the fish into her mouth with a fork.

“Then I will clear the table.” Daisy picked up the steamed fish plate on the dinning table and swept it onto her plate. The appearance of her eating so fragrantly made Emily, who had already had a belly, regretted eating more. Put a few bites on the plate.

After a burst of fire, Aaron and Anka appeared in the dinning hall, and the witches who stayed in the dinning hall discovered that the bird who had eaten with them did not know when they had already ran out.

Aaron’s robe is still stuck with blood that I don’t know is his own or the enemy. At this time, his all-white hair is stained with a lot of dust, as if rolling on the ground. It is him that worries the ladies the most. The left cheek peeled off, and there were some dry and cracked dangling signs, like signs of dry spider webs-this phoenix was no problem, after it came in, it saw a table full of leftovers and clattered dissatisfiedly and moved towards Kitchen Fly I went in, ready to continue eating that was interrupted by Aaron’s call.

“Aaron, what are you…” The plate hit the table and made a crisp sound. Penelope got up from the seat rubbingly, and leaped to Aaron’s side with her long legs, exclaiming, “Who hurt you like this? …”

Hermione pushed aside the chair and walked over, her worried gaze fell on Aaron’s face, Daisy’s unoiled hand touched it. The pregnant Morgan Lefleux did not have the dexterity of Penelope and Hermione. She stood up with her stomach supported, and walked around the chair with Emily’s support and walked towards Aaron, her voice hurriedly, “It’s hurt like this, what are you doing?”

“Don’t worry, mother, he’s okay.” Daisy retracted his hand, slightly relaxed, and took out the tone of being a healer at St. Mungo’s Hospital. “This little bastard is okay. It’s just that he was ashamed as a child.”

Seeing the worried eyes of the witches falling on his cheeks, he quickly patted his cheeks, and the cracked dead skin fell off his face, revealing the pink new student skin inside.

“I’m fine, the scar on my face has already used the life force of those Death Eaters to replenish it.” Looking at the oxidized dead skin that fell, Aaron squeezed a smile in embarrassment. He thought he had been cured before. After this injury, but did not notice that the injured dead skin was still hanging on the face, it shocked the family.

Hermione reacted: “Death Eater? Aaron? Are you going to trouble Voldemort again?”

“Yes, this guy found 2 treasures, gained a lot of strength and gained some knowledge from them, he became a little crazier, and I don’t know why, Tom resisted so fiercely and resolutely this time…well, I caught his eyes a few times…” Aaron tried to relax the others, “but don’t worry, although he is a bit more dangerous than I thought… but he is not my opponent.”

Hermione pursed her lips with red eyes, and shook her head in disapproval: “Aaron, you are not Harry and Ron, don’t you often ridicule our Gryffindor for being too reckless? If something happens to you…just like the last curtain…what should we do? ?”

Teardrops on Emily’s long eyelashes blinked, and the little girl also seemed a little angry this time: “You let us go out with a guard, so why did you go to Voldemort by yourself? What you are going to do now can make your subordinates We did it for you. We recruited those people for these reasons? Why do we have to go alone…”

“Aaron, the safety of your life is always the first thing. You must first consider your own safety in everything you do.” Morgan Lefleux touched the soft hair of his little daughter and confirmed that Aaron was in no trouble. Her tone at this time was a bit harsh.

“That’s right, Aaron, remember the time you broke your head and the drapery when you played with a broomstick before entering school? How worried were we?” Daisy had some elder sister imposing manner at this time, “Beware that Albert understood will throw you down again… “

“Sorry, I was careless this time, I won’t be so hasty in the future…” Aaron was a little overwhelmed by the bombardment of a group of witches. He approached Morgan Lefleux and helped his mother to sit down on the sofa. “My injury has actually been taken advantage of. Tom’s life force is completely Reparo… I don’t think we need to tell the father about this, so that they don’t worry about it. You know, they were already burnt out by the recent events in Magic Circle…”

Morgan Lefleux looked at Aaron’s embarrassment, his heart softened, and he agreed: “Since Aaron is okay now, we really don’t need to mention it again, but if you have another…” Morgan Lefleux let go and stroked. A hand on his stomach moved towards Aaron and slapped the moon, “Helga taught me the little spell I am very good at.”

“I don’t dare anymore, mother! But you should also pay attention to your body…” Aaron felt that the matter could be resolved a lot, but he swallowed dryly after hearing Helga’s magic. —— Luna’s situation was understood by mother, and my Highness the Moon Department is estimated to be unpleasant… (Author’s Note: This split word is really the author’s happy character, and my note is only to make the Highness Moon Department appear 3 times! 10000 everything 3!)

“Then Aaron, why are you looking for Voldemort this time?” Daisy said this, watching Mother’s fan happily and learning how to come.

“Don’t fight…” Aaron took out the dark green pocket embroidered with peacocks, took off the waist bag he was carrying, and placed it on the coffee table. “This harvest is not bad…” Aaron pointed to Hermione’s hand. Said with a smile in his dark green pocket, jokingly, “That was just brought to Tom by Lucius, and it was filled with supplies from the pure-blood family to the Dark Lord… In addition, the pocket was part of the wealth they recently robbed in Europe. There are not many gold Galleons, and more need to be sold before they can be realized…Although I don’t really intend to sell them, I still have to thank Tom for his generosity…”

“Aaron, you are not short of money!!!” Emily saw that Aaron was only for some Gold Galleon adventures, and became angry. “You also warned me to be careful when selling things that are responsive to requests!!!”

“What? Emily, are you selling something from the responsive house?!!!” Hermione was a little bit unable to sit still as the president of the female student council.

Morgan Lefleux also lost his mind: “Emily, are you stealing things from your big brother school?!”

“How come I didn’t expect to earn pocket money like this when I was in school?” Daisy was very upset. “I didn’t have the conditions at home when I was studying, I was short of money!”

Emily was a little flustered when she said that she said that everyone’s attention had shifted from Aaron to her. She didn’t expect any good excuses for a while.

“Wait, I let Emily sell things. We are clearing the responsive house…” Aaron seized the opportunity by breaking the siege for the younger sister, and gave Emily a wave of favor, so that she didn’t have to fall into the kind of criticism that everyone just mentioned. At the point where he tried to avoid the seriousness, he misinterpreted, “Of course she did get some gold Galleon as pocket money… I didn’t tell my mother that you really shouldn’t… But let’s talk about business matters first.” Aaron said resolutely, “This pen Wealth is necessary because we should announce on the TV that I have brought back their wealth from the Dark Lord, to return them to the victims in Europe, and let things like art through divination and prediction as much as possible The previous owner returned to them…As for the gold Galleon, let these victims go to their own Ministry of Magic to issue a proof of property loss, and when the time comes, they will be compensated in proportion.”

Emily frowned and asked, “But Aaron, what if the Ministry of Magic issues a certificate for them in order to mess with us?”

“It was announced in advance that the Ravenclaw Temple and Umbrella will provide Legilimens master to distinguish the authenticity. Divination prophecy and Veritaserum are all within the means.” Aaron paused, “Of course…that is to say, everyone has to come to the wizard bank of Hogwarts…and I I don’t plan to compensate him in one installment…So Hermione, let the person from the umbrella come up with a detailed charter for you. Don’t when the time comes, we will recover the losses for them, but because of compensation The problem of proportion offends people…”

“Don’t want them, I’ll make a statistical decision by myself.” Hermione tied two seamless stretch pockets to her belt, and then went to Study to start planning-although eating full can make people lazy, but now these She felt that the plan to help others made her seem to be infused with potion.

Emily, who had just been caught, didn’t want to stay anymore. She took the opportunity to drive away. Daisy took the task of taking care of her angrily and helped her back to the room.

After the others left, Aaron noticed that Penelope had not made a sound for a long time while standing behind him. He turned his head and sneered dryly: “Penelope, don’t worry… I just carelessly…”

And Penelope just leaped on his back and hugged Aaron with her arms, resting her head on his back: “Aaron, sorry, I’m really useless…not as good as Luna or as Hermione…”

Only then did Aaron react. Penelope estimated that because Luna disappeared in the name of research and Hermione’s contribution to important matters such as the umbrella and the wizard bank was a little inferior, today she asked her to rob Tom alone, and Penelope realized that she had cited her. I am proud of my support for Aaron’s military force.

“Don’t talk nonsense, don’t think about Penelope.” Aaron grabbed Penelope’s hand with his backhand. “If you accompany me today, I won’t be hurt, right? It’s just that I have become a habit of bullying Tom by myself today, didn’t expect Honest people I will also resist that’s all…”

“Aaron, what is Luna doing lately?” Penelope didn’t let Aaron go and put her face on his back, muffled, a little unwilling to say, “I can’t read the scroll myself…”

“Penelope, she has something to do for the time being…you should just consolidate the learning step by step.” Aaron rolled his eyes after saying, “By the way, I just got news from Death Eater. They went again today. The French magic circle was robbed. It seems to be a response to our announcement that they are asylum countries, but it is too late to stop, but your red umbrella department also happened to use this as a reason to go to France for stationing, and then be Fleur’s compatriots We protect and assist…” Aaron said to Penelope pretentiously, “Look, this is not the time for you to perform, you just fell into a misunderstanding before, because Mrs. Britain feels that you are useless, how? How are your people trained? Is there a problem with ordinary Death Eaters?”

“Of course not! It’s okay to deal with Albert’s armed Auror and mine!” Penelope, as Aaron was willing to persuade and agitate her, said with a sharp voice, “I’ll order them to get ready!”

“Wait, Penelope, don’t go to France by yourself!” Aaron saw the witch and he recovered and warned repeatedly, “Don’t go by yourself, Tom has become more dangerous again, don’t take risks, let your people do if they meet Tom. Inform me…Uh, I mean we, when the time comes, we go together… Although I think he should know to condense after hitting him again today…” He paused, “There is one more thing, help me prepare one An Invisibility Cloak made of invisible animal fur…in fact, it’s one piece every year… Harry’s genuine piece was lost at school tonight. I have to compensate him a little, although this thing will cause the ebbing of time The invisibility effect is ineffective, but if one is given out every year, it will be enough for his kind of adventurous activities that just want to go to the campus at night…”

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