Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1140

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The next day, the content reported by the news media of Britain magic circle made the wizards not knowing what to do. Apart from multiple aspects, there was basically nothing worth celebrating.

Yesterday the threat of the pure-blood family has come true. Workshops and shops owned by families such as Bok, Bosd and Pobin have officially announced that due to the recent policy of Britain Ministry of Magic, they have begun to stop production and shut down all businesses.

The Goblins of Gringotts did not at all make any radical actions except for the protest yesterday. They only applied for 3rd-layer. Gringotts will not agree with the new currency system that Harris Wizard Bank may launch—although Goblins from other countries They also joined the condemnation and protests, but Gringotts not at all did some actions that closed down business and damaged their banking business, and did not give the Ministry of Magic a chance to find fault, let alone directly launch a rebellion like modern times. These cunning Goblins knew they could not If you mess up first, the other pure bloods that Harris provoke will take the lead.

And just as Goblin thought, the wizards who lost their jobs and the shopkeepers who had lost their business because of the embargo sanctions of other countries, gathered in some groups under the incitement of the pure-blood family behind the scenes. Protests started at the wizard gathering place, calling for the Ministry of Magic to change the status quo and provide them with compensation and resettlement. After the Death Eater group was dispatched to successfully rob the magic circle in France, Umbrella officially began to dispatch armed forces to assist the local government in peacekeeping. Regarding what can’t be considered, in fact, although these opponents can’t accuse not at all of sending Auror to participate in the Ministry of Magic, they still use human and financial resources to help the ocean on the other side of the umbrella under this economic hit. The country is still very criticized.

Regarding this, no one has stood up and responded to it, whether it is the Britain Ministry of Magic, the umbrella, or the Harris family.

At this time, in the new mansion on the island in the heart of Harris Lake.

“She is really sick, she looks more uncomfortable than me…” Emily’s fingers entangled Basilisk’s tail, her light blue eyes blinked gently, “I didn’t expect my cold will really be Infect others…”

On the sofa, a thin golden and red blanket covered most of Witch’s body. Under the action of potion, her ears continuously emitted white smoke, like a boiling teapot, constantly emitting steam. The white mist covered her cheeks. Witch was lying on the sofa, with fluffy brown hair scattered on the armrests of the sofa, extend the hand took out the tissues aside, and blew his nose heavily.

Hermione clenched the tissue blankly and watched the TV blankly. She felt her face burnt and she was so stupefied that she didn’t want to talk-this was really bad luck, she thought it was too unfair… she was neither close I haven’t eaten the food she has eaten since I have been in contact with Emily, and pay attention to hygiene everywhere, but it is not others who are attracted to her, but herself who constantly reminds others to pay attention.

ding dong ding dong, the sound of teaspoon hitting teacup sounded.

Hermione couldn’t help swallowing her saliva. When she turned her head, she saw Penelope walked out of the kitchen with a saucer in her hand. There was a cup on it. The teaspoon was still shaking inside to let the milk and tea fragrances come out. Very tempting.

“Is that black tea?” Hermione was hopeful.

Penelope raised Cup to Hermione, and replied briefly: “Yes.”

In Hermione’s eager gaze, Penelope handed the tea cup to her mouth, lightly took a sip, and sighed comfortably after drinking, “Because you have a cold, I added some ginger juice to prevent it.”

Hermione’s eyes were sullen, and her face rolled to the other side.

“Our family of 5 members counts on my salary alone… Our lives are tight, we have no savings at all, and now we don’t even have a job… wu wu…” The wizard on TV whimpered sadly. The cry of witch caught the attention of the witches.

“Yesterday you warned me…” Penelope stood with her arms on one side. “Hermione, you are really sick. We did not respond. It seems that what Aaron explained to you will be over in a while. No, I will bring some people to the scene to see the situation.”

Penelope put the cup aside and tidyed up her coat to see if she was about to go out.

“Wait Penelope, I’ll go with you.” Emily wrapped her little Basilisk around her wrist and was about to follow it.

“Don’t go! Owen came to Study last night and told me that there is no need to announce the details and subsidy measures for the time being. They think that we should wait for this matter to ferment for a while and arouse greater public opinion and attention.” Hermione rubbed his clogged nose. , In a low, muffled voice, pleaded for herself, then she muffled and said, “Emily, are you sick too? You should stay home to avoid getting worse.”

Emily sniffed back on purpose, coughed, and cleared his throat and said, “Hermione, I’m almost done, see?”

“Emily, your illness is cured, and you should go back to Hogwarts to go to class.” Hermione raised her head on the sofa and told Emily.

Emily sniffed back deliberately, coughed, and cleared her throat and said, “Hermione, I’m not all well yet, see?”

“Emily’s body is not so delicate, so she won’t even be able to stand the wind…” Penelope gave up the plan to go out when they saw that they had a plan, but there was a bit of mockery and taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune in her tone.

Hermione had to temporarily give up her role as the chairperson of the Hogwarts Girls’ Student Union. She grabbed the thin blanket and patted her on her body, “Kreacher and they?”

“Morgan Lefleux, they had a good meal last night, and the house elfs went out to prepare the same meal today.” Penelope said, deliberately taking another sip and making a comfortable smack.

Hermione, who was provoked by another 3, became annoyed: “Sorry! Didn’t you find out that I am half-deadly ill now?”

Emily tilted her head pretendingly: “Hermione, do you need me to inform Aaron and let him come back to take care of you?”


“No need to…”

Penelope and Hermione stopped talking almost indiscriminately.

“I mean, Aaron is busy enough. He was hurt a little bit yesterday. Let’s not let him get distracted by small things like a cold… I…” Feeling the secretion coming out of his nose, Hermione She stopped talking and quickly pulled a tissue to hold her nose, but her gaze rolled dissatisfiedly on Penelope who had also made a noise just now.

“Isn’t it enough to give you potion? Okay… Okay…” Penelope seemed to have weighed and compromised, “I’ll get you another cup…”

But at this time, the sound of the kitchen door being pushed and pulled, Luna touched his stomach, and walked out of the kitchen with the other hand supporting the wall. Seeing Hermione and the others, they burped a milky scent.

“Luna, long time no see.” Emily saw that Luna was eating too much in the kitchen and couldn’t help but remind him, “You have to pay attention to your figure. Some time ago, if you liked muggle, just let You have grown a lot… seem to have eaten too much recently? You seem to have gained weight again…”

“En? Why didn’t I see you when I was making tea in the kitchen? Also, what have you been studying in the temple lately?” Penelope looked up and down Luna, her tone a little polite, “You don’t look like Aaron now. What kind of hard research are you doing… What are you doing to benefit the magic circle… There is still time to come back to steal food, and dare you to say that you are usually very busy?”

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