Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1141

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Ignoring Penelope and Emily’s question, Luna’s raised silver eyes fell on Hermione, who was lying on the sofa with a weak look. Luckily, Luna’s expression always looked surprised: “Hermione, I can take care of her.”

Hermione’s expression also eased, and she finally didn’t have to deal with one big and one small villain when she was sick.

“You need Gurdyroot Infusion…” Luna said in a daze, staring at Hermione as if she didn’t need to blink her eyes. “It used to block the Gulping Plimpy. It was a bit spicy. You can use it.”

“It’s great…but don’t bother, Luna, you can do it yourself if you have anything…” Hermione shook her head slightly with a strong nasal voice, and her tone was firm-thinking of the smell of Luna’s Gurdyroot Infusion With the big onion-like taste, Hermione feels that she has no more liking. Just now because of the ease of being taken care of by someone, she realized that letting Gurdyroot Infusion treat a cold and let Luna take care of herself is better than staying with Penelope Where to go.

“Move over.” Luna’s protruding eyes met Hermione’s unwilling brown eyes. She touched Hermione’s leg and sat forward on the sofa, and said in a daze, “You need to accompany.”

After that, Luna climbed onto the sofa and lay down directly on Hermione’s shoulders. Hermione was suddenly squeezed and made not knowing what to do. She was so suppressed that she exhaled: “Lu …Luna, what are you doing?”

The Luna man pressed her against Hermione, and then rested her head on the armrest of the sofa, seeming to remember. With the other hand wrapped Hermione’s shoulders, she hugged Hermione’s head in her arms, and said in a singing voice, “Helena is sick and Helga seems to be Taking care of her in this way, I want to pass on the healing energy of my within the body to you.”

Feeling the warmth and softness of Luna’s body, Hermione, who was unprepared, felt her whole body froze. Luna closed her mouth and let out a very weird, wave-like hum from her nose. This made Hermione Her face turned red, and she felt that she was regarded as a child by Luna, and Luna, who was actually one year younger than herself, had obviously taken herself into the role of mother.

“Well, 10000 is all right, now you have someone to take care of…” Penelope’s lipstick slumped, she shook the tea cup in her hand angrily, put it aside, and said to Emily on the side, “Emily, then I Take you to some dessert and add sugar.”

Then I moved towards the door.

“Yesterday’s double skin milk is not sweet enough.” Emily has followed Penelope to the door, her voice a little hesitant, “However, Penelope, I didn’t feel the magic power. Can Luna really help her?”

“At least it helped us get out of it.” Penelope taking pleasure in other people’s misfortune faced the sofa, Hermione waved her hand because she couldn’t explain the bad things about sweets.

On the sofa, Luna’s undulating hum continued for a long time, Hermione gradually relaxed, but she had to admit that this kind of child-like care was not bad.

The sound of deng deng deng and the exclamation of the female voice made Hermione, who had almost fallen asleep in the singing, regained his energy.

“You guys…” Daisy was stunned to see that Hermione and Luna were hugged on the sofa. The episodes of the muggle movies “The End of the Wild Flower” and “Classmate Love” broadcast on the wizard TV flashed in her mind. , “Ravenclaw, for Ravenclaw’s sake, pay attention…”

“Daisy, I’m just sick!” After Hermione roared, she realized that her roar didn’t look like sick at all. Her face flushed to the bottom. She half-lifted her body and explained to Daisy: “Luna Her healing energy passed to me.”

Daisy crossed her hands with two hands, glanced suspiciously at Hermione’s still smoking ears, and said pretendingly: “The next time you receive her energy, at least remember to hang a sock on the door handle… “

“I’m trying to practice…” Luna sat up naturally and turned her light-colored eyes to Daisy. “My relationship with Hermione is not your relationship with Tonks.”

Daisy suddenly felt like she was choked in her throat. She didn’t expect to speak back, and she who flew into a rage out of humiliation slightly did not expect to answer her mouth. She simply raised her arms and raised her palms high, baring fangs and brandishing Claws wanted to beat Luna, and then Luna and Daisy started chasing and chasing noise around Hermione’s sofa.

Under the influence of these shrill laughter and noise, Hermione’s expression, who was forced to accept, completely returned to sickness. She lay wearily on the sofa: “Ravenclaw, for Ravenclaw’s sake…please do me a favour leave me alone.”

“Poor little furry thing.” As a big sister, Daisy still has some experience in caring for people than others. She stopped and asked, “Hermione, do you want me to prepare some chicken soup? Mother was when we caught a cold.” Do it for us…”

“That’s great, Daisy, I haven’t seen you cook before.”

“En? I’m going to the Three Broomsticks Inn to buy the broom…Ouch!”


Before Daisy could finish her words, Luna staggered from behind, causing Harris’ big sister to pounce on Hermione and she coughed again. Luna who was originally chased by Daisy didn’t notice this. During the conversation, she went around and turned into a situation as if she was chasing Daisy.

This also made Hermione fully aware of how unreliable the witches around her were, but she didn’t want to worry about her parents and the pregnant Aaron mother, so she just bounced and kicked Luna and Daisy out of the living room.

Hermione, who seemed to have exhausted her last effort, drove people away back to statelessness, and returned to the sofa. At this time, Luna and Daisy were no longer in her ears, and the living room was quiet, which made her heavy head feel. It was a lot more comfortable, but this comfort did not last long, and the hall door opened again.

“Leave me alone! Uh… Aaron?” Hermione yelled impatiently, only to see Aaron coming in from outside the hall.

And because of her roar, Aaron was obviously a little confused, a little stupidly still carrying two old hens: “Hermione?”

“Sorry, Aaron…I thought it was someone else…” Hermione was emotionally active, with an involuntarily smile on her face, but then she asked in surprise, “Why are you back? I asked Penelope to stop them.”

“Luna told me you have a cold and want to drink chicken soup… I went to the new The Burrow to find Mrs. Weasley and caught two fat chickens that she had raised in the old The Burrow…” Aaron walked over to look at Hermione’s expression and reached out to touch it. Touching Hermione’s forehead, her body temperature rose instantly, “This thing blames me, it caused you to work overtime last night…” As he said, he patted his hand and warned repeatedly after house elf Maggie appeared, “Maggie, press mother’s Recipe chicken stew pot chicken soup. After you prepare it, take a bowl and remove the top layer of slick oil. You and Kreacher yourself should also remember to drink a little to prevent it.” (Author’s note that is really uncomfortable: There is a custom of drinking chicken soup after catching a cold in the West , Said that the analysis of chicken soup has ingredients for treating colds, but Chinese medicine believes that chicken is a fat, and you can’t drink it when you have a cold, so who should I listen to?)

“Maggie will add more parsley when we start the pot!” Maggie took the old hen from her owner. “Kreacher ate the sauerkraut pot yesterday. Today he may not want to eat.”

At this time, Hermione’s attention was a little involuntarily placed on Aaron’s neck. His hood was slightly loosened, revealing part of his white skin, and his pale hair had covered his ears, with only the earlobes exposed. “Aaron, you don’t have to be so troublesome, Hogwarts still needs…”

“I don’t have class today, but the headmaster position is nothing busy. Have you seen Dumbledore silly on campus before? It will make the Teacher and the students uncomfortable…” Aaron waved his hand and looked towards Hermione with some distress. “Besides, I haven’t taken care of people much before, so I can just exercise today…”

Hermione looked at her with eyes that were a little protruding because of the widening. In her opinion, it was more clear and charming than the black lake surrounded by mountains and reflected in the blue sky. For a while, Hermione only felt that she even thought A little pitiful, the old hen struggling in Maggie’s hands has some cuteness in her trembling wings-of course the hens don’t think so. They escaped Death Eater’s attack on The Burrow, but they couldn’t escape a cold.

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