Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1142

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Hogwarts Gryffindor is a boy dormitory on a tower. In this room with 5 little lions, the deep red flannel drape hanging on the bed with 4 slats per bed shakes, and Harry’s suitcase is scattered all over the floor. Various personal clothing used to prepare for the Hogwarts week to go out was thrown everywhere.

Harry huffed and gasped and drilled out of the bed. He felt a bit of cool breeze blowing on his face through the big window, but this did not dispel his frustration. He wiped the sweat off his face. “It’s really gone, Ron…my Invisibility Cloak is really lost…”

“It won’t be invisible after falling on something, right?” Ron continued rummaging through the pile of clothes on the ground, like a blind or highly myopic patient, little by little stroking what was in front of him, hoping to touch There was some invisible touch.

“I haven’t had time to use it this semester… I clearly remembered putting it in the corner of the cabinet, just behind the house scarf.” Harry slumped on the floor against the edge of the bed as he pulled the thick piece of gold. The red house scarf with his face buried in it, only then did he feel that he was too careless about this treasure, and it made Harry’s voice tremble a little, “That’s the relic left by my father, but I Lost it…”

“Now you are so flustered, so you can’t find it for a while… Maybe we calm down and we will remember where we put it in a while.” Ron sat down beside Harry and threw back the clothes in his hands. He put his arms around his friend’s shoulders and tried to comfort him, “Do you remember when First Year gave Hagrid the grumpy Norbert Spinosaurus… Oh, I mean, Norberta… Charlie discovered that it was actually the head. Isn’t it a female dragon? I recently saw Hagrid in the dragon farm trying to make it remember that he was its male mother…but it’s useless…”

“Sigh…” Harry sighed, and then reminded his friend that the subject had changed. “Ron…what did you just want to say?”

“Oh yes, Harry, do you remember that after we sent Norberta away that day, when we went downstairs with Hermione, we left the Invisibility Cloak on the tower and went downstairs without wearing them?” Ron said in front of co-participant Harry The usual shame, “I mean, did you fall somewhere again…”

“Ron… I just told you that I didn’t use him this semester.” Harry realized after roaring that he shouldn’t have such a bad attitude to his friends who have been with him. “Sorry, but Ron, this time I promise not to be me. I lost it myself.”

“It’s okay Harry…but I asked the fat lady just before I came in. She said that no one had been in or out of the common room after the curfew last night, and the lion statue in the common room also said that no one else was traveling at night except yourself…” Ron said Harry got used to this attitude a long time ago, “But why did you want to use it last night?”

“It hurts again when I slept last night.” Harry extended the hand and pressed his fingers tightly on his forehead. Under his fingers, he seemed to be able to feel the lightning-shaped scar left behind last night. It’s so hot and painful, “We’re very frequent in Fifth Year, but it’s rarely seen in Sixth Year, but this year seems to have increased again… Dumbledore told me that after Voldemort’s use of this connection I don’t want to let me see what he’s watching…even on vacation, but since the summer vacation, this connection seems to be restored again…”

“It hurts again… What did you see this time?” Ron immediately sat up straight, and put his hands on Harry’s shoulders worriedly. “Maybe he wants to use this to lure you to where, Harry, now you know who Don’t dare to come to Hogwarts, maybe he used this move to lead you out again… I heard Father said when they chatted with Lupin, you know who would not easily give up the prophecy he believed in…”

“No, Ron, it’s not like that… I think Voldemort is more crazy, he can’t notice this…” Harry shook his head and denied, “I can feel his anger, I can feel the destruction in his heart. He was irritable, but he had to endure aggrieved and helpless, he was very humiliated… He tried to resist, but found that he still couldn’t beat him, and he couldn’t drive Aaron away… I could feel that he was so angry that he was dizzy…No cracking a joke, I even started to worry about whether he would have a cerebral hemorrhage… well, this is a disease that tends to appear when muggle gets older… you know, Voldemort is not too young anymore…”

“Anyway, he has at least one Horcrux in the Gringotts Vault in Goblin. He can’t die with any brain or blood…it’s a pity…” Ron said in a frustrated way, and then he wanted to understand what his friend just said cry out in surprise “Wait, Harry, you mean… Aaron went to trouble him again last night? Did he win again? I didn’t see any reports in the news today.”

“Yes, Ron…Aaron didn’t know what method was used, Voldemort was also surprised. He asked Aaron whether he had arranged a counter-prophetic detection Formation or was Aaron teleported to him so accurately.” Harry said that this seemed to be still being The scene in my memory last night was shocked, “The battle between Aaron and Voldemort and these people is not something we can imagine and participate in… If I say, Voldemort has a real problem with his brain, and he will think I am what Savior can kill him. people…”

“Harry, you have to believe the prophecy… I used to think that as long as the interpretation is miserable, Professor Trelawny will be more pleasing… but you know Aaron’s attitude towards prophecy. He is not Dumbledore who has not taken a prophecy class. He cares about this. In class, he explained to us many of Trelawny’s predictions, but they were actually fulfilled in a way that we didn’t notice, didn’t they?” Ron said naggingly and Harry, “So, Harry, maybe you’re nowhere near Dumbledore, Aaron or you know Who is great, but maybe the result of that prediction will appear in a way we can’t imagine now? The prediction can be changed, but if I say, you know who is too feudal and superstition… Maybe it is the muggle orphanage. His, you know, he will be much poorer than when I was a kid… He is willing to believe this to prove his out of the ordinary…”

“Voldemort is quite out of the ordinary this time. He didn’t know where he got himself a very scary eye… This time he was hitting much better than before. Aaron didn’t pay attention to the red shot from Voldemort’s eyes on his face. The ray hit, although he didn’t know what to use to dispel Voldemort’s suspicion, he still seemed to be sucked away a lot of life force, which looked terrifying at the time…” Harry pressed the scar and tried to recall the dream. The scene, then the tone was a little cheerful, “Don’t worry, Ron, Aaron quickly listed Voldemort’s men and used the trick he taught us Vampire Touch. He didn’t directly touch the dark wizard and used it in the air. He recovered quickly…”

“You know who is getting better is not good news…” Ron shook his head, “Remember today’s news? Death Eater looted once in France, and the umbrella guys have officially started to go to France… I have a watch My brother is working on the umbrella. I used to get George and Fred to get a lot of props… and made my mother very nervous and worried that he would die…”

“In fact, Ron, Aaron is still able to deal with him… Aaron robbed Voldemort last night… Voldemort mocked Aaron’s announcement of the country of asylum before he started the fight… In short, this angered Aaron, and finally they confronted. At that time, he had been asking Voldemort for compensation… Voldemort couldn’t help Aaron in the end, he really gave Aaron a pocket while passive, he was letting him go…”

“You know who has been robbing and killing people for so many years… This time I was robbed by Aaron in turn?!!! This is really cool… Aaron can be rich this time…” Ron felt his previous fear of you know who His psychology seemed to be much smaller because of this, and then his face stagnated, “This is not right, Harry, those reports in the morning are still complaining about Aaron, who spent money to send his company’s wizard to help people in other countries in a bad economy. Quite remarks, but if Aaron actually grabs you know who, why wouldn’t he respond?…” Ron shook his head, “No, it’s not right. Harry, Aaron is not short of money. Have you noticed that Hermione who manages the umbrella also takes sick leave? I’m on vacation, plus Luna before… well, Loony doesn’t count, but let me say, Hermione must be having a major event with Aaron behind the scenes. Those pure-blood families and Goblin that don’t deal with Harris may have bad luck. Up.”

“Unfortunately, Aaron may have missed a treasure room last night…” Harry waved his hand vigorously. “Unfortunately, Aaron may have missed a room last night. Through the eyes of you know who, I found that he was stealing in the battle. I took a few glances and tried to lead Aaron to the other side during the battle. Maybe there was Voldemort in that room, some secrets or treasures… Unfortunately, Aaron missed it…”

“Anyway, it’s better to grab some money back anyway. It’s better than leaving it to Voldemort.” Ron shrugged, and his expression changed again, “Wait Harry, aren’t we talking about your Invisibility Cloak? If it does. It’s gone, we have to tell the Order of the Phoenix…” Ron paused, “Maybe there is a school? The student’s property is lost in the school… Maybe Aaron can find it for you? He fortune tells me to say Better than Professor Trelawny, have you noticed that his eyes will change? When Percy was shooting flattery, he said that it was the prophecy of the first generation of Dark Lord Grindelwald… and even if you can’t find it back, I think he would be happy to give you some compensation Yes… Maybe you can buy a set of Invisibility Cloak made of invisible animal skins yourself? George is selling this stuff secretly… Uh, don’t tell anyone.”

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