Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1143

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“You are right! We have to tell the Order of the Phoenix, and the news that you know who is getting better… Many people are in Germany not telling them that they will suffer a big loss…” Harry worried about the strength of you know who, also Remembering the Invisibility Cloak who disappeared without a trace, he was very anxious. He scratched his messy black hair, stood up and took Ron and walked out the door, “Let’s go, let’s find Professor McGonagall.”

“No, Harry, we can’t go!” Ron grabbed Harry, and then a little shy, “We just got her training in transfiguration… and we actually can’t tell the professor this theoretically lost item of contraband. , Especially Professor McGonagall… Think about it, how many points she will deduct us in the question… Aaron won’t care, it doesn’t mean that Professor McGonagall is the same…”

Harry’s mouth opened and closed-he wanted to say that Professor McGonagall knew he had Invisibility Cloak, but thinking of Professor Mike’s sternness, even if he didn’t deduct points, he would definitely rebuke himself and lose things and He tried to contact Voldemort again… He quickly gave up the idea of ​​looking for his head to report the incident, and closed his bloodshot eyes due to lack of sleep, “Then let’s go to the West Tower and I will take this matter. I wrote a letter to Sirius and told them to let him inform Lupin… As for the compensation from the school, forget it, Aaron and the others have been very busy lately, and there is no need for them to bother about our little things…”

Harry and Ron then came to the round common room in Gryffindor. Ginny, who had just come out of the girl’s dormitory, saw her boyfriend and her big brother in such a hurry. She moved her red curly hair to the back of her head. moved towards They walked over: “What are you two going to do this afternoon? Go to the library to write homework? Hermione no longer has to do it ourselves…”

And a white skeleton with nothing on, was holding a stack of books, followed behind Ginny, and walked towards them crunchingly.

“Go away Ginny, Harry and I have something to do…” Ron said to the younger sister angrily when he heard the homework, “Also, be careful when I write to my mother. You know she still doesn’t want us to use dead people to help us. work…”

“Oh? Then I can just write to tell her that you have been deduct points by Professor McGonagall again…” Ginny was a little annoyed, “Also, I don’t want to worry about you. I actually want to ask Harry what I said.”

“Ginny, sorry, I can’t go yet… I have to go to the owl hut in the West Tower to write to Sirius, and I will come to you later… This is the situation…” Harry quickly stopped and thought. The siblings 2 quarrel, and then tell the girlfriend roughly.

“Harry, I have to go to the library first. I have an appointment with a Ravenclaw Senior Sister, and she promised to give me some guidance… come and find me later.” Ginny said and went to the common room door with them. He stopped and waved goodbye to her boyfriend apologetically.

After Harry and Ron got rid of Ginny, the two people quickly shuttled through the wide corridor.

In Hogwarts now, just like Ginny’s practice, Bai Sensen’s head can be seen everywhere, and some skeletons are not even complete. Under the assault training at the beginning of this year, the students have got rid of their initial fears and are used to having them around. These undying creatures serve them. In fact, apart from the slightly weird picture, for the students, they really feel that life in the new semester is more enjoyable for them.

Especially the wizards of Ravenclaw. These ravens especially like to use undying creatures to serve themselves to save the time they used to waste on ordinary trivial matters. They actually learn and get used to these faster than the little poisonous snakes of Slytherin. spell, and the wizards with only Hufflepuff in the 4 houses are prone to be more willing to do it by themselves. Although they learned these spells at the request of the school, they did not go far to disturb the dead for these little things— -Even if they know that these low-level skeletons do not have any sense of self.

In addition to the undying creatures starting to roam the campus blatantly, Hogwarts has also undergone major changes in the new semester. The school no longer restricts the types of pets students bring, as long as the creatures are not too dangerous, they can be brought to the school.

In order to show the strength of the family, some Slytherin pure blood also engaged in the three-headed rune snake produced in Burkina Faso, a small African country under the embargo. In the rune alphabet, it is used Represents the number 3-According to the written record of Parseltongue, the three heads of the snake have different functions. The head on the left is a planner, which will determine where the snake should go and what to do afterwards; the middle one The head is a fancier. It is often motionless for several days, indulging in glorious visions and fantasies. The head on the right is a critic. Its teeth are very poisonous. It will constantly comment on the practices of the two heads on the left and the middle. The irritable si si sound, there is often a snake without a head on the right side, because the remaining 3 heads often criticize them on the right side, and jointly bite it off-also because the 3 heads will each other Attacks, such as the lifespan of the snake snake, are usually not long.

Many Hufflepuffs have raised moon beasts, and they were taken out during the day when they were shy and usually only appear at night. This creature has 4 slender skinny legs and 4 flat Padfoot underneath. There are a pair of bulging eyes on the head, and if the dung of the moon beast can be collected before sunrise, it can make the magic plants grow fast and strong, which is why they are so popular among the little badgers. Very complicated dances are performed during courtship, which leads to complex geometric patterns left in the wheat field. This kind of thing that the muggles turn into the crop circle will make muggles very confused.

As for Gryffindor and Ravenclaw, apart from young lions who choose to look more ferocious in appearance and kitty hawks who prefer birds a little, they are generally not at all. Their pets are always all kinds of strange things. Each reason. Of course, in addition to the students themselves, this not at all can make the professors and Filch happy, especially Filch. Even with the help of Mr. Skilled, he often needs to replace these golems with different cleaning potions in order to take out the various Kind of pet feces.

Compared with magical creatures, some changes still make the professors feel a little worried and happy. Especially Professor Flitwick like Charms is very satisfied with the growth of the students. Starting this semester, the use of magic in the corridor is no longer restricted. , Even encourage students to use a duel to resolve disputes in the presence of witnesses. Harry and Ron along the way, can be seen everywhere in the school. Some wizards are practicing magic, playing wands, simulated duels, and repairing afterwards. jobs.

Finally, what changes are more conspicuous, that is, the school is full of Animagus. Many young wizards and witches are used to transforming into their own Animagus, and then wandering around on campus. They like to scare new students or even if they can’t transform yet. His companions repeated the changes in front of them to show off and so on-especially at the spiral staircase in Hogwarts.

“No wonder the founder of Ravenclaw left such a difficult spiral staircase… I bet she met the current situation… Her students can now become eagles and fly directly to the correct corridor. The other three house students are like As we are now, we can only stand stupidly and wait for the stairs to move to the correct position…” Ron leaned on the handrails of the stairs and waited for the spiral staircase to turn in the right direction, his tone full of jealousy, “My is a cow, yours It’s a deer… They might as well become lions like other Gryffindors, at least they look very brave… Actually I didn’t dare to transform in front of Dean for the first few days. You see him become a lion and look at me Is the expression on Animagus’ neck? It’s almost like trying to swallow me alive…”

“Ai, we shouldn’t have changed in advance during the summer vacation… Aaron has announced the method, and it will only be a common skill for the wizards in the future… Uh…” Harry pressed his scar with his hand again, and the scar suddenly became hot. The ground hurts badly.

“Does the scar hurt again? What happened?” Ron nervously supported Harry to avoid letting his friend fall down the spiral staircase-every semester, there will be several bad luck eggs that will go to the school doctor for one night. .

“Potter, then, your bastard godfather didn’t let you learn Occlumency?” Snape said sarcastically, staring at the lightning-shaped scar on Harry’s forehead. “Also, if you decide to discuss something’secret’, then you guys You should really reduce your voice. Just putting your mouth into another person’s ear disgustingly does not guarantee that you will not be heard.”

“Professor, I think we’re talking here not at all violations.” Harry gave Snape a face, and he is now more satisfied with Aaron’s reforms-with detailed rules and regulations, this old bat that annoys him. No longer arbitrarily deduct Gryffindor’s house points.

Snape gloomy didn’t speak, until the stairs turned, he flicked his sleeves and walked upstairs over the two of them.

On the 3rd floor, Snape turned to the empty promenade. He came to an ugly giant Gargoyle. Slytherin’s head stopped. He knocked Gargoyle’s head three times with his wand.

Unlike the previous days when Dumbledore was still the headmaster, you can enter the situation by just saying the correct sweets password to Gargoyle. At this time, Gargoyle has a dull voice, and it starts to ask a riddle like Ravenclaw during a break: You look at me, I I also look at you, but you see with your eyes, but I don’t use it, because I don’t have eyes; you can say, I can say, but you have a voice, I am silent, and I have my lips together.

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