Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1144

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Snape only paused for a few seconds, and then a cold, unwavering voice sounded: “Mirror.”

Gargoyle jumped aside, and the wall behind him split in half, revealing the spiral staircase from the 2rd floor to the headmaster office on the 3th floor.

This change in the headmaster room is a new challenge for professors who want to find Aaron’s reporting job. However, such a topic is not difficult for Professor McGonagall who was almost in Ravenclaw and Professor Flitwick from Ravenclaw. It is not a big problem for the half-blood Potions’ Professor who is a logical thinking background. After all, he used similar methods to challenge the Philosopher’s Stone incident during Harry Potter’s First Year.

Only the head Professor Sprout of Hufflepuff was disgraced a few times. She was not stupid, but for a long time, she was not interested in this kind of puzzle game and had no experience in dealing with it.

Of course, this change also allows ordinary students to go to the headmaster office. As long as the student is smart enough to answer the puzzle of the stone statue, he can find something similar to Ravenclaw head Flitwick in the headmaster office, but Aaron handed it to The students are not dancing cakes, but Gurdyroot Infusion, which refills infinitely-this is not pleasing and makes people unable to stay for too long to escape the smell, but compared to Dumbledore period, ordinary students have It’s a chance to enter the headmaster’s office. You have to know that, apart from Dumbledore’s resident Harry Potter, even the naughty Weasley twin seems to have never entered this headmaster’s office.

Snape finally climbed to the end of the spiral staircase step by step. In front of him was a Winky shiny oak door. On the door, the brass door knocker in the shape of a lion’s eagle head was changed to a bronze three-eyed raven similar to the Ravenclaw eagle door knocker. Knocker.

After Snape knocked on the door 3 times, the Raven’s eyes opened and focused on the Slytherin head, and the door opened automatically.

Behind the door, the new headmaster office was refitted during the summer vacation. It was basically a spacious and beautiful round room, but it used to be full of various funny little sounds. It turned into some sweet and ethereal sounds that don’t know where it came from. .

The walls are covered with portraits of old headmasters of men and women. These male witch portraits, whether they are pretending to sleep with squinting eyes or stared wide-eyed, as long as they stay in their own frame and do not visit, they are all looked towards at this time. Snape, but it seems that not at all people are willing to speak first in this lazily afternoon.

The many weird silverware that used to be on the slender-legged table, which was constantly rotating and emitting small puffs of smoke, disappeared, replaced by some glass water tanks containing dark green liquid. There are also channels connected; many white things are slowly floating around in flickering.

Young wizards who like to take risks and experience new things with feelings and can enter the headmaster’s office have learned to stay away from what Loony says they are aka maggots.

Because when those seemingly white things come out of the liquid in the water tank, they can’t help but make people see their sticky cauliflower-like brains, and the thought tentacles of these things will immediately entangle the nearest person— —Being entangled by them will bring fantasy and pain to the victim and leave deep wounds. If you are unlucky, some black things will start to flow out of your mouth.

As the headmaster of Hogwarts, Aaron found that he could not prevent batch after batch of students from approaching, so he simply placed a large number of unfavorable Court Academecian on the huge table in the house with a crow’s claw foot. Ointment is the symptom. ——They were hand-made by Potions’ Professor Snape of Hogwarts.

In this quiet office, Snape not at all saw the silhouette of Aaron Harris, and his eyes fell on the headmaster office of the chapter. It was not that he had made a single ointment, but a pale and abnormal hand. Standing quietly on the tray with the deep blue flannel lining, as if feeling the approach of Voldemort, the slender and big hands like spider legs flexibly turned the body in the opposite direction so that their wrists stood, and then stretched out. The index finger hooked in Snape’s direction.

As it moves, the deep blue omniscient mark on the back of the little hand shines brightly, and the omniscient eye at the top, the eye surrounded by a triangle and ten thousand zhang rays of light is designed At the joint between the palm and the fingers, the eye keeps closing and opening with the movements of the small hand, just like a living thing.

At this time, the severed hand flipped and jumped, using the middle finger and index finger to move flexibly on the table like an arthropod, it dragged a blank parchment, let itself levitate and hold a raven quick. The pen was dipped in the ink bottle, and the blank parchment was written in a prettier font than most Hogwarts wizards: Harris headmaster is not there, and he is taking care of the patients at the manor in the heart of the lake. He asked me to inform you, if you wish You can wait here, or you can choose to wait for him to come back and notify you.

“Excuse me, please tell me to wait for him here.” Snape frowned slightly, pulled a chair away, and sat down. His eyes swept across the impression marks on the backs of his little hands, and his eyes dropped. He swept across the arm covered by his magic robe. Under the disguise ointment made by himself, there was actually a quick mark. However, as a spy, he rarely used it to contact Aaron directly to avoid being accidentally caught. Dark Lord or other Death Eater found a weak spot.

But then, Snape became familiar with his first master. He recognized from the iconic spider finger that the severed hand of this necromantic creature should be the severed hand of the Dark Lord that was cut off by Aaron before. He realized that By the way, Aaron may be able to accurately predict and detect the location of the Dark Lord through this part of the Dark Lord’s body. This also shows that Aaron’s behavior of cutting off the Dark Lord’s palm was plot against. Okay-Snape felt in his heart It was a pity that he thought that Aaron didn’t know that the Dark Lord had found Vecna’s hand, and felt that this kind of plot against actually strengthened the Dark Lord’s strength.

The little hand jumped back to where he was, and restored to its original state, as if he had never moved.

The office is very quiet, everything is motionless, the afternoon sun comes in, making people drowsy, only the occasional snoring or sniffing of a sleeping portrait will break the tranquility here .

In the afternoon, the space occupied by the sunlight in the room gradually shrank, and if Snape in the shadows hadn’t blinked his eyes, it looked like a sculpture.

“Little hand…Go and open the door. My useless idiot great-great-grandson was blocked by a riddle.” Phineas Nigellus urged little hand in his portrait, while he looked at Snape with those crafty squinted eyes. The fingers of the small hands that were really boring in their nest stood up, jumped off the table, twisted the middle and index fingers, walked towards the door, slipped down the handrail on the spiral staircase, and quickly disappeared from Snape’s vision. Up.

Soon, the sound of Sirius foul-mouthed came from outside: “What the hell is that with this severed hand? And these are all the what the hell questions? What is sound, silent, silent… Even if you get the correct answer, what the hell is that? Use… Professor McGonagall is doing me…”

Facing Sirius opening the door, he unexpectedly saw Snape on the chair, his expression became impatient: “Snivellus, what are you doing here? Want to eavesdrop again?”

“A idiot who can’t even answer the entry level riddle is not qualified to ask me.” The usual sneer appeared at the corner of Snape’s mouth. “I am a professor here. What do you want to do when you are an outsider?”

“Snape, you can only brag about answering riddles…” Sirius took a chair, leaned back, tilted the chair, and said loudly to the ceiling, “Wash your hair if you have time, then A lump of ooze… It’s amazing that a Snivellus like you can become a professor. I thought Aaron would fix this mistake when he became the new headmaster.”

“Being a professor is better than wasrel. I know you like to be involved in everything. I think you must be…happy…” Snape shook his head not to be outdone, “…your director seems to have always liked black (Black BLACK) Things… Is that why you don’t have to do anything when you go to the Ministry of Magic?”

“I warn you, Snivellus,” Sirius stood up, pushed his chair away, and strode towards Snape, pulling out wand. “This is Hogwarts, let me help you remember the memories?”

This sentence also angered Snape. He came out of the wand, and the two of them swayed between each other’s faces and tips.

The little hand that had just jumped up the stairs distinguished the situation in front of him. It jumped out, quickly held the quill and wrote on the parchment, and let it fly between the two people: “Duel, champions, my little hand will do it. Witnesses, just follow Hogwarts’ latest duel method. There is a wand that reduces the formidable power of the curse in the cabinet. You don’t have to worry about violating school rules by fighting in Hogwarts.”

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