Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1145

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The spire Sorting Hat hanging on the top of the cabinet behind the large headmaster desk suddenly uttered, and the crack beside the brim of the hat opened like a mouth: “2 gentlemen! Please don’t fight in the headmaster office! You will fix me anew! The well-protected skin is broken… our internals must be tightly united, otherwise everything will collapse from within…”

Under the new system, the leather of Sorting Hat and the brim that was worn and worn with very old raw edges have been repaired, and many folds on it have been smoothed out. Compared with the previous ones, they are very dirty, patched, and gray. It looks like a house elf regularly cleans and maintains it now, making it look like a normal wizard hat at least when not talking. At this time, the tip of the Sorting Hat crooked and changed. After wearing the new clothes, it seems to have forgotten that he used to be indifferent. If it weren’t for no feet, he would obviously want to hide himself so as not to damage his new skin.

It’s just that the little hand on the side doesn’t worry about Sorting Hat’s mood. He has pulled out 2 metal wands from the cabinet and threw them exactly at the 2 people in the confrontation.

“Come on, Snivellus, let me see your progress… huh, it’s still metal?” Sirius took the restraint wand, and put away his own hand. After Snape did the same, the two of them made gestures at random. Dueling ceremony, bowing slightly is regarded as a bow, and then Sirius directly began to chant: “Levicorpus!”

Snape didn’t chant a spell, he just waved the wand at Sirius-without showing any obvious signs, there was no concealment of beams, sparks, filaments, and vicious dark magic pouring out of his restraining wand…

After a short while.

The headmaster room fire was light flashed, and Aaron hummed a little jazz tune, and returned to the private room upstairs behind his desk. He just fed Hermione some Maggie stewed chicken soup. The brief warmth made him feel happy. Ruddy complexion, the corner of his eyes slightly raised because of pleasure, and the Anka on Aaron’s shoulder apparently also ate some chicken and was satisfied. The chicken fat on his beak has not been cleaned yet.

“Sorry, I’m late…I…I said!”

In the next instant, Aaron’s smile stiffened on his face, and Anka on his shoulders also grabbed Aaron’s shoulders abruptly, before stabilizing his figure, everyone was stunned by the sight.

The glass on those slender-legged tables occasionally had shards falling down and a crisp sound. The sound of crash-bang made the background sound of this headmaster office sound more elegant-one of the glass water tanks containing dark green liquid Diffindo, a brain in the green liquid is floating in the air trying to entangle Sirius, like a jogging fish, flying and spitting silk, unfolding like a roll of film film, entangled to fullness Sirius was all scratched. He looked like a beggar costume. Many parts of his body were bare and bloody. In addition to dealing with this flying cauliflower-like brain, Sirius was also used by Snape on his legs. The summoned black snake entangled.

Snape looked more decent in the ragged Sirius, but his eyes were punched by Sirius, and his big aquiline nose was also punched-it happened to be in the opposite direction of Dumbledore’s crooked nose. He didn’t use it. Wand’s hand is now on his waist, not for gestures, but because the waistband in his robe was just blown off, and Slytherin’s head had to use this method to prevent his pants from falling off.

In this case, the shawl black curly-haired middle-aged wizard and the shawl greasy black hair middle-aged wizard have obviously been able to hit the head, and the two will cast several evil spells on each other from time to time.

However, Aaron’s attention only stayed on the two of them for a while, and then he pulled back to the headmaster office that he carefully renovated twice during the summer vacation. At this time, it was already in a mess. The headmaster interior decoration Almost, not at all, the headmasters of the previous generations who really suffered damage have basically no portrait in their frames. Those old headmasters ran out of this office to take refuge early. Only Sirius’ ancestor Phineas • Nigellus • Black is still from time to time. Poke his head out and observe the duel battle of his descendants.

Anka, who had just eaten and drunk, was completely unprepared for the situation in front of him. Its round eyes looked at the scene in front of him in disbelief, and suddenly fluttered its wings, surrounding his mithril-plated perching branch. After flying around and looking around, I found that it was intact and not damaged by any scratches. This phoenix relaxed a little, and then squatted on its perching branch and stopped moving. It was sharp with a chanterelle beak. Leaning in the direction of Sirius and Snape, guarding his perches vigilantly.

Aaron, who had predicted the loss, some fly into a rage out of humiliation. He raised his pale hand that looked a little bloodier than usual. He first shot Snape and Sirius at each other and returned to the original path in midair. Their bodies made them groan each other, and then turned the restraining wand in their hands into two large poisonous snake sneak attacks. The two wizards, who were still paying attention to each other, entangled them in place.

And before the flying brain continued to attack Sirius, it was supported by Aaron’s bare hands. The greasy brain curled up and wrapped Aaron’s hand in it. The thinking tentacles on the brain entangled Aaron’s fingers and wanted to prick They penetrated into his skin, but they seemed to be pierced into a thick layer of iron armor. They couldn’t penetrate Aaron’s skin with their seemingly soft but sharp tentacles. They were then thrown back to the other by the headmaster of Hogwarts. In the still intact glass jar.

“Harris headmaster, this idiot!”

“His…” Sirius, who had lost his freedom, seemed to feel the scars created by these tentacles. He scolded angrily, “These disgusting flying cauliflowers are because Snivellus is a professor at Hogwarts and he is in the same group?”

“Stupid dog, your Occlumency is too bad.” Snape sneered contemptuously. “It just thinks you are better to deal with!”

“Shut up! Are you two here to demolish my headmaster room? Those are the damage caused by dark magic, it’s hard to repair.” Aaron’s fingers hit a messy ground and hit the refined silverware to shatter; The thin-legged elevated table with decorations fell apart on the floor, and several thin legs were broken and rolled in different directions; the tall fireplace was marked by traces of mottled blades; horrible to see; Diffindo’s picture frame There are traces of black burnt, and the wave of dark magic remains on it…

Sirius and Snape finally recovered some of their sanity and did not continue to struggle. Looking at the current situation in the headmaster office, the two people couldn’t help feeling a bit sorry, especially Snape, he was still a little ashamed. It was not for Aaron, but for himself who thought he had not been surprised for many years. Actually, he lost some of his sanity because of Sirius.

However, at this time, Aaron noticed the writing left by his little hand on the long table. Aaron’s fingers, who instantly estimated the entire process of development, moved. The little hand seemed to be pulled by invisible force, making it palm up and then Aaron took out the mithril wand used as a pointer and drew 3 whips. Then he pulled it back to the original cushion, and a transparent glass cover was summoned from a corner of the room and flew over to cover it.

“Provoke them to a duel, and shut you down for 3 days as punishment…” Aaron said harshly to the little hand-he also realized that even if the little hand had been out of the body, something on Voldemort’s character still affected the undying. creatures.

“It’s all the Snivellus, who like to use dark magic.” Sirius raised his eyebrows, “Otherwise it can be easily repaired…”

There was an ugly red tide on Snape’s palette-like face, and his cold gaze hovered over Sirius like a poisonous snake. “Black, my curse is you, but the curse that damages these things is that you use Protego. Bounced back…”

“You two, give me peace!” Aaron roared angrily, looking at the appearance of these two people neither giving way to the other, he exhales one breath saying heavily, and changed his tone, “The little boy is so immature …The behavior of someone you like is to specifically bully the other person, using methods such as pulling pigtails and pushing people to attract the other person’s attention…”

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