Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1146

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After hearing Aaron’s words, Sirius and Snape immediately tried to retreat away from the opposite direction as if the other was a plague. It was only because the upper body and thighs of the two were entangled tightly by the poisonous snake that wand changed. Disgusted, they had no choice but to use a very ladylike pace, only slightly opened their calves, twisted small steps and retreated.

“Aaron, don’t talk nonsense, who would like a greasy Snivellus.” Sirius exclaimed, and Snape glared at Aaron.

“I want to deduct your salary!” Although the headmaster office has a problem with entering and exiting students, Aaron does not put any real valuable magic Rare Item at all, but he or for his own decorations is very distressed and seems to feel a little uncomfortable. To relieve his anger, his fingers pressed twice on the headmaster table, “Besides, I have to give Slytherin and Gryffindor 2 points each for this reason!”

“I graduated!” Sirius was still pinching the snake’s head in both hands, struggling to avoid the attack of the poisonous snake, hearing this retorted loudly, “I graduated!”

“This is not in compliance with the school rules you issued to us.” Snape quickly glanced at Aaron with a compelling gaze. With his lips closed, he was obviously dissatisfied. Because of Aaron’s new system, he couldn’t give the other 3 freely as before. A house deduct points.

“I spent a summer vacation slowly decorating!” Aaron raised his voice, “I know this is not in compliance with the Hogwarts school rules, but I want me to use the authority of the headmaster to punish you!” He raised his chin, even with some Jealous dissatisfaction, “I heard that you two were able to get along with each other in Order of the Phoenix. Why can’t you help me meet here? Because I am not Dumbledore? Do you think I am a bully when I am young?”

Aaron child’s angry complaint made them seem to regain their sanity because of hatred. Aaron complained a few more words before beckoning. The two poisonous snakes finally snarled at them unwillingly, released the two people, and retracted back. Changed back to the metal wand form.

When caught off guard, there was no resistance. Sirius and Snape leaned forward and walked a few steps forward to stabilize their figure. However, to Aaron’s surprise, Snape’s black pants were not because of his lack of hands. Anchor on his hips as before, slipped off his legs rubbingly, and piled up on his ankles.

Sirius’ burst of laughter rang out instantly, and Snape raised his black trousers with a sharp face.

“Harris headmaster, I can’t bear to stay in the same room with this kind of base and shameless person.” Snape seemed to be really angry, his long nose flapping his stern face, his voice was louder than ever. Cold, he was about to walk out of the room.

“Sorry, please wait…” came back to his senses. Aaron stood up and glared at Sirius. He walked around the large headmaster table and touched the dark magic energy attached to his waist with his hands. Snape pants immediately repaired Okay, the belts are automatically buckled together.

Knowing that Aaron, who provokes the reverse scale and painful memories of the other party, can no longer maintain his anger, his tone is full of apologetics: “Sorry, Severus, but you have something to look for me? Let’s talk first.”

“When this stupid dog returns to the cave, I’ll come over and talk to you again.” Snape’s face was only slightly better at this time, and he glanced at Sirius with extreme hatred. “I can bring you a tranquilizer by the way. Come here, this is indeed a very good medicine for those who are affected by bad influences and confused.”

“Aaron, let this Snivellus leave first, don’t let him get in the way here.” Thinking of his intentions, Sirius restrained his temper and only retorted slightly, but he agreed with the other party’s proposal.

And under the pale skin, Aaron’s shallow blue eyes looked towards Sirius. He was silent when he saw Sirius. He only felt a little hairy in his heart. He didn’t realize that the opponent had activated the prophecy eye ability, but it made him feel like he was seen through by Aaron. Feeling lost, he turned his head unnaturally.

And Aaron hooked the corner of his mouth, and then turned his eyes to Snape’s gloomy face under the oily black hair curtain. Snape’s eyes moved slightly, and then his pale face became more deadly white because of being in the basement all the time. The surprise made him almost unable to control the expression on his face for a while. He didn’t look away and suppressed his brain. Some of his emotions and memories, those indifferent and empty eyes, looked at Aaron without any retreat, like two dark tunnel eyes.

It took Snape a little longer to look at each other before Aaron looked away.

“Well, I understood your information about Harry…” Aaron sat back in the large chair behind the headmaster table, and said calmly and initiatively.

Sirius raised his eyebrows in surprise: “This can also be fortune-telling? You didn’t activate the prophetic eye?”

“Can you break through my Occlumency?” Snape stood still on the spot, shaking his head unsteadily, dark messy hair fluttering around his head, “Ms. Ravenclaw taught you?”

“Pu…Snivellus, if you know Ms. Ravenclaw…” Sirius saw his most annoying Snivellus’ greasy face with such a cautious and pious look. He felt very funny. He opened his mouth to mock, but he saw Aaron calmly. He glared at himself, but he could only change his words reluctantly, “Aaron, this charming spirit, is it strange that Ravenclaw taught him something?”

Aaron extend the hand refers to the white brains floating in the green liquid in the glass water tank on the slender-legged table, “but don’t forget that I am still a silent person of the mysterious things department. This is The abilities learned from these things, I think you’ve just touched them… well, it seems that their thinking tentacles haven’t touched you?” Aaron said, seeing Snape nervously adding, “Rowena did give I have given some guidelines to prevent ordinary people from being silent. I think it’s still the same as before, and I won’t be able to learn any abilities from these things.”

Snape’s stiff shoulders relaxed slightly, and he began to use Episkey for his bloodied eye sockets. Since there is no help from Goddess and other silent people who have been studying these magic mysterious powers for many years have not made any progress, then Dark Lord naturally has no choice. There is no time to infiltrate where to go to the Department of Mysteries for a long time to study these methods.

“Of course I met me, and it hurts…” Sirius suddenly reacted, frowned and swept to Snape, “Wait, Aaron, is this Snivellus coming to you for Harry?”

“Idiot! Thoughts will leave a deeper mark than almost anything else! Are you Gryffindor pain so dull?!” Aaron grabbed the unfavorable Court Academecian on his long table and threw it to Sirius. on!!!”

“That’s your Ravenclaw little eagle who is too afraid of pain. You want to change to Hufflepuff or even this poisonous snake house…ssss!” Sirius West began to take off his clothes and put on the ointment in public, but he paid attention after the ointment was applied. After putting the force on it, the expression does not look so brave.

“Severus…the tranquilizer you just mentioned, you will get me a cup afterwards… my head hurts.” Aaron looked at the Potions’ Professor of his school, “Now, Severus, you know, prophecy, divination, and Legilimens. In a short period of time, it is impossible to understand things too comprehensively…”

“Let me talk first… I can wipe it!” Sirius pulled the chair across from the Aaron headmaster long table and sat on it before wiping himself. He glanced at Snape hesitantly, and carefully said: “Aaron, Harry wrote at noon. Tell me, the Invisibility Cloak left by James is gone in Hogwarts. Besides, he has a headache…Do you know what I mean? The thing you promised me to help me with will be quickened…”

Another chair flew to the headmaster table under the command of Aaron, but after a distance from Sirius, Aaron made an inviting gesture to Snape, and Sirius said, “Severus, he came here to find me today. The purpose is to try to get me to help solve Harry Potter’s headache… Sirius, you should teach Harry to keep his mouth close to other people’s ears when talking about more private matters, but not whispering is not a secret…”

“It’s just Dumbledore asking me to keep him safe, that’s all.” Snape raised his chin arrogantly at Sirius. “This arrogant kid is as boring as his father…”

“Hmph, or Dumbledore was thinking about it…” Sirius stared in surprise at the disgusting face, and paused suddenly, “en? No! I’m carrying Dumbledore on my back…he doesn’t agree to let you do this…you are !” The anger hit Sirius’ blood vessels like venom, but thinking of the meaning behind the support of the other party’s persistence made him somewhat unable to express his emotions calmly, so he could only sarcastically, “Disgusting Snivellus, you should have given up on Lily. “

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