Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1147

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“Shut up! Sirius.” Aaron had to raise the volume to stop the two people again, then he stood up, opened the window, and suddenly yelled, “Flobe armyworm Accio, Flobe armyworm Accio. “

Two long brown creep-shaped insects, about ten inches long and about the diameter of a dinner plate, flew in from the damp ditch next to the lower wall of the castle and landed on the headmaster desk. They didn’t like to move. After experiencing the first flight in the insect life, I didn’t even dare to move, and silently pretended to die-but then these two were used by Aaron and used against people even if the Unforgivable Curse’s multi-soul spell controlled the body, This kind of mucus secreting thing suddenly broke out, and the body was entangled with another caterpillar. This insect that liked to eat lettuce leaves began to bite the other head.

“Aaron, what are you…” Sirius’ dark gray eyes looked at the two Flobber slime worms in disgust, in a puzzled tone, “Let us watch you play insect?”

Snape raised his eyebrows and looked at the dead Frober slime worm. The black eyes on his face flashed dangerously with an uncontrollable guess: “The other party stopped himself and the stupid dog just to see This… is this an insult? Does he think that we face him like these 2 Flobber slime worms?”

At this time, the Flobber armyworm that was gnawing at its head quickly stopped struggling, Silencio stiffened, and Aaron pulled Sirius directly onto the chair: “Sit firmly and don’t move!”

Then, Aaron did not speak. He explained with actions. He gestured to the remaining armyworm, and then in Sirius’ stunned gaze, something almost faint and invisible came from the Flobe armyworm. Separated from the body and shot at Sirius’ forehead.

At such a close distance and caught off guard, Sirius sitting in a chair could not avoid this thing, and then he felt a pain in his eyebrows, and Harry’s godfather began to cover himself like his godson Harry. Head.

At this moment, Snape, who was next to him, saw the clue. He stood up abruptly, leaned forward like a big bat, and raised his hand to break the wound on Sirius’ forehead—I saw Sirius’s 2 eyebrows. On the center of his eyebrows, a scar similar to Harry’s lightning mark appeared. This mark was like a thick round slime worm with a twisted body, showing the bold number 1.

“Go away, Snivellus.” In a brief pain, Sirius found that Snape’s face was in front of him. Uncomfortable he made him violently push the opponent away with both hands. He took out the wand and turned it into a mirror. With the matt skin, he felt the sense of lose one’s head out of fear contained in the uprising. He calmly realized that this was the connection from the insect on the table. He muttered with some uncertainty: “Aaron? Did you make me… a Horcrux of Frobe’s armyworm?”

“Think about your brain with the 2 head muscles reaching the cranial cavity…” Snape didn’t try to get close after being pushed away. He already understood Aaron’s thoughts, “Harris headmaster will show us next…”

Aaron nodded raised his pale and slender hand…Although his eyes were on his decorations…He turned his gaze to focus on the caterpillar-shaped scar on Sirius’ forehead, then turned his eyes and put down his hands and started to Dig into his own raven pocket.

This abnormal behavior, which is different from Aaron’s usual clean actions, made Snape and Sirius a little nervous and uneasy. They were worried whether Aaron had misjudged the extraction of the soul fragment. The actual operation would be much more difficult than he thought.

Aaron didn’t look at them. He took out a gem for a long time: “Sirius take away the hand and let me see the size…” He said, like a painter or artist using his thumb to see the proportions, he pointed the gem to Sirius’ forehead scar. After making gestures, he looked at it, and then began to sculpt it-soon this gem was carved into an Arabic number 3 by Aaron in a few strokes.

After finishing all this, Aaron was satisfied and nodded, and then turned the number gemstone sideways, and put the middle point of the Arabic numeral 3 towards the bottom of the mark in the middle of Sirius’ eyebrows, and just pasted it up.

“Capture the soul!”

As Aaron’s voice fell, the strange magical fluctuations echoed in the room, attracting a trace of mist to float from Sirius’s brow mark, slowly converging into a stream, spinning in the air, and finally compressed into a very The small and strange red gemstone fell into Aaron’s hands.

Snape’s body leaned back on the back of the chair while sitting upright. His thin, soothed face was full of mockery. “This stupid dog is a good Horcrux for the armyworm.

Sirius felt the connection between his forehead and the Frober slime worm cut off, and he observed the change in Snape’s cold expression. He quickly held up his wand and forbidden to look at his forehead. The scar was still there. , But it has faded a lot: “Aaron, you do…”

“Don’t move! This is the last point!” Aaron continued to press the number 3 gem in Sirius’s brow. He didn’t mean to let it go, but began to meditate on spell again. The gem became hot. Get up–this kind of scorching heat comes and goes fast, disappearing before Sirius yells, as if it had never appeared before.

“Okay, the ceremony is all finished.” Aaron finally took back the gems, but his expression became a little weird and depressed in Sirius’ eyes. “The mark on your brow is already a scar. Go back and just apply some white moss. Or just don’t care about anything in a few days…”

Snape looked at Sirius’ forehead with a face full of surprise, he sullenly took his hand on his lips and coughed twice.

“It’s over? Did you really do it?” Sirius’s complexion turned red at this time, and the stone that was pressing on his chest after learning of his godson’s situation felt clean. “I’m going to take Harry. come!”

“Cough…” Aaron cleared his throat, his expression a little stiff, “About the scar on Harry’s forehead…” Aaron lowered his hands and motioned to Sirius, who was so excited that he stood up and leaned forward with his hands on the table, and sat back. “But I I don’t think it is necessary for the time being.”

“Why?!!!” Sirius blurted out, frowning his brows in anxiety.

Snape originally wanted to ask, but the sudden flash of light in the room surprised him. Then his eyes suddenly saw Sirius’ eyebrows, and he forced the words back, his pale face suddenly became a little strange. Normal flushed red, the shoulders began to tremble.

“Harry is very useful in Gregorovitch, isn’t it? Tom’s brain is abnormal recently, which can help us learn more truth… and for Harry himself…” Aaron clasped his hands together, “Avada Kedavra curses The principle is to act on the human body…Although Harry’s forehead is only the size of a lightning bolt…” Aaron shrugged, “But if it happens to hit Harry’s forehead, this spell can only target one soul at a time…Although the probability is small, it is done. Isn’t it possible to just block Harry like this?” (Author’s note: In the original world trajectory, Harry became the true owner of Elder Wand by chance, so when Voldemort used Elder Wand against Harry Avada, Elder Wand was It is unwilling to kill its own master without a change of ownership, so it chose to kill Voldemort’s soul fragment on Harry’s forehead, but the situation is different now, and this probability is basically only possible when the spell is in the middle of the scar. ?)

“Don’t crack a joke. What’s the use of such a small place… It’s better to wear a jacket full of mice… This is a bit useful, but a guy in the Middle Ages did this and killed himself from a severe plague… Sirius shook his head. “Aaron, I still hope you can get rid of this soul fragment for him as soon as possible… so as not to be used by…”

“Actually, the most important reason is that I promised Dumbledore not to interfere with Harry in this matter without authorization…so, we have to tell him this matter just and honourable…it is too disrespectful to do it behind his back.” Aaron’s His gaze was placed in the middle of Sirius 2’s eyes, “You can tell Dumbledore about this, or ask us to meet… I also happen to have information that I need to tell him…”

“I have to tell him? I’m Harry’s godfather… okay okay… I don’t know you respect people so much…” Sirius narrowed his mouth in dissatisfaction. “Should Snivellus tell Dumbledore? He likes to give short reports anyway… “

Snape immediately started taunting: “It seems that the stupid lion of Gryffindor lost his courage when facing Dumbledore?”

“Enough! Sirius.” Aaron halted. “But if Dumbledore disagrees and doesn’t want to come to discuss, you don’t have to argue with him, when the time comes, you can tell me at any time and I can take the soul fragment from Harry anytime. Come down…”

“Well, Aaron, you can only do this… If Harry sees something through you know who, I will let him come and look for you…” Seeing Aaron say this, Sirius can’t help it even if he still doesn’t agree. I could only take out a roll of nailed parchment from my pocket and hand it to Aaron, “When I came here, I asked Josephine for leave. She asked me to bring this to you by the way… What do you want these documents in foreign countries? No matter what the area. ?”

“It’s okay, just make a plan…” Aaron confided 2 sentences at random, and then said with a positive tone, “By the way, Harry lost the Invisibility Cloak… As the headmaster, I should take full responsibility… I will strengthen the security of Hogwarts…” He paused, “Another compensation plan…Let’s do it, anyway, he only uses it for night adventures and other activities. I will compensate him for an imitation made of invisible beast skins every few years. I promise. Replace it before it expires…Of course Harry can’t tell others that I gave it, or other students would think I gave Harry the green light to encourage him to break the curfew…”

“No, no, I can just buy it for him…mainly because it is a relic given to him by James. The more important thing is the memorial meaning than the practical value, so you can ask the people below you to check the most Okay, if I can get it back safely, I can buy the Invisibility Cloak for the thief regularly…” Sirius waved his hand, “And Snivellus and I also broke your office… I’ll go to the wizard bank to give it to you when I go back. Turn around…”

“Harris headmaster, I won’t bother…” Snape stood up. He knew who the Invisibility Cloak had done to him after the loss. He didn’t want to listen anymore and strode toward the spiral staircase in the headmaster room. Walked, but when he left, he couldn’t help but always turn his head to look at Sirius.

“Snivellus, get out! What do you see!” Sirius was a little annoyed by Snape’s poisonous snake eyes.

“I try to… But Sirius, you have to know that this thing is a Death creation. Divination is not very useful to it. It has its own power to shield the prediction. Especially Invisibility Cloak in 3 Hallows… If you can’t hinder this kind of detection magic, It is actually no different from ordinary imitations…” Aaron sighed, “But I will let Victor take charge. It may take a long time but since it is memorable, as long as it is not damaged… I promise to get it back. Yes.” Aaron’s eyes continued to remain on Sirius’ brow position, “As for the compensation and deduct points, I don’t even need it. I already got the compensation back by myself…”

“Got it? When?” Sirius asked suspiciously, feeling a little uneasy at this time based on what he knew about Aaron.

At this time, Snape, who had already walked down the spiral staircase a few steps, stopped: “Harris headmaster, please give me one when the photo comes out…”

“Photo? What photo?” Sirius asked suspiciously, and he felt even more upset at this time based on what he knew about Snape.

“The flash you didn’t notice just now was when my house elf Maggie took a picture of you on the side of the room, Professor Snape noticed…” Aaron forced a smile, “As for the picture? That is I just sucked your brow Flo. When I was in the soul fragment, I used the 3 word gem on your brow to turn your scar from the word Horcrux into a picture of 3 Horcrux scar…”

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