Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1149

“Your policies are making the economy terrible! You are using your power to commit crimes!”

The shouting protests in the crowd that the protesters wanted to start after the other party arrived seemed to be carried out very badly in the imposing manner of the Ministry of Magic and the blessing of the tall and holy Ravenclaw Temple behind them, except for a few Boldly shouted, more unemployed people just raised their protest signs dryly.

“I saw a lot of signs held up by people. I understand that since the rise of Floating Void City and the establishment of our own wizard bank, everyone’s lives have undergone Heaven and Earth turning upside down changes…” Owen He gestured directly to the protesting crowd with his hands, “Remember carefully, everyone, what have we done for the magic circle in Britain in the past few years? We have defeated you know who and his Death Eaters several times. After they rushed out of Britain, we even had spare capacity to help other countries… We invented many novel magic creations and lowered the prices of many products so that most wizard families could afford to buy things they could not afford before…improve The life of the wizards…My son announced his magic achievement that turned Animagus, a mystery that had fewer than ten global registrations a few years ago, into an ordinary transfiguration skill…”

“But now we are unemployed!”

“We can’t afford anything now!”

Owen’s words obviously did not satisfy the protesters below, and even made them feel angry because of his boasting.

“I understand your anger. In fact, I am also very angry. Our economy has indeed been destroyed. Many people’s lives are in a dilemma, but this shouldn’t be our own problem, isn’t it?” Owen is still very Calmly asked those who interrupted him, “Floating Void City and this General will benefit more people. He will let every wizard family live a pure-blood family before. Live a wealthy life, but after we have done so much for the world magic circle, what have they fed back to us? Not only did the International Wizards Alliance fail to maintain the “Confidentiality Law”, it even attacked us in order to fight the Dark Lord Launch actions to hinder and criticize…Of course, they did apologize; we lowered the price of a lot of creations for ordinary wizards, but this also offended many pure-blood families who made a living with huge profits; we wanted to completely solve Dark Lord went to Gringotts in Goblin, but because the Goblins were concerned about their…business reputation…was blocked. In other words, the Goblins blessed the Dark Lord. We could have avoided the harm he caused by doing evil in Europe now…”

“Minister Harris, we are not here to listen to you for these reasons and your achievements in the past. Now our workshop has been forced to close and we have to eat!” Most of the reasons that Owen described are actually very clear, but Now when facing issues involving their own survival, there is no need to instigate the pure-blooded forces hidden in the crowd. These Harris past achievements are nothing to the unemployed wizards.

“Ai, yes…it’s useless, isn’t it? Maybe you are curious, why my son who is better at speaking than myself, just like those newspapers describes him, I am good at publishing and plotting coldly Against the speech, the son with an evil voice-over, and the owner of Hogwarts Floating Void City, why didn’t Aaron appear on the scene…Why didn’t you come and give these speeches on politics, order, and power to inflame people?” Owen watched the emotion lose control “My son Aaron realized from the very beginning that what Britain’s wizards need is not speeches. Now, what they need is action…So now, our action has begun.”

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