Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1183

“Although it looks more flexible, but the weight is too heavy. If you encounter a skilled wizard, you know that in the first stage of the Goblet of Fire competition, I dealt with the fossil of the Dragon. The fossil is mud and the fossil is mud. Tactics, this can easily make this heavy guy who is more resistant to magic useless.” Aaron said, watching the iron bumps that cause slight vibrations when walking, “but the technology of Golem No. 4 It seems to be relatively mature, and it is indeed a product born out of your previous iron golem…As long as you solve this problem, there will be nothing wrong with its mass production. Maybe you can refer to muggle’s technology, such as the spray device, Let it be able to break free from the shackles of the soil within a period of time…”

“Yes! Harris headmaster! Speaking of muggle products, Miss Granger’s father also helped me a lot in golem research. He gave me some suggestions. We have always targeted the wizard before. But the muggle world does not seem too peaceful, and we are now deepening our cooperation with muggle world… So after Mr. Granger’s reminder, I have been carrying out research on muggle weapons.” Ross Gellar was a little unskilled in complimenting Hermione’s parents, “think It’s not too difficult to just defend. Muggle’s weapons do not contain magic power. They are easy to be defended or deformed, but some of their ideas may improve the weapon system of golems and floating ships, because their weapons have far and scary range. …” Ross was a little bit twitchy. He asked in a low voice after the cost-effectiveness issue had been stagnated once, “So…Harris headmaster, if we want to go ahead, this may require more financial support…In addition, if there are some alchemy professionals If the wizard can help me, I think I can go faster…”

“A good idea, like the previous Incendio and the like are inferior to muggles in range, Mr. Gellar, if you can notice this, it shows that you are really keen in your profession, and the umbrella will give you enough money. In addition, my friend of the Muggle Prime Minister should be very happy to introduce some people from the Muggle military to me, so that I can provide you with some information about Muggle weapons…Of course, you guess that the system will learn how Muggle is in this respect. You can only understand after knowledge.” Aaron agrees with Rose’s ideas and understands his concerns, “Don’t be too anxious to get results, this is not anxious, if you need manpower… uh, Mr. Gellar, have you considered Become a professor? My university is short of talents like you. In addition to being responsible for this, you can also take the time to teach youngsters your alchemy knowledge, train some apprentices in the university yourself, and after graduation, these apprentices can Come here to work and give you some hands-on help to accomplish these goals…”

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