Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1184


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The part that Aaron needed to be responsible for finally ended. Fleur entire group Pack set up the props and prepared to leave, and they finished other shooting by themselves.

And Rose Gellar also lost the aura he had when talking about himself professionally just now, and returned to his sluggish appearance. He just ran into the factory and quickly ran out again, with his hands behind his back. Some twists came to Aaron.

“Harris headmaster…” Rose’s tone, too slow to make people beat him, rang again.

Aaron, who was talking to Hermione, noticed Rose’s anomaly, and when he saw the appearance of the other person, he quickly stared at his head intently.

Aaron then relaxed and hurried to extend the hand before the other party spoke: “Of course, Rose, take the poster, I’ll sign it for you…” He took the poster behind the other party’s back and opened it, “Uh… It looks like I was playing a year ago and now it looks…sorry.”

Speaking, Aaron signed his name on this Quiddich photo of his Fourth Year when he joined the National Team: “What happened to the last time I asked Hermione to order that golem arm from you?”

“I’ll let the courier deliver it to you in a few days. Owl can’t catch such a heavy thing…and…Harris headmaster” picking up the poster, Rose has become more satisfied because he speaks faster. Most people are a little slower: “Harris headmaster asks you to participate in next year’s Quiddich World Cup…”

“Uh, I don’t have much time to train. Coach Geraldine has already retired…Uh…” Aaron said half a sentence to avoid the other party’s persuasion to change his words, “Of course, I and the new National Team coach Lee Brown has previously contacted me in a letter. If he still has this requirement for me and allows me to compete without training, I can still continue to play.”

Hermione saw that Ross hadn’t planned to leave, so he hurriedly said, “Mr. Gellar, things with Quiddich are still early. We can consider later. If nothing happens, Harris headmaster and I will leave first…”

“Oh, okay…” Rose was nodded a little frustrated, “Oh, please wait…Miss Granger…” He suddenly raised his voice, “Please wait, my younger sister Monica has news for me to bring you… “He hurriedly took out a piece of parchment and a crumpled notebook from his bag.

“Please wait, Mr. Gellar!” Hermione shouted.

Ross, who is focused on the immediate affairs, did not notice Hermione’s voice: “Golem research can’t be day and night, remember to eat… Uh, sorry, the one for you is yet to come… This is the part for me…”

“Mr. Gellar! Please wait!” Hermione wanted to interrupt Rose again, but the other party ignored her eyes and gestures at all, took a peek at Aaron, who had already begun to notice here, and Hermione slapped herself. Forehead, I feel some brain pain.

“Please tell Miss Granger that Harris University recently invited Gordon Ramsay to teach cooking skills. I have to go for a refresher course. The cheesecake she ordered can only be postponed for a few days. In addition, to compensate me I wrote the recipes of the new dishes I recently developed in the notebook along with the recipes she requested, please bring them…” Rose reads each minding their own business without looking up, here, “Finally, according to Miss Granger’s Confidentiality requirements, please inform her individually in private.”

After reading, she raised her head to face Hermione, who was a little angry with her eyes wide open. Rose, who reacted slowly, was stunned. He quickly moved closer again and looked at the words “Oh…” Woke up and said apologetically, “Sorry, Miss Granger.”

Because of worrying that there are many outsiders on the scene, Aaron didn’t say anything, but he deliberately opened his mouth slightly, and looked towards Hermione sideways, as if he was set in place.

Seeing Aaron pretending to be shocked, Hermione glared at him angrily and opened his hand to Rose. He quickly gave Hermione the notebook in his hand, and then he found that Hermione’s fingers were pressed in front of the notebook. The location of the black golem lubricating oil, which has dried up for too long and is difficult to clean.

“I’m sorry again, Miss Granger, when my younger sister gave it to me, it was basically new…” Rose only felt that his entire face was feverish, and he usually focused on studying golems, so that his life was a bit sloppy.

Hermione noticed that someone had noticed them, so she put the letter and notebook into her pocket, pulling Aaron to Disapparation and leaving the place.

“Hermione, quietly I caught you secretly carrying what we are doing!” Aaron winked at Hermione, “You don’t let us eat candy, but you secretly order cheesecake to eat…”

“I’m not for eating! Well, it’s not just…” Hermione pleaded and gave up, “I just think I should learn how to cook, lest I always get mocked by Penelope…Your mother has been too late recently. Daisy and Emily went to study, she thinks Daisy has always been single for this reason…”

Hearing Hermione’s explanation, and staring at Hermione for a long time, Aaron felt a little confused. He responded dryly, realizing that Hermione was really not for satisfying her appetite—she arrived. Now I think she is one step ahead of Penelope, so she doesn’t want to be caught up by Penelope. Recently, Penelope is often praised by her family for taking care of her mother’s diet, which makes her taste a little bit.

“Don’t you start learning to cook too?” Hermione took out the crumpled cookbook and tried to make it clean with magic, “I think it’s not more difficult than making potion, as long as it’s strict At least a few can be produced by following the steps.”

Looking at Hermione’s appearance, Aaron felt even more confused. The problem on Penelope’s side was finally solved. Now how to tell Hermione has become a problem.

“You are so busy working on the umbrella, but you don’t need to spend so much energy on it…” Aaron looked at Hermione’s expression and couldn’t say anything. Finally, he just brazenly boasted, “Hermione, you Smart, brave, keen and knowledgeable, you have helped me too much to achieve the goal of breaking the “Confidentiality Act.” You see, Magic Circle has cooperated with muggle world, and the current form is much better than what we wanted to change at the beginning Now…so you don’t have to show anything in your cooking, you have done well…”

“Now the pureblood wizards are also changing their concept, even if they don’t admit it, but they also realize that muggle is no longer a serf who is ignorant and pulls excrement everywhere.” Hermione said to this. Quite proud, but she misunderstood Aaron’s meaning, “However, I have been more free after this busy period recently. For some time, although I am different from Penelope, I cannot stay in the kitchen for a long time, but I should basically understand. At least I learned the cake this time, otherwise Monica’s kindness would be disappointed. She told me all the secret recipes she had just developed…”

Aaron smiled nodded, thinking that if it were not for the umbrella to invest in the little mother’s cake shop, that Monica would not be so talkative…

Hermione looked at Aaron’s smile and followed nodded, she thought generously-she thought Penelope could only rely on her cooking to find a sense of superiority, if she robbed it here, the other side would be a bit too pitiful Up.

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