Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1185


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“Morgan Lefleux, you didn’t liking, I made you a cold Spanish soup.” Penelope brought a fat orange red soup out of the kitchen and placed it in front of Morgan Lefleux, who was lying on the sofa with his stomach upright. “It is a characteristic of Andalusia in southern Spain, and it is also one of the local home cooking. It was originally more suitable for eating in the hot season, but if you don’t have liking, it’s also suitable for sour taste. Spanish is Gazpacho, also known as liquid salad. It is characterized by refreshing and refreshing, and the fragrance of vegetables is also very appetizing.”

Different from the cold and arrogant attitude towards other people in the past, Penelope’s voice is lower and softer every time he faces Aaron’s mother. It appears to be much gentler than normal, and the voice is soft and even a little false ——This made Hermione, who was sitting cross-legged and writing on the coffee table, cramped.

“Ha, does the baby know that there is something delicious? I’m saying hello to you.” The towering belly was obviously bulging. Morgan Lefleux rubbed his belly and watched the TV show, “My sons and daughters It’s unreliable. You will take care of me during this time.”

The pregnant woman’s eyes stayed on Daisy Emily and then Fleur in the hall for a while, making them very uncomfortable.

“Morgan Lefleux, I have a question and I want to ask you in particular.” Penelope said with a rare twist.

Morgan Lefleux was a little surprised, but he asked in a pleasant manner: “What do you want to ask, dear?”

I glanced at the people around me and felt sorry, Penelope put his head close to Aaron’s mother’s ear and whispered: “Counting the two who were not born, you have seven children… You know, the wizards’ fertility rate It seems to be low…Do you have any secrets?”

Although Fleur and Hermione are sitting far away, Penelope ignores Daisy who is also lying on the sofa. After potion has permanently upgraded her physical attributes, she directly carefree laughs after overhearing the problem.

“Cough…” Morgan Lefleux put down the soup bowl, tried to swallow the soup he almost squirted back into his stomach, turned his face and coughed twice-how well did she discuss this in front of her daughter and daughter-in-law Such a topic, she can’t praise the public as Owen’s credit.

Daisy’s laughter gave Morgan Lefleux a reason to turn the subject off.

“Daisy, you are lying on the sofa all day long! What will not do! Until now, even Aaron can cook, and Emily is not in class today? Why are you running back again, you two will go to the kitchen now, Ask Helga to learn how to cook some dishes, otherwise how to marry in the future?” Morgan Lefleux yelled out of pregnancy, his temper is much worse than before.

“Mother, I have important things. I’m waiting for my father and Aaron to report back.” Daisy changed his cocked Erlang’s leg to it and nestled it firmly in the sofa.

“Mother, I don’t want to marry! I went back to school to find Laura and Gabrielle.” Emily jumped off the sofa and was about to leave.

“Stop!” Morgan Lefleux called his daughter, then looked towards Fleur, “Fleur, help me bring Emily into the kitchen and teach her something.”

Fleur suppressed the plea that she didn’t know how to cook or didn’t want to cook, and she glanced at Emily, and then she started walking to the kitchen helplessly, a kind of person sitting on the sofa, and the trouble came from Morgan Lefleux’s mouth. The feelings from inside came spontaneously.

“Penelope, I haven’t cooked much. Come and guide us.” Emily saw her mother who was not ill-tempered during pregnancy, and ran over to pull Penelope.

“Okay, I’ll help you.” Penelope saw that her problem had made things like this, and felt a bit sorry, she hurriedly responded to her, who likes to maintain a good relationship with Sister Aaron.

“Penelope, you can stay with me here, otherwise Emily will ask you to do it for her. I used to be so used to them that they will not do it.” Morgan Lefleux reminded Penelope, before She didn’t think so, and now she felt that her daughter felt too useless compared to Penelope.

Hermione touched her pocket and felt the recipe she got from Monica Gellar. Although she had planned to practice at home before, she also threw the pen in her hand from the sofa. Jumped up: “Morgan Lefleux, I also recently got this recipe, which is the secret recipe of Little Mama Cake Shop Boss, I will try it too.”

Penelope, who was originally sitting on the side, saw that Hermione suddenly had a secret recipe, and was so confident that she took the initiative to cook. She tucked her short hair behind her ears, stood up, and walked towards the kitchen.

And I don’t know when, in the wizard TV, Helena just got out of the TV, and then saw that the inner Qi atmosphere seemed not quite right, and she hesitated to go back.

“Helena, don’t be afraid, come to me first.” Morgan Lefleux noticed Helena, and changed back to the usual and cheerful grandma, “I just let you aunt them to practice cooking.”

Helena had to fall off the TV, drifting obediently to Morgan Lefleux and sitting down.

Seeing that some of the timid granddaughters seemed to be frightened just now, Morgan Lefleux continued to ask cheerfully: “Good child, where did you go to play today?”

“Grandma, I was in Mother’s temple, and my female ghost choir sang songs to the believers in the temple for a while.” Helena responded, “There are a few foreign wizards who don’t know the rules. The ghost chorus has affected the nosebleeds, and Katie Bell is treating them now.”

“After the girl Katie graduated last semester, she gave up the invitation of the professional Quiddich team and went straight to the temple. She was indeed very pious to your mother…” Upon hearing Luna’s temple, Morgan Lefleux remembered the problem with Penelope just now. With a sound, as if afraid to scare Helena, she took her granddaughter’s cold, materialized hand and lowered her voice, and asked softly: “Helena, do you know what your mother is up to now? I haven’t been able to for almost three months. I saw her, and asked your father that he didn’t understand. Tell grandma, is there any place your mother needs help from home?”

Helena sat there speechless for a while, her expression froze, she hadn’t exercised her ability to lie since she was a child, and she hadn’t practiced her ability to lie, except for her father before. There is no such need other than the identity hidden in front of him, so even though it has existed for nearly a thousand years, let alone her ability in this respect, aunt Emily, even the big-hearted Daisy is better at this.

In the current situation, Helena’s parents forbids her to tell the truth. This makes the poor female ghost crash in place just like the computer with a blue screen during Arthur’s demonstration. The entity and ghost status are also Switching back and forth unsteadily, which made her turn on and off like a bad TV model.

“Helena, if you don’t know, don’t think about it.” Morgan Lefleux saw the state of her granddaughter and realized that she must have been ordered by Aaron to keep her secret, so he quickly pretended to touch his belly from the upper ear to the lower ear. “I’m almost drinking the soup. Help grandma take the dishes to the kitchen. You aunt and they are learning to cook. Stay there to help me stare. Don’t let Penelope aunt for you. By the way, Helga might come out, too. You can chat with her.”

“Good grandma.” Helena saw that grandma said, Ru Meng Dahe reached out to take the plate, but forgot to maintain the substance, and tried again before taking the plate.

After Helena left, Daisy leaned against Mother in silence. She excitedly encouraged: “Mother, Aaron, the bad boy and Loony must have something to hide from us! You keep Aaron from Call back, I will use torture to interrogate him!”

Morgan Lefleux agreed with Daisy nodded, and then shook his head: “Daisy, you can’t call directly. I haven’t disturbed him before. You can’t call directly. Otherwise, your younger brother will definitely find something unusual and maybe just run away. , I am to Lu…”

“mother! Don’t say that name!” Daisy exclaimed, “There are so many people praying like her now. When you announced your pregnancy last time, I heard her ask Aaron why Rolan prayed to her, or God Either you know who’s ability is similar to the previous you know who, you have cast a spell on your own name, we can’t call her by her name directly, neither of the two names will work, otherwise she will know!”

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