Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1276

“Don’t worry, Pansy, the portrait in this school can’t tell other people what I don’t want them to say… Just like this little hand, I have control over it, which my predecessors cannot have …” Aaron noticed Pansy’s expression. “In addition, this hand-shaped undying creatures were made by me with a severed hand belonging to Tom. Like its previous owner character, it is not a good thing to understand. , Be careful when dealing with… but I need to keep it, it is still useful to me.”

Pansy thought of the fact that Aaron and Voldemort defeated the Dark Lord by an overwhelming advantage in the second duel live broadcast and broke Voldemort’s hand. She divine light flashed to think of some of the things she learned in Divination, and she felt even more awe of the wizard in front of her. She barely dared to move while sitting in her position-the other party obviously knew Voldemort’s whereabouts very well, I am afraid it was through This is a broken hand…If you think about it again, the act of cutting off the palm of the Dark Lord back then was probably plot against…

Then Aaron suddenly placed his index finger on his lips and made a silent gesture to Pansy. Pansy hadn’t come to respond in a hurry. There were a little lame footsteps and a few sounds from the spiral staircase from the headmaster room. Meowing.