Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1317


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Voldemort’s handsome face is frowning with eyebrows, and the nostrils under his nose are frowning because of anger. The flesh on his cheeks twitches and looks deformed and hideous: Never let the other party reveal this spelling method Get out!

Voldemort, who was full of his mind, a single thought, couldn’t help but raise his hand and a green light shot out–but then he regained his senses, his muscles were tight, and he was ready to dodge. He might be turned back by the opponent. Avada Kedavra curse.

But Aaron seemed stunned, leaning on the sofa dumbfounded with a frightened expression, with the green light hitting his chest,


Aaron slumped back on the sofa, his twisted expression of pain rested on his face.

“Master!” The guard made a surprise voice, “You did it!”

Voldemort just sucks in a breath of cold air, and the tense string in his mind seems to be broken: Aaron Harris is too powerful and has formed an overwhelming advantage over him, a heavy sense of powerlessness. His heart rose.

“Almost, but the curse still hurts me.”

Aaron’s voice made the cheering guard stunned again, as if he had hit the Binding Curse. He then took back the exaggerated expression of horror on his face, and smiled at Tom: The previous time he and the old Tom had a duel, he had successfully predicted that the Dark Lord’s formidable power would be even more powerful. He wounded him, but he didn’t take a risk test at the time, and today this young Tom released it as an experiment. It can be seen that although the young Voldemort’s killing curse is no better than the original Umbridge shot. Few, but it has already made him bleed and can’t do it.

Voldemort’s pale face was a little blue, and he almost roared: “Aaron Harris…Let’s get the word out, what do you want me to do?…Um?!!!”

Voldemort’s talking mouth was suddenly squeezed by Aaron’s outstretched hand and his chin was squeezed away. He also looked at the mouth of Dark Lord’s teeth.

There was a crisp sound.

Voldemort, who reacted after being attacked suddenly, knocked out Aaron’s hand with his hand, and Aaron didn’t care. He just squinted his eyes, leaned back slightly, and looked at Voldemort carefully from top to bottom, on him. After a few laps: “You still care about the appearance of you now, but you wear a little plain.”

Voldemort’s look at this look reminded him of his childhood experience, just like the first time he met Dumbledore and was threatened by burning his wardrobe, which made him breathe angrily, and asked in a sharp voice. Said: “What exactly do you want to do?”

At this time, the guard Stan, who had just recovered from the shock that Aaron was able to hit Avada Kedavra’s immortal curse, started to shock again in his heart. He felt that Aaron’s eyes felt weird-although his eyes did not fall To himself, but he felt uncomfortable.

gu lu ~~~

The sound of the bellowing broke this somewhat intense atmosphere.

Voldemort stared coldly at this humiliating subordinate, and met his master’s cold gaze, causing Stan, who was tight, almost screamed–it was nearly the normal meal time, he was empty. His stomach was clamoring for hunger, which made him scream gu lu just now. This caused his cold sweat to seep out of his back instantly, and his heart began to worry that even Aaron Harris would let him go, but now he saw himself who heard the master’s make a fool of himself, and now humiliating the master would make this fairly forgiving Dark Lord, reveal his hidden less forgiving side.

But this also made Aaron’s eyebrows stretched out. He took out his pocket watch and checked the time. Then he took out a few scotch eggs from his pocket, and two soft buttered breads, and put them on the table in front of the sofa.

Aaron showed a friendly smile: “I just heard your stomach say hungry, I happen to have a piece of bread here, I am not hungry yet, please eat it.”

“Uh…thank you?”

Although the character of the owner of Floating Void City in front of him is more elusive and weird, Stan trembling with fear extends the hand-he dare not take the food, so he can only tear a piece of bread and stuff it in disorderly In the mouth.

Just out of anger, Voldemort took a deep breath and calmed down. He glanced at the food, raised his head and did not use them, then lowered his head without a smile, took the quilt and touched the coke with his lips. Make the scene less rigid.

“Actually, my purpose is very simple.” Aaron leaned on the sofa, raised his brows, and said enthusiastically to Voldemort: “My house is quite big. You are welcome to come to my house to play. It’s okay to live with me.”

Voldemort was very surprised when Aaron said this purpose. He really didn’t understand the meaning of Harris’ words. He moved forward slightly and asked tentatively: “Harris headmaster, you mean let me join the Harris family. ?”

Stan moved his body quietly. He grew up in the modern Wizard Society. He thought of more. The hand holding the bread was trembling, and he didn’t dare to look up: He knew that some pure-blooded wizards had special hobbies. There was one The wizard named Jaeger used a similar method to trick his neighbor into a little wizard who lives with his grandmother—and Aaron Harris in front of him, although he heard that he only targets witch, but who knows if he will get bored, think Using Dark Lord to change the taste, it seems that some people will feel that this will bring some sense of conquest.

“If you are willing to join, that would be great, it will save us a lot of trouble… uh, please wait…” Aaron’s tone was calm, and he began to reach out to his pocket and search inside With.

Voldemort watched Aaron’s movements coldly. He held the Coke cup tightly with his fingers. For the casually response of the other party, what he understood was that it showed that the other party did not put his strength in his eyes. Such a nonchalant tone. The young Tom thought of the information he had collected. He knew that when he was in the other party’s Fifth Year, that other powerful himself had wanted to subdue Aaron Harris, and he began to wonder if the wizard in front of him wanted to take revenge—because Harris had an account. Must pay for that sentence.

But then, the dark Lord with more sensibility in his head grabbed his magic robe with thin and slender fingers, and he was a little bit happy after calculating.

There is no doubt that Aaron Harris’s current strength is inseparable from the Harris family and Ravenclaw behind him. This young Dark Lord realized that if he joins Harris, he can learn magic knowledge that cannot be learned elsewhere. And if Harris is willing to admit a powerful subordinate into the Harris family because of his magic innate talent, they will then help to clean up his identity, which is much easier than his own troublesome handling.

A suit of clothes floated in the air, and Aaron took out a pair of black dragon leather boots from his pocket. His gaze swept over Voldemort, who was dressed in plain black robe: “Please don’t move, it won’t hurt. I customized it according to the old one. First, see if it fits.”

I already wanted to understand that the powerful young Dark Lord did not resist. Although he felt a little different on his body, he lowered his head and found that his clothes had changed.

He has changed into a white shirt, dark green vest, and a dark green bow tie on his shirt. The bottoms are straight, black pants without a trace of wrinkles… These clothes are elegant and elegant enough. The pair of leather boots have been worn on his feet, and the movement of the hair on the side of his forehead let him know that his hairstyle has also been trimmed.

But the new white gloves on Voldemort’s hands brought a strong steward and attendant style, which made him feel wrong like his subordinate Stan. It would make sense to join Harris if it were those umbrella uniforms, because it was obviously to Fang The Family brings their German style.

“What do you want me to do?”