Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1318

“I know you know how to absorb it.” Aaron leaned back on the sofa relaxedly, patted his own hands, and blew the ashes that Stan had turned away without a trace. “I got its primordial from Black’s house Version, although he also made you brainless, but it can also support you to do so many Horcrux.”

At this time, Voldemort’s hand was still holding the contract that he had not had time to read, but he felt the soul energy that plunged into the body, joy and shock rose from the bottom of his heart, gradually swelling, making his whole body hot and trembling-in the initial After entering the stage, he is now working hard to open his eyes and mouth to allow these energy to enter better. Dark Lord’s spider-leg-like slender fingers grabbed the sofa under him, except for receiving so many energy belts in a short time. The pain came because of the greed in his heart clamoring wildly.

Voldemort thinks he finally knows the secret of why Aaron Harris is so strong at a young age—Harris has mastered the spirit transformation and his ability to complement himself! Voldemort sighed contentedly after absorbing all the energy, and the broken soul was nourished.

“Thank you, my soul hasn’t been so comfortable for a long time. You asked him to ask him to feel broken and empty.”

At this time, the Dark Lord has no more rejection, and he even bowed to Aaron sincerely. And his heart began to wonder about the plan that he must learn this legendary skill after joining Harris. He even realized that Aaron and Ravenclaw might not only focus on this World anymore, and began to fantasize if he could find out that Ravenclaw became a god. The secret dreams, he had studied Aaron’s purpose of their actions before, and speculated that certain beliefs were related.

Aaron was nodded with satisfaction: “That’s good, then take a look at the contract, and sign and go back with me if there is no problem… But you have to receive Maggie’s basic training before seeing my daughter.”

Although there is no rejection in his heart, Voldemort is cautious at this time or sign not at all immediately. He first checked the not at all in the contract in this chapter for any additional text disguised as decorative patterns, and then started the quick browser. The content of the contract.

At the beginning, I have already listed things like listening to Helena Ravenclaw’s words, always focus on her emotional preferences, and be on call… In order to get supplies to absorb the soul, in order to allow the soul to absorb and grow, this is in his opinion Coming is a real way to escape death, and these harsh requirements are not a big deal in Voldemort’s eyes.

And what makes Tom ecstatic is that there is not at all too much content that Harris restricts his actions, more just some restrictions on confidentiality, until he browses to the end, these joys are instantly wiped out, no Recovering her previous arrogant posture with her head up and her back straight, her trembling fingers wrinkled the parchment, and her voice sounded almost choking: “Harris headmaster, don’t…”

“Being obedient…Rather than enduring permanent pain between life and death after being killed by me, I think you are now wise enough to decide how to choose…Know that if you are the noseless Tom, I’m not happy yet.” Aaron reached out and patted Voldemort’s stiff shoulders. “Others will know that you, Tom Riddle, will become my servant of Aaron Harris and Rowena Ravenclaw’s daughter Helena. It’s not ashamed…”