Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1362

“Harris Minister, the strength of Britain Magic Circle is at this time in the international community …” Binish Division santed his thoughts, slowly want to use it to remind you to remind Owen, “But I also make some countries Misunderstanding. “

“Owen, the previous sanctions on Britain have already been in name only, but at least MINISTRY OF MAGIC has not ended it on behalf of it …” Madam Maxime turned the protein ring in his hand, more direct than her ministers Say.

“Hahaha, your Britain people have a humor … but the words of jokes, etc., will say …” A cool voice came, a body is more than Molly, a strong round face Witch is taking the table directly to laugh. Sound, “Years, etc., Codos Duzi, I want to ask if I want to ask for a duel Tournament site to play a MAGIC school Potion Championship? Maybe it can expand the impact rather than only four House, I It is believed that Aaron Harris Headmaster should still be involved in students … if he can use the Potion of Squib variable wizard, I want to win, there is no problem … we have a Russian and my ally, I admire Powerhouse, maybe I will be willing to support you. BRITAIN is re-acquired the joint president of the Federation … “

Bennash is not satisfied with the vulgarity of this Witch, but also thinks that the other’s previous occupations don’t think about the mockwork laughd, identify this strong Witch is Peter Lova Bocov, this The Witch, who is strange to the name of Russia, has served as a professional chasing hand, and the Bkkov is similar to the TriWizard Tournament game with her surname, the Potion Championship mentioned in her mouth. This kind of influence is much smaller than the Goblet Of Fire, which is hosted by Britain’s Hogwarts, Russia’s Codostorz, Japan’s Magic, and Africa’s four MAGIC schools. The game, the winning school will only get more than a symbolic gold Cauldron. (Author Note: The four House and prizes held by Championships are officially official, but the time and way is not fixed, in this way, try to become the first person in any crab in HP expansion settings. I didn’t plan to let it go.)

and some other ministers understand this Russian Witch looks out in front of this Russian Witch looks forward that she will not know about the disadvantages of Britain, and the following conditions are complementary – Russia because of the area The vast cause has always been the export of Herb and Potion. Obviously, the achievements of FLOATING VOID CITY in various Potions have clear the Russian eye, and now use what MAGIC Tournament filed their conditions to Britain.

However, even if Russia and its works plus France, it is obvious that Britain, which is almost become the Britain, who is almost, because this is nothing benefit to other countries.