Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1388


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When everyone dispersed, Aaron, who was told by his mother to take the responsibility of father himself, did not show any discomfort. He steadily held the two children on the left and the right and returned to his room as an excellent House elf, Maggie and Kreacher are already in Aaron when they are still in the living room, they have arranged the crib and other things for the new Young Lord in the house.

Nested in Aaron’s arms on Thursday, the fleshy little fist was placed to Xiao.’s mouth, and he yawned. But on Wednesday, gu lu lu’s eyes were turning, and she was still not sleepy. Some flowers and trinkets flew to her from time to time along the way, obviously using his magic power.

Although Aaron’s movements were a bit rusty, he put the child in the crib as gently as possible. He also controlled some toys. In order to avoid affecting his son’s rest, he eliminated the sound that should have been made and let them float around Wednesday. .

Then came the door of Aaron’s room and noticed the movement at the door. Aaron turned her head and saw Luna stick one’s head around to look for at the door. She looked inside, and after meeting Aaron’s gaze, she whizzed. She drew back.

“Why don’t you come in?”

Aaron was a little bit angry at the door, and Luna poked her head out again with a guilty conscience. She was wearing pajamas and pajamas printed with crazy rabbits, and she slipped in from the door. She didn’t wear slippers, only the feet and soles of socks. There was a da da da sound and the two carrot earrings dangled on her ears.

God’s physique made her seem completely unaffected by the post-birth period. Luna, who had recovered her flexible posture, jumped onto the bed behind Aaron and crossed her legs.

Aaron did not look at her again, and continued to focus on the two children who were reaching out and kicking. Now the other Little Brat also woke up. He chose from the pile of toys that Maggie had prepared and took out a set Thirty gobs were identified from them, and they were satisfied to find that house elfs had replaced this stinking liquid, which is popular in young wizards and similar to marbles, with insect-controlling water with a sweet smell. .

According to the standard gameplay, Aaron divided them into fifteen pieces for each person, and distributed them to the air in front of the two children, so that they started to come and go as if they were in a battle, spraying the potion everywhere from time to time.

These multi-colored gadgets are obviously attractive enough for newborn babies, allowing Aaron to take a few steps back-even if their physique makes the twins look nothing like newborns.

“Helena mentioned that Professor Snape’s mother, Irene Prince was the Captain of the Hogwarts Gobstone varsity team during school.” Luna sat on the bed and leaned behind Aaron, putting her chin on Aaron’s shoulder. .

“Professional gobstone players actually compete in national and world-level tournaments, but this kind of game is played by very few people in the wizard world, and its reputation is not very “cool”. People who love this game usually treat this game. I feel angry at one point… Basically it is very popular among young wizards, but generally as they get older, their interest in this game will gradually be worn down.” Aaron replied with some seriousness, “At the stage of schooling, Most people have become more interested in intense sports like Quiddich… Gobs are not particularly popular in Hogwarts. They rank very low in all kinds of extracurricular activities, far inferior to Quiddich, and even wizard chess is better. Bash is popular. For a few days when you were away, some National Gob Stone Association held recruitment activities such as “Look at Gob Stone again” in order to gain the love of Hogwarts students, but these guys don’t have the consulate and propaganda. The photos in the material…the current Gobstone world champion Kevin Hope Wood was sprayed with dirt on his eyes…maybe not suitable for attracting new players…”

“It was popular for a while more than a decade ago. Young wizards would say some truth to each other when they used them.” Luna rubbed his chin on Aaron’s shoulder even slightly to please, “Want to have fun?” ( Author’s Note: In the official mobile game Hogwarts Mystery, Gobstone has a heavy weight. It is used as a regular mini game to enhance communication and friendship between friends.)

“You don’t need gobstones.” Aaron tilted his head to let his head and the other party’s together. He complained a little bit, “…When did we fall to the point where we need to borrow these things to speak?”

“You used to have no privacy for me, but now I can’t see that I’m not used to…” Luna closed her eyes, fiddling with Aaron’s earlobe with her fingers, “I can only judge that it disturbs me…”

Aaron felt her shoulders numb. This kind of intimacy between normal lovers made him notice that after Luna lost her ability to see through people, her behavior towards herself was more like a normal witch. Up.

“You really made up your mind to do what… Can I really blame you? I’ve been a Philosopher’s Stone myself…” Aaron’s voice softened, “The first time Helena was born I didn’t accompany me… this time I missed it again…”

“I took the opportunity to strengthen it in advance…” Luna leaned on her head, “This should avoid the next time… You always don’t like it…”

“It is uncomfortable to hear that we can’t see ourselves after knowing other people.” Aaron tilted his head slightly to Luna’s, and raised his hand to hug her head and stroke her hair.

“So everything depends on our own choice.” Luna’s chin sounded a bit slurred because it was resting on Aaron’s shoulder.

“If it is necessary…” Aaron’s voice was a little uncertain, then turned his head and said, “Farewell without saying goodbye.”

“Will you go together?” Luna’s voice doesn’t sound like a trance, “No matter everything else goes with me?”

The expression on Luna’s face that was even somewhat awkward before suddenly became as full of wisdom as Rowena. Silver’s eyes were as if the mist on the lake was blown away by the wind, and the eyes were clear, which made her abrupt. Lingxiu’s grotesque temperament disappeared, and Lingxiu’s face suddenly looked very beautiful and charming.

“Of course, as we said in ancient times…” Aaron replied, and then looked at Luna’s face that became much more beautiful after being serious, and said foolishly, “I always feel that you are very gentle today. “

“That’s because of Aaron, you are still a child.” Although Luna itself is relatively petite, but the image of turning sideways at this time looks a bit tall, she backhanded Aaron into her arms.

2nd day early in the morning.

The clear blue sky of the sea in early summer is relaxed and joyful, and there are thousands of clear blue waves below. Floating Void City is gradually approaching a beautiful and prosperous land in the sea. This island, like a pearl on the sea, is surrounded by water and overlooked from Floating Void City. Below, you can see the mountains and deep valleys with ravines, as well as the coast composed of cliffs, rocky headlands and sandy beaches. In particular, the coast here is different from the soft sea-colored beaches, most of which are rocky beaches formed by the erosion of the rocks by the sea.

This is the venue for the current international wizard duel tournament. Floating Void City flew here some time in advance, giving enough time for the wizards on the Floating Void City to visit the scenery of Crete-also given Nearby local wizards spend their time browsing Floating Void City.