Harry Potter and The Invincible Bookworm Chapter 1426


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Under the gaze of the omniscient eye, the wizards who just used spell below are even more excited.

Percy · Weasley stands out like the color of his hair and stepped on the high platform with his head high, his back straight, and high-spirited and vigorous on the high platform. He pulled out the wand, following his movements, shuaa~ The wind rolling banner sounded instantly, and the flag with the emblem of Britain Ministry of Magic and the imprint of the Harris family’s all-knowing eye fluttered from the ground—the airy posture was not like going up the stairs to work. It looks like the bridegroom officer is attending the wedding.

And like him, Floating Void City is full of this kind of covering the heavens, shielding the sun, occupying the entire city and its sky,

Rows of large screens were erected in front of the shops on both sides of the square to isolate those shops from the square, and the screens were also painted with the same marks as the flags. As long as there is space, long banners are laid down even outside the Ravenclaw Temple.

And on the high platform that was preparing before, the wizards suddenly stood up a huge bronze giant eagle with a high head and huge wings. The shadow cast on the high platform enveloped everyone, and this The eagle’s sharp claws held a triangle-shaped emblem, and it was the omniscient eye everywhere.

And the wizards who finished these things began to raise their heads and open their arms on the spot. The posture was like the conductor of the muggle society was about to conduct the symphony. The wand threw it away, and it clicked in several places in the square. Click, a few white radiances followed, and then vigorous music sounded in the square.

Although this kind of music is relatively simple, it has a very strong sense of rhythm. Accompanied by dense and rhythmic drums, it sounds like a blood boil.

And the music is like a model. The sonorous and powerful footsteps from the periphery of this commercial plaza like a large Colosseum, each step is accurately stepped on the drums of this music, which encourages imposing. The manner, the combination of the two, the sound effect is more imposing manner and majestic.

Then, a team of armed Auror dressed in H94 uniforms walked in neatly through several entrances and exits, each with their heads high and chests high, their steps were uniform, even their heads tilted. The angles of both look the same, and the deterrence of the tapping sound brought by the dragon leather riding boots is oppressive.

Those monsters with black bone spurs on their backs that resemble large hyenas roared and were led in the middle of a team of Auror. These hellhounds with rusty red or black brown short hair had their eyes shining with red rays of light , Send cold shivers down one’s spine.

Behind them is a mixed team composed of patrol Auror and strikers. Although they obviously lacked the aggressiveness of armed Auror, they all put on a set of knee-high gray leather coats on their backs. The professionalism shown by the extra backpack that has been cast with the non-marking expansion curse is comparable to that of Essence, Qi, and Spirit, and it is not comparable to those of Auror in countries that have not imitated Britain to carry out reforms.

As a private army of Harris, the armed forces of the umbrella red umbrella department are now rare. In peacetime, try to avoid different participation with the Ministry of Magic official.

And this organization, which was originally modeled after the armed Auror, has changed its clothing before, and now it also shows a different style of acting from the armed Auror.

Compared with the imposing manner of the Ministry of Magic, which is already partial to the army, these wizards dressed in Nesiril style are like ghost-like. Silencio walks on the square, and everyone is not walking in the same way as Auror. They were unified, but the long staff under the hood and in their hands made them look more dangerous.

The wizards have never seen an army of this size and have never heard such exciting music, and the combination of the two has a very shocking effect. These high-ranking foreign officials felt a little trembling in their hearts as they watched such an armed contingent close to a military force pressing into the square so firmly.

In addition to the leading wizards, the giant and Little Mama cake shop female Boss Monica’s brother Rose designed the golem officially. Compared with the army composed of wizards, although the number of these big men is not large, they are also in order. , The huge soles of feet stepped on the ground as if to smash the land.

The bald giants with gems inlaid on their foreheads look like walking humanoid weapons, and the knotted muscles and huge fists that can’t be covered under the horned camel coat are showing their strength.

The several models of golems are even more amazing. They are several stories high and follow behind the giants in neat steps. The body of the stone golem is carved into an armor style similar to the guardian statue of Hogwarts; The giant iron golem with cold light black armor has a smoother pace. It also holds a bizarre double-headed sword in both hands, but it looks even more fearful-they all carry a pair of them behind their backs. The stature crossbow, this simple and practical structure coupled with the magic arrow gives them a certain range of long-range attack capabilities.

After watching a military parade that was almost unavailable for Magic Circle, many foreign officials on the high platform involuntarily revealed the traditional Aurors of their own country that are still more spyful. They have not won Britain. In 2011, I have been strengthening certain information about the weaponry and the giant Human Demon, but seeing the shock and impact on them with my own eyes, they have no confidence in them, and the fear of Harris in their hearts has become stronger. It also makes them think about it as the ruler. What is necessary to maintain such a large armed force.

But this did not end. A huge shadow enveloped the ground, slowly swallowing the sun, and the entire space was gloomy down.

The wizards raised their eyes and cried out, but they saw densely packed floating boats hovering in the sky covering the heavens, shielding the sun, neatly arranged in the sky, as if to want the whole city The posture of destruction, grandiose advancing, the majestic imposing manner is suffocating.

Unlike the floating ships in the harbors that wizards used to see in the past, these floating ships are equipped with heavy armored shells. After so long of development, many artillery and bed crossbows have been extended on each deck— —Different from the previous appearance shown by Aaron, they can launch some special super dungbomb or alchemy products like the Greek fire like before. Although the formidable power and methods are actually limited, they are better than the cast and the damage range is also greater. It is much bigger for wizards to throw similar products out.

Similarly, each of these pontoons is painted with the emblem of Britain Ministry of Magic and the mark of Harris’ All-Knowing Eye, and the head of the giant sail battleship-shaped pontoon is also erected on the bow A bronze statue of a three-eyed raven with its wings spread out.

This kind of endless display made the high-ranking foreign officials at the scene a little restless. They don’t know what the situation is now, and they have never seen such a large army of wizards at least for the wizard. It was shocking. Many people wanted to ask Daisy after they came back to his senses, but a violent roar sound came from the clouds, resounding like thunder.

These high-ranking foreign officials looked towards the sky in horror. They could not argue what could make such a rumbling noise, but the deafening sound made people tremble with fear. Suddenly, the ferocious dragon head protruded from the clouds, and in a terrifying imposing manner of covering the heavens, shielding the sun, it led the entire body to break through the clouds and out-all of them were Dragons with a five-star danger level.

Some of the dragons of these varieties that are disordered and in a mess wear special dragon saddles. Each dragon saddle carries three to seven wizards depending on the dragon type, and the underground wizards have not waited until the underground wizards can recognize them. The magical creatures behind the clouds, with the more violent roar sound, the dragons who descended first backed away from the direction of the sound to open a path, and lowered the high dragon head.

The unique Dragon’s Might of dragons is not only because of their gathering, but also because of the apparently more powerful dragon roar, and greater fear has poured out from the hearts of the wizards.

Three giant dragons, which are obviously stronger in stature, appear in the sight of the wizards like the emperor King-like.

In the middle is the largest giant dragon, which looks like a small volcano covered by lava from a distance. This red dragon’s thick and hard deep red scales nailed to a layer of silver armor that shines in the sun. , This armor is thinly embedded in the giant dragon’s body, wrapping it all up, and its lower jaw is also tightly protected by the jaw guard of the same material, making the originally ferocious dragon head even more majestic and mysterious.

The Black Dragon on the left of the red dragon. The black red eyes are as hot as molten rock, making people afraid to look straight. Bai Sensen’s fangs look incredibly evil. It spreads its wings and reflects the mithril armor on the black scales. The rays of light gazing at the sun.

And the last one is relatively common. It is the Hungarian Horntail with the most chest tightness among the two-legged Winged Dragon dragons. However, its body shape is obviously larger than its counterparts in the surrounding dragons, even a huge image. It was a lizard-like head with a cold mithril helmet, only yellow eyes, bronze horns, and a long tail with bronze spikes were exposed.