Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 849

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As Dumbledore fell, Hogwarts began to move.

No one cares what Harry is doing. Although Dumbledore has spent years cultivating and waiting for him, he is not the protagonist at this time. Jon believes that Snape can solve the problem well, so here Things are the point.

Dumbledore's body slowly fell to the ground under the lift of Hogg and Peeves. Jon, who had recovered most of his strength, appeared here, and glanced at Filch, who was rushing over.

"At this time, you should be patrolling. Although there is a problem in the school, a squib should not appear here, especially when all the school professors are not here. ."

Jon is almost speaking in a commanding tone, but no one thinks this is wrong.

"Now you should go and see what happened to our boy and Snape, and fix the loopholes in the school by the way."

Filch nodded, leave in a hurry, Jon looked down and looked down. Towards Dumbledore's corpse, the power of Helga is preventing Dumbledore's soul from dissipating, and at this time, Grindelwald is ready to come.

"Should we go directly with our souls?"

"Obviously, we shouldn't do this."

Hogg realized afterwards Said: "Mr. Grindelwald sent a message yesterday, saying that he hopes we will bring Professor Dumbledore to the ceremony?"

"What ceremony? Isn't it a direct resurrection and reshaping? Where is the undying bird Fawkes? "

"Fawkes is in the headmaster's office, just following Professor Dumbledore's orders. It didn't come. If you want him to come, I can inform you."

Peeves Now instead of the usual joke state, it is very serious.

"No need." Jon turned his head and looked towards the air around him. Although there seemed to be nothing there, he knew that Helga was standing there.


"Don't worry, Dumbledore's soul strength is stronger than you think. Although he didn't use Horcrux to make his soul weak, he drank it before. The potion works well. I now know why he hasn’t worried about this. It takes a while for his soul to escape from the body. I don’t think we need to worry."

Such things are not nervous. It is impossible, especially since Grindelwald is not here yet, no matter what Jon does, he will be worried.

After all, Dumbledore trusts him wholeheartedly, but if something goes wrong with him...

Fortunately, there is Helga.

Helga is always by your side, and you can always feel relieved.

Jon can see the state of Dumbledore's Soul Power. That kind of thing is weak but tenacious, and in Jon's field of vision, it appears very clear and clean.

The Soul Power of silver white is being peeled from the body by little by little. With the bloodline and flames, the power of the undying bird is borrowed. Jon knows that the undying bird Fawkes should be at this moment. In a state that resonated highly with Dumbledore, after all, bloodline was activated to such an extent, and there were always some surprising reactions.

And now, while Jon is regaining his strength, he is also contacting Grindelwald.

The magic net has almost started to operate at full power, and Hogg's form seems a bit transparent. Fortunately, in this case, the Dragon Formation does not need to be maintained, otherwise his load may be overloaded.

Grindelwald is not within the realm. At this time, Jon cannot rashly rise to the surface of the deep blue sea. This situation always makes people feel very troublesome. Fortunately, he I received a response from Grindelwald.

He is in Hogwarts.

"Do you know what Grindelwald teacher is doing?"

"It seems to be arranging something, but I have no way to lock his position now, because he is not within the material world. the realm, this is beyond my maximum authority. If you need to investigate, you can choose to come in person."

"No need."

Helga said suddenly , Has taken over all the right to speak now.

"I know where Grindelwald is, and we need to pass now."

This Goddess's scepter pierced out a small tip in the void, and brought Jon and Hogg together Peeves also shrouded, and disappeared from under the tower.

Someone will find Dumbledore's body soon, but that has nothing to do with them.

Because, theoretically speaking, Dumbledore is dead. This news will spread throughout the world in the shortest time. No one cares if there is a ghost and a student who graduated a long time ago. The thing here.



Being carried by Helga through space is a very wonderful experience, because there is no feeling, the feeling of time and space is Dissolved, when Jon appeared in this special space, there was no expectation at all, it was as simple as he had just taken a step.

Peeves feels the same, in contrast, Hogg is much calmer.

"This should be another layer of space, but it is not a world. To be precise, it is a nested space constructed by connecting the portraits in Hogwarts Castle. I think you should treat this This kind of existence is well understood. After all, the Helga headmaster once lived in this kind of space for a long time."

"Well, then I understand, but this space is much larger than the Helga space, and It doesn’t look like the space organized by Helga."

"That’s because the space in which Helga headmaster lives is independent, and that space has an impact on external forces through contact with the Dragon Formation. Extraction to maintain operation, and this space is not. The power in this space comes from the magical nature of the magic portrait itself, but they are a bit like."

Hogg is like a very elegant medieval The housekeeper of Jon dutifully explains everything here for Jon.

"Then why are we here?"

"Isn't this problem obvious?" It is not Hogg who speaks, but Grindelwald, who wears a white robe everyday. The experimental legendary wizard dressed particularly handsome today, which made Jon feel a little strange.

"teacher, why do you inherit this way? And what's the situation here?"

Jon looked around, it seemed like a palace here.

"I made this copy. It imitates the Imperial Palace in Germany. Doesn’t it look good?"

Behind Grindelwald, there is a Giant High Platform, something Jon is familiar with. At this moment All above, this high platform is obviously used for the resurrection ceremony.

Because now Helga is already putting Dumbledore's soul on it.

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