Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 850

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Jon decided that he should calm down, after all, there is nothing to use him next, and the most important thing is that Dumbledore's resurrection basically has nothing to do with him.

Helga is here,

Grindelwald is here,

The silhouettes of undying bird Fawkes are all here,

Even the headmasters of Hogwarts , All because of the particularity of the space here, and appear here.

So, what does little Jon need to be here?

The tool man is over, except now he needs to dress himself up.

Because just two minutes ago, he just received a beautifully crafted invitation letter from Grindelwald. Obviously, among all the people present, only Jon did not know about this.

Dumbledore and Grindelwald's wedding oh!

Dumbledore probably knew about it a long time ago, only he has been busy, so no one told him.

Of course, Helga is not very clear about this, but Grindelwald obviously said something to Helga after Dumbledore’s soul entered the resurrection ceremony and lit the fire of rebirth, because Helga has now changed into the costume of the main god. Practice the marriage testimony there.

It's outrageous.

It seems that everything here doesn't need him to do anything, obviously he was busy like a dog before.

Those people outside must be very sad now, Sirius did not die, some people still know the inside story, but Dumbledore's affairs are really a secret, Jon impossible told those people that Dumbledore did not die , Otherwise there will be many problems.

In this world, it’s easy for people to blame others, even the people of Order of the Phoenix, the same.

Someone must think why Dumbledore didn't stand up to protect everyone...

and so on.

People are selfish, but they always ask others to be selfless.

Jon doesn’t want Dumbledore to be morally kidnapped by those people. Anyway, anyone other than him who knows that Dumbledore hasn’t died will know his henchmen, Sirius and Snape, but Sirius obviously and the Order of the Phoenix. It’s not from a team, after all, he’s also dead...

In short, everything is still under control. It’s normal for those outside to not find Jon-considering Dumbledore's death There will be many problems, and Jon needs to be very busy to be able to handle those things.

As for now, just treat it as a dream.

There are always many reasons for the beginning of a dream, but the result is waking up, and the story here is also stored in the real world within the realm, or in Jon’s memory inside.

Human beings have no way to determine whether their past is true, so over time, they will choose to believe that what they remember is true.

Even if this memory is a bit absurd.

But so what? He is still real after all.

Jon quickly accepted the fact that Grindelwald and Dumbledore were about to get married-right after Dumbledore died, speak frankly Grindelwald would do this kind of thing, and it wouldn’t surprise Jon, but Dumbledore Will agree is what makes Jon really feel abnormal.

When is Dumbledore also such an impulsive person?

"A long, long time ago, so the big brother had to do The head of the family, he was like this."

The talking Ariana walked away from the depths of the void Coming here, at the request of Grindelwald, Helga brought Ariana here from the magic fairy castle.

Ariana doesn’t mind what Grindelwald did. She is really a very kind little girl, and she is very simple. After being able to speak, she often talks to people around her to make up for it. It was regrettable that there was no way to speak in those years, but she never blamed anyone for those things.

And this is why Jon likes her.

"The big brother used to be a very cheerful person. If those things didn’t happen in the family, he might not be what he is now. Maybe he and the Grindelwald big brother will be able to have a good life. Life.

——The two of them may be like-minded and start some reforms, just like what you are doing now, this reform may be many years in advance, but unfortunately after something like that happens , Everything has been changed."

"You seem to be very sorry about this matter?" Jon was a little strange: "According to the truth, after all, the quarrel between them caused your death. But why don’t you blame them?"

"Because there is no point in blaming. Now that things have happened, and the big brother has actually paid the price, he has been blaming himself for so many years, but in fact, No need. Compared with many people, am I already very lucky?

Not everyone has a great big brother who can retain his soul after his death,


Furthermore, the big brother said that he will stay with me in the Magic Castle for the rest of the time."

This is true.

Dumbledore also said to Jon before that he wanted to accompany Ariana for a period of time after he came back to life to make up for his mistakes. He hasn't been with his younger sister for so many years.

Now, since the younger sister has become a god, there is enough time to make up for the mistakes of the year.

Even if you become the god of Helga, there is nothing wrong with Ariana.

Jon and Ariana didn’t have the effort to say a few words. Dumbledore has re-condensed his body from the flames. He looks much younger than he was when he died. Now he is just like Grindelwald. Looks very young.

It is as if two teenagers have grown into two young people, and time has not left them any unnecessary marks.

Ariana is also a young girl.

Participate in my big brother's wedding here.

Now at this time, Dumbledore is being dressed up in his middle age surrounded by the headmasters of Hogwarts, like a younger man who is worried about by his elders.

It looks funny, but it's actually quite warm.

"Are these the only people attending the wedding today?"

Jon beckoned and called Hogg over.

"Ah, not only these people, but part of Dark Forest is also coming over from the projection. In the world of Helga headmaster, Mr. Credence Dumbledore is also trying to project towards this direction, but He does not have the body of a god as a subordinate of Helga headmaster like Ms. Ariana, otherwise he can come and go freely."

"Credence is coming? He won’t be with Headmaster Dumbledore on this occasion. Let’s fight?"

"It’s not as serious as you think, the big brother Credence has no hatred with the big brother, although I am not quite clear what happened to them in the past, but Clay The big brother Duns is very nice to me!"

Ariana said naively.

Jon didn’t say anything. He didn’t think that Credence would have a different opinion of Dumbledore because of Ariana. Although Credence liked Ariana very much, who would not like Ariana? Woolen cloth?

Even Grindelwald likes Ariana very much, although the origin of their struggle was because they considered that Ariana needed someone to take care of, but this does not mean that Grindelwald itself has any other views on Ariana.

He likes Ariana very much, but when he was young, there were always some wrong decisions that would prevail. Now these decisions are not important.

Everyone said that it was a wrong decision.

As for Credence, considering Grindelwald's situation here, what's wrong with It shouldn't be.

"When everyone is here, the wedding should begin."

While Dumbledore was changing clothes, Jon walked up to Grindelwald and asked another thing. .

"Voldemort is going to find me?

Oh yes, I remember you told me that he was always looking for a powerful wand,

But you don’t have to worry about this. I have taken sufficient protective measures on the tower.

He shouldn’t be able to tell that it’s not me that is left there. It was originally a part of me.


The alchemy doll I made with the spell is no different from daoist.

And I can feel the state of the doll. If Voldemort goes to him, I will Control the doll to do what we expected."

"Ah, that's good...Now you can start preparing, I think Headmaster Dumbledore's clothes have been changed, teacher, newly married Pleasant."

Grindelwald patted Jon's shoulders, walked to the front of the stage and stood still, while at the same time, accompanied by the headmaster of Dairis Dewant, a youth version of Dumbledore in a white suit came from the stone Platform came over with a happy expression on his face, as if he hadn't come back from the dead, but just slept.

But today is a great day, who cares about this?

It's a pity that Aberforth can't come here in person, and Dairis headmaster has to play the role of Dumbledore mother.

As for Grindelwald, he has no relatives to attend, but he has students and former followers.

Everyone would like to see Grindelwald and Dumbledore get married. After all, this scene should have happened many years ago, but because of a blunder, I waited for so many years.

But everything is a good result, isn't it?

Dumbledore walked and stood in front of Grindelwald. The two of them stood face to face, with Helga looking at them with a smile on his side.

Now they are about to take the oath.

Ariana is standing behind her big brother, holding two rings in her hand. These are obviously prepared by Grindelwald for this occasion, but no one is there at this time. Will care about what the ring is.

Jon stood in the crowd, looking at the scene in front of him, suddenly felt that life is really interesting.

Who would have thought that in his lifetime, he would actually be able to see the wedding of Grindelwald and Dumbledore?

Although the wedding was not as brilliant and grand as he once thought, Dumbledore and Grindelwald probably wouldn't care about the scale of the wedding.

For the two of them, even if only the two of them were present, this wedding was perfect.

even more how, many people came to this wedding.

Hogwarts’ previous headmasters are all Dumbledore’s acquaintances. Those who have been hiding in the Dark Forest for so long and now seem to be very old, when their souls appear here, Dumbledore even One or two can be recognized, and some people have even spoken before.

Credence and Dumbledore have long since disappeared from their original grudges, and the truth that time will smooth out all problems is the best proof for them.

And the most important thing today.

It is the two of them.

Gellert · Grindelwald.

Albus · Percival · Wulfric · Brian · Dumbledore.

These people are here today, not to celebrate Dumbledore's not dead, but to celebrate the wedding of the two of them.

In this space no different from the palace, the former Black Emperor stood here to marry his lover.

“Now,” Helga’s majestic voice sounded in the space, and in the huge hall built by Grindelwald imitating the Imperial Palace in Germany, everything looked hazy and beautiful: “You can take your oath.”

Grindelwald squeezed Dumbledore's hand nervously. At this moment, he seemed to have suddenly returned to that summer, a long, long time ago.

In the barn of Godric's Hollow, the summer is full of heat, but it is an unforgettable summer.

There were many sleepless nights above the tower. He always recalled those stories and regretted what he had done. But at this moment, he didn’t feel this. How bad is this thing.

Time is a very wonderful thing, it will make you feel your true inner thoughts.

Without the several decades of the tower, he would never understand that he loves the person in front of him so deeply, even if he sacrifices his life for him.


Dumbledore looked at the man in front of him. This was a face he was not familiar with, because he missed this time. In the summer of Godric's Hollow, he met It was an ambitious teenager, and when the two of them met again later, Grindelwald had become a bit old.

Grindelwald’s youth time is the time he missed, because at that time, right after that incident, the two of them have experienced too much, and have been buried in each other’s hearts. Very deeply imprinted and hurt.

He originally thought he would never see this man again in his life.

Or he originally thought that he would not want to see Grindelwald again, but his heart told him that he could not forget this person, even if he always remembered his face with hatred in his heart, It's just because of such a deep love.

He can even forgive this person for all the wrong things, and Gellert did nothing wrong.

Dumbledore has figured out at least one thing in the many years since that showdown. It was the spell shot from his hand that caused the death of the younger sister. Because of this, he was able to successfully inherit Elder Wand.


Now the younger sister has also got a good ending. The two of them have met again.

In this world, what could be more happier than this one?

Dumbledore suddenly thought of the words Jon once said. Jon said that someone like Dumbledore, a person who has endured so much, should have deserved the best ending.

He feels that the ending he can face now is the best ending.


"Someone once asked me whether I would choose the original path if I could choose. My answer at the time was, no.

Because at that time I would rather be an ordinary wizard than I had done those things before.

However, someone asked this question later, and that time, I answered, yes.


Because if I didn't choose that path, I would never meet you, nor fall in love with you, let alone stand here, asking you to let me continue to love you."

Ariana handed over the ring at the right time. Just after Grindelwald confessed, the proposal is over. Then, according to the process, an oath is required.

Legendary wizard's memory is naturally very good. The two pieces of paper on the tray are the content of the oath. The two of them only glanced at it and remembered those two sentences.

So under the witness of everyone, the two of them put on the ring for each other, and then took an oath.

"I give this ring to you as a symbol of love and loyalty. When I put it on your finger, what I promise to you is my whole body and mind. I beg you Putting on this ring, it bears witness to our vows today, at our wedding."

After the ring exchange, there is a vow that needs to be made from the heart. Dumbledore needs to give a response. What Gellert said.

"Gellert · Grindelwald, when I look into your eyes, what I see is my confidant, a person who seems to be destined by heaven to unite two lives. You are what I have The most handsome, loyal and honest person I have ever met, I will give you myself and my whole heart. You accompany me with your love, humor and endless patience. You accept the real me unconditionally, and Bring me a sense of warmth and security, and I will be your partner in this life, by your side."

Jon swears that he clearly saw Dumbledore’s eyes full of tears, and Grindelwald standing opposite him , And not much better.

His voice was obviously a little bit crying when he spoke, but he still held Dumbledore's hand very firmly.

"Albus, I am sure, we are the one who is sure.

I am sure that no matter what happens to you, I will be by your side. Today at our wedding I promise you, I promise to be your partner in this life and never leave."

In the palace, there was suddenly thunderous applause and cheers. Everyone did not hesitate to send blessings to the couple , People are very happy.

"Then, I will be honored to announce that, in accordance with the glory of the deep sea, I will confirm their loyal love for my friend Legendary wizard Gellert ·Grindelwald and Legendary wizard Albus ·Dumbledore,

In the name of the founder of Hogwarts and the surviving god Helga · Hufflepuff, I send my blessings to you. You two have become partners.

Seal with a kiss."

Dumbledore and Grindelwald hug each other amidst even more enthusiastic cheers. The hall is full of their passionate and true feelings, just like, the beauty of the world finally meets here, and their love should always be There is a complete ending.

Their love should always have a happy ending.

Even Jon couldn't help crying under this infection. It is also a happy thing for him to be able to see such a scene.

Then he turned and left.

Some people should enjoy the beauty, but some people need to bear the pressure of reality.

At least for now, he has taken this burden from Dumbledore.

Dumbledore has a good ending, and he is going to take on another ending.

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