Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 851

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In this world, thousands of people die every minute.

People choose to attend the funeral because, on the one hand, we have to look at the appearance of those people who have died in order to cherish the memory of friends and relatives in the past.

On the other hand, we need to What was learned during the funeral, and what was learned in detail... In fact, no one can learn it.

Many people are ordinary persons, and there is no way to resist many things that happen in this world, such as natural disasters, man-made disasters, and the termination of lifespan.

Existence is not easy, but even under such circumstances, we are still alive.

The instinct of life is to live hard and fear death.

No matter how powerful people are, they will inevitably face all this.

"But obviously my big brother doesn't use it, doesn't it?"

In Hog's Head, Aberforth looked at Jon in front of him and said harshly.

"My big brother is always such a lucky person. Even if he killed his younger sister, he didn't need to take any responsibility. On the contrary, he became in this world because of his outstanding strength. The most respected wizard, this is obviously a very ironic thing.

By now, it is clear that he is dying, or is already dead.

But there is one he has ever 'S lover, ran out of the tower where he was imprisoned and said to my big brother that he doesn't need to die, he can save him in another way. This is how many people in the world yearn for something even in What about dreams?

He doesn’t have to bear anything. Now he is free from all the shackles and enjoys life with his former lover. Only our pitiful person is left here. Run for his plan."

"Come on, Aberforth, you and I know that you are not telling the truth. Although you hate Albus, you don’t hate him so much, at least because of him. Existence can keep Ariana for so many years until Ariana is reborn."

"That is Ariana worthy, does not mean that Albus can ignore his own fault."

"Believe me, Albus has never He has not ignored his own fault, and he has been working hard for the resurrection of Ariana, and has even been quietly supporting Nicholas to study Time-Turner so that he can return to the time when he made the mistake."

"Yes, he did a lot of things, but none of them succeeded, did he?

I think in this world, everything must have an explanation, but you don’t need to explain this matter. What, because I know in my heart that the reason why Ariana can be saved is because of the pity of Helga headmaster. He promised that our siblings can be reborn in his Divine Kingdom. This is true kindness."

"Well, I don’t want to argue with you about this. I can’t always wake up a person who pretends to sleep. Although the situation is different now, the truth is the same."

Jon He deeply knows how empathetic he is. He can fully understand Aberforth's psychology. This is a person who dislikes in his mouth but has a very upright body. Although his words are always full of contempt for Albus, But whatever Albus arranged, he would do it.

"I think at least for now, I should go back to school first. The Order of the Phoenix must have been messed up. The sudden death of Dumbledore will definitely bring a lot of problems. Headmistress are confident in their ability to handle affairs, but I think it’s better for me to go back in person."

"Whatever you want, it doesn’t matter to me anyway. If he really dies, I I will definitely attend his funeral."

It doesn't matter.

Jon didn't stop or slow down, he walked away very quietly.

He must first talk to the members of Order of the Phoenix about this issue.

Dumbledore is dead within the realm, so everything in Order of the Phoenix needs to be taken care of by Jon.

But it is the same principle. Jon doesn't want his existence to be known by too many people, so he chooses to inform some people, some people who have the right to speak.

Professor McGonagall.

Severus · Snape.

Arthur · Mr. Weasley and his wife Molly · Weasley.

And Sirius.

These people are all people who have direct contact with him, especially under such circumstances, he needs to give these people an explanation.

Otherwise, he wouldn't even be able to explain to them why Dumbledore suddenly died at school, but Grindelwald was not crazy at all.

"Welcome everyone to come to me at this time, of course, some people have to come, and some people, it is not easy to appear here, especially Professor Snape, so in order to save us Professor Snape’s time, let me explain the most important thing first.

Our problems now are very obvious. After on the surface Dumbledore dies, there will be some problems in people’s hearts, but even so, I don’t I think there is no harm. If things are not bad enough, there is no way to succeed in one fell swoop.

My people have already started to build a news network outside. When things are over here, the East will do it too. Synchronously follow up the opening of the magic net, so when the time comes, we are the leader of the world...

Professor McGonagall can ask Mr. Weasley to tell you after your question. After all, this matter is speaking of which It’s a waste of time.

Actually, Mrs. Weasley shouldn’t know our specific plan yet, but Arthur knows.

...and then Professor Snape, according to our previous You need to continue to disguise the agreement. Of course, I have confidence in you. I will give you the follow-up information through the old method. I will leave it to you for the reform of the Ministry of Magic."

Jon Basically, there is so much information in his hand, because he has not yet returned to the laboratory to go with Anthony to connect them. When the connection is over, there will be no problems.

"In addition, when facing the outside, we must firmly believe that Dumbledore is dead, especially when facing students-Mrs. Weasley, can we keep a secret from the children? "

Molly Weasley looked very nervous, but she still solemnly nodded, indicating that she knew it.

No way, the closest Harry is to Jon is this witch, she is Ron’s mother, basically Hermione and Harry’s mother.

"Speaking of the children...I think we must have a lot of help from our children next, the first is that Harry is about to become an adult...Oh, Professor Snape, yes, you can go "

Snape’s silhouette disappeared in the small room, and Jon turned the subject back again: "Except for Professor McGonagall, I hope that the rest of us can begin to recall regularly, Order of the Phoenix’s power is enough. My manpower is mainly to cooperate with the royal family to promote the external world. I think that after this year, we will be able to see the New World."

"Sirius Now it happens to be a dead person, I think he will be responsible for the external docking work, don’t you have any comments?"



"No, it would be better if you didn’t say that I was a dead person."

Everyone did not express any negative opinions. Jon selectively ignored Sirius’ complaints and hurryed to enter the next page. One topic.

"The most important thing for us right now is Dumbledore's funeral. This is a signal, so everyone needs to participate. Arthur of the Order of the Phoenix, you should be able to do a good job. Tell them about me. The will is good. Except for those who don’t need it, Lockhart will use memory magic to control them. Later this list will be provided by...Molly, how about you?"

Jon's full aura at work is terrifying, even the McGonagall headmaster is a bit stressed, not to mention Mrs. Weasley.

"I...Of course I can. I am the one who knows the members best."

"That's good, I think we can all have a lot of things to do, so move Get up, Professor McGonagall, can we have a chat on your way back?"

"Of course," McGonagall nodded: "I happen to have something to ask you, but about me and Arthur There are also things Molly wants to say..."

"After the funeral, I think you should have a lot of time to say this. Now let’s leave the meeting."

Of course Jon’s business is better than Jean’s Professor McGonagall understood the cause of the matter more importantly. He and Professor McGonagall returned to Hogwarts after Disapparation, and then he said: "Dumbledore wants to see you at the right time, so when will you have time?"

"Dumbledore wants to see me? Then why not directly..."

"First of all, Dumbledore shouldn't be here or anywhere now, because for him, this burden is no longer with him. What does it matter? All the things we do are just finishing touches. Dumbledore has done everything he needs to do.

He is dead, and not long before I come out, He just finished his wedding," Jon casually said the news: "So from now to some time in the future, he should be with his partner. This is their honeymoon period.

The reason why he wants to come is just because he is worried, or there are other reasons. I don't want to know, if you have a suitable time and place, I will help you convey it."

"So...then wait until the funeral is over. There are a lot of these things. I think we need to be busy for a long time."

"Of course, if the professor thinks about it, you can inform my students to let She relayed it to me."

"Your student?"

"Yes," Jon blinked: "It's Hermione Miss Granger. I have trained her alone for a long time. Now."


All courses are timeout and all exams are postponed.

In the two days after Dumbledore's death, some students were hurriedly picked up by their parents from Hogwarts-in the morning of the second day after Dumbledore's death, the Parvati twin sisters left without breakfast, Zhaka Rice Smith also followed his arrogant father and left the castle.

The demise of the Smith family is near, but no one knows about it. Jon didn't kill to the last one of this family. After all, not everyone knows those ancient stories.

After all, there is still a little friendship between him and Zacharias.

Seamus Finnigan flatly refused to go home with his mother. They had a quarrel in the hall, and finally his mother agreed to him to stay for the funeral, and the quarrel was over.

Seamus later told Harry and Ron that it was difficult for his mother to find a bed in Hogsmeade, because so many wizards of men and women flocked to the village to say goodbye to Dumbledore.

At the evening of the day before the funeral, a pink blue carriage the size of a house was pulled by dozens of huge, winged silver-mane horses, flew from in the sky, and landed on Edge of Forbidden Forest.

The students in the lower grades are very excited because they have never seen such a sight before.

Harry watched from the window a tall and strong woman with black hair and yellow skin coming down from the carriage and threw herself into the arms of Hagrid who was waiting there.

At the same time, a delegation of the Ministry of Magic—among which is included the Minister himself—was arranged to live in the castle.

Harry took great pains to avoid meeting any of them, because he believed they would question him sooner or later when Dumbledore left the whole sequence of events at Hogwarts for the last time.

Harry, Ron, Hermione and Ginny stay together all day.

Now it’s the end of the semester, Ginny’s exam is over, the pressure of homework is relieved, and they hang out together all day...

Harry knows what he has to say and what he should do, but He procrastinated hour by hour, because he really couldn't bear to give up what would comfort him the most.

They visit the school hospital twice a day.

Neville has been discharged from the hospital, and Bill continues to be under the care of Madam Pomfrey there.

His scar is still so horrible to see. To be honest, his current appearance is similar to Mad-Eye Moody has several points of. Fortunately, his eyes and legs are still intact, but his The character doesn't seem to have changed at all.

The only thing that has changed is that he now suddenly loves to eat tender beef.

"...Fortunately, he is going to marry me," Fleur said happily while helping Bill pat the pillow softer, "Because British people always fry the meat too old. I have said it many times."

"It seems that I have to face the reality, he really wants to marry her."

Ginny sighed and said, she and Harry, Ron and Hermione sat together by the open window of the Gryffindor common room, looking at the venue in the twilight outside.

"She is not that bad."

"Ai, since mother can bear it, I think I will be fine."

"We know Are the people of Snape dead?"

"No," Hermione was startled, and said dissatisfiedly, while stacking the newspapers: "They are still looking for Snape, but there is no clue..."

"Of course not. They have to wait for Voldemort to find Snape. Since they haven't been able to find him for so long..."

This kind of conversation is boring, Ginny is very I ran to bed soon, and the topic of trio naturally entered Horcrux soon.

Hermione knows a lot, but I can't say that she keeps in mind the tasks set by Jon, just like remembering those spells.

And in the end, they inevitably talked about the funeral.

Harry had never attended a funeral before, because Sirius hadn't died, so there were no bones to bury. Of course, Harry didn't know about this.

So Harry doesn't know what it will be like when the time comes.

What will he see?

How will it feel?

For these, he is vaguely worried.

He doesn’t know if Dumbledore’s death will be more real to him after the funeral is over, but now, sometimes the terrifying fact almost knocks him down, but more often in his heart It was blank and numb. Even though everyone in the castle was talking about it, he still had a hard time believing that Dumbledore really didn't exist.

Second day, Harry got up early to pack his luggage.

The Hogwarts express train will depart one hour after the funeral.

He came downstairs and found that the atmosphere in the auditorium was very depressing.

Everyone wears a formal robe, and no one seems to have much appetite.

Professor McGonagall made the throne-like seat in the middle of the dinning table empty, and Hagrid's chair was empty—Harry guessed that he might not be in the mood to come for breakfast.

But Rufus · Scrimgeour sat in Snape's seat, looking very eye-catching.

His yellow eyes scanned the auditorium. Harry avoided his gaze, but still felt very uncomfortably that Scrimgeour was looking for him.

Among Scrimgeour's entourage, Harry saw Percy Weasley with red hair and horny-rimmed glasses.

Ron didn't show at all that he knew Percy was here, but cut his smoked fish very hard.

On the dinning table of Slytherin over there, Crabbe and Goyle got together and whispered.

Although they are both big young men with awkward statures, but without Malfoy's pale and lanky silhouette in the middle, and without Malfoy giving orders to them, the two of them seem particularly lonely.

Harry didn't think about Malfoy more, his hatred was concentrated on Snape.

He has not forgotten the fear in Malfoy's voice on the top of the tower, nor has he forgotten that Malfoy's wand had fallen down before the other Death Eaters arrived.

Harry didn't believe that Malfoy would kill Dumbledore. He still hated Malfoy because he was obsessed with dark magic, but now this hatred was mixed with a little sympathy.

Where is Malfoy at the moment?

Voldemort threatened to kill him and his parents. What exactly did Voldemort order him to do?

Ginny stabbed Harry, interrupting his thoughts.

At this time, Professor McGonagall stood up, and the sad whispers in the auditorium immediately calmed down.

"Time is almost up," she said, "please follow your head to the field, and Gryffindor students come with me."

The students lined up and walked from behind the bench. Coming out, there was almost no sound.

Harry caught a glimpse of Slughorn standing at the forefront of the Slytherin team, wearing a luxurious bright green robe embroidered with silver threads.

In addition, he has never seen Hufflepuff's head Professor Sprout so neat and clean, and there is no patch on the hat.

When they walked to the hall, they found Madam Pince standing next to Filch, wearing a thick black mask that fell to her knees. Filch was wearing an old-fashioned suit and tie, and she was wearing There is a smell of camphor balls.

Harry went out of the gate, came to the stone steps, and found that they were moving towards the lake.

The warm sun shines on his face, and they silently follow Professor McGonagall to the place where hundreds of chairs are lined up.

There is an aisle in the middle of the chairs, and there is a marble table in front of which all the chairs face it.

This is one of the most beautiful and pleasant days in summer.

Half of the chairs are already sitting on people, these people are all kinds, fish and dragons mixed in together: some are ragged, some are neat and decent; some are elderly, and some are youngsters.

Most people Harry doesn’t know, but some he knows, among the members of which is included Order of the Phoenix: Kingsley · Shacklebolt, Mad-Eye Moody, Tonks-her hair again Miraculously turned into a dazzling pink, Remus Lupin-Tonks held hands with him, Mr. and Mrs. Weasley, Fleur supported Bill, followed by Fred and George in a black dragon leather jacket.

In addition, there is Madam Maxime-she occupies two and a half chairs alone, Leaky Cauldron’s Boss Tom, Harry’s squib neighbor Allah Bella Feige, and the hair in the singing group of The Weird Sisters The heavy double bass player, the Knight Bus driver Ern Prin, Diagon Alley Madam Malkin of Robes for All Occasions, and a few others Harry just looked familiar, such as the waiter at Hog's Head, the witch who pushed the trolley on the Hogwarts express train .

The ghosts in the castle are also here. They are almost invisible in the sun. They can only be recognized when they are walking. There are illusory rays of light shining in the bright air.

Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny took the last few seats in the row of chairs by the lake.

People are talking to each other in low voices, the sound is like a breeze blowing across the grass, and the sounds of birds are very loud.

Cornelius Fudge walked past them towards the front seat, his face frowned, spinning his green hat as usual.

After that, Harry recognized Rita Skeeter, and was annoyed to find that her red paw-like hand was holding a notebook, and then he recognized Dolores · Umbridge, and suddenly became angry.

Umbridge has a sad expression on the toad's face, and a black velvet butterfly is topped on its iron-brown curly hair.

When she saw Centaur Firenze standing by the lake like a sentry, she was so scared that she hurried to a seat in the distance.

Harry didn’t know if Scrimgeour and other great characters were really sad for Dumbledore’s death. He heard the music, like a fairy music floating in another world. He forgot to dislike the Minister and turned around. Find the source of this music.


So he saw them in the clear green lake under the sun, just a few inches below the lake surface, which made him Thinking of those Inferius, fear came to my heart again.

A chorus of ordinary Merpeople sings in a strange language that he doesn't understand. Their pale faces are rippling and purple hair floating around them.

This music made the hairs on the back of Harry's neck stand up, but it was not harsh.

It spoke of sorrow and despair perfectly clear—Harry looked down at the emotional faces in the water, feeling that at least they were saddened by Dumbledore's departure.

At this moment, Ginny stabbed him again, and he turned his face away.

Hagrid walked slowly along the aisle in the middle of the seat.

He was crying silently, with bright tears on his face. Harry knew that he was holding Dumbledore's body in his arms, wrapped in purple velvet studded with gold stars.

Seeing this scene, a heart-piercing sting rushed to Harry’s throat: For a while, that strange music, and Dumbledore’s body so close to him, seemed to have taken away everything that day Warmth.

Ron looked very shocked, his face was deathly white.

Big big teardrops dripped continuously on Ginny and Hermione's legs.

They can't see the situation ahead.

Hagrid seemed to put the body cautiously on the table. He was walking back down the aisle, blowing his nose vigorously and making a trumpet-like sound. Some people cast dissatisfied glances at him. Harry saw Dolores · Umbridge among them......

but Harry knew Dumbledore wouldn't mind.

As Hagrid passed by, Harry wanted to say hello to him friendly, but Hagrid's eyes were swollen into a seam, and it was strange that he could still see the path under his feet.

Harry looked at the back row where Hagrid was going, and understood what was giving him the distance.

The giant Glop was sitting there, wearing a jacket and trousers the size of a small tent. The huge, ugly head like a giant pebble was drooping down, looking very gentle, even kind. Understanding.

Hagrid sat down next to his half-father younger brother, and Glop patted Hagrid's head heavily, causing all four legs of the chair to sink into the ground.

Just then, the music stopped, and he turned his face and looked ahead again.

A small man with thick hair and a plain black robe stood up from his seat and came to the long marble table.

His voice was a little choked, so that people in the back row could not hear clearly, only a few words could be heard vaguely:

"Noble spirit"..."Academic achievement" ..."Great Mind"...

The sound of splashing water came from the left. He turned his head and saw that the Merpeople were all out of the water, listening carefully. Harry remembered Dumbledore squatting on the water's edge two years ago, and talking to the leader of Merpeople in Merpeople's language almost at the position Harry was sitting at the moment.

Harry didn't know where Dumbledore learned the language of Merpeople.

He didn’t ask him so many things, he had so many things to tell him...

So, suddenly, terrifying facts hit him more than ever All are more ruthless, undeniable. Dumbledore is dead, passed away...

He held the cold locket tightly in his hand, his hands were aching, but he still couldn't stop the tears from welling out of his eyes: he avoided Ginny and Other people’s eyes looked at the Forbidden Forest on the far side of the lake. The little man wearing black clothes was still making a monotonous and dull speech...

There was movement in the Forbidden Forest, because Centaur also To express their condolences.

They did not come to the clearing. Harry saw them standing half-hidden in the shadows, looking motionlessly at the wizards here, with their bows and arrows on their side.

The little man finally finished speaking and returned to his seat.

Harry waited for other people to stand up. He thought there would be people talking, such as Lord Minister, but no one moved.

Suddenly, several people screamed.

Dazzling white flames burst from Dumbledore's body and around the table: the flames rose higher and higher, covering the body. The white smoke curled up into the air, showing various strange shapes: in an instant, Harry seemed to see a Phoenix flying into the blue sky happily, but then the flame disappeared, and a white marble tomb appeared there. , Wrapped Dumbledore's body and the table on which it was placed.

Countless arrows hid in the air like a shower, causing several screams, but they fell far away from the crowd. Harry knew that this was the mourning of the Centaur. He saw them turning around and disappearing into the shady bushes. Those murlocs also slowly sank into the green bottom, and could no longer see them.

The funeral has ended.

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