Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 852

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After Dumbledore's funeral, many things happened in the magic world.

But no one came out to preside over the situation. The sudden demise of the Smith family was considered a warning from Voldemort to the Ancient Family. Although Voldemort didn’t know about it, some things happened and ended. It didn't operate according to Voldemort's will.

Most members of Order of the Phoenix are operating within a safe range. Only some new wizards under Sirius and Jon, as well as some people from MI0, are operating. In this matter, the royal family gave A huge help-they want to restore the glory of the royal family, even more than Jon want to advance this matter.

Jon doesn’t care much about this anymore. He, his group of people, and Sirius are all very comfortable people doing these things. He doesn’t have to worry about it, so in Grindelwald and Dumbledore When they were about to leave Britain to start their round-the-world journey, Jon left with them.

Of course not to be a light bulb, Jon is very self-aware.

They went to the East this time to see Cinnabar being promoted to Legendary Wizard.

Compared with Jon’s promotion, Cinnabar’s promotion is more like a normal wizard’s promotion, because this promotion has been prepared for a long time, and at the same time there is a structure of more important things, Dongfang The magic net of Jixia has ended and is ready to be put into use.

The mythological bloodline of the East is only a lot more than that of the West, so this kind of pressure is really very great.

But even with this kind of pressure, many people want to bear it.

No one, because the benefits it brings are also very large.

The myth of Huaxia has affected all the surrounding countries. Once you start to do it, you can almost consolidate the source of all the national beliefs. When the time comes, the person who dominates the magic net is the uncrowned king. At this time, those ancient families will certainly not give up this opportunity.

"According to our current preparations, each Imperial Family that inherits dragon blood has the ability to bear the destiny, so this kind of thing is obviously out of my turn, but I have no choice. This opportunity cannot be grasped, and the fate of my family and I will be affected. Have you ever heard of the nine sons seizing the prostitute?

After the defeat of the prosecution, the end will not be much better."

"Have you tried to contact the muggle world?"

"Have tried, but obviously we are not the only ones who have contacted, so there will be silent, and muggle world and mysterious world have always been equal It’s impossible to become an uncrowned king. In this era, the dominant will always be the regime."

"Indeed, there is no royal family here. It is indeed more troublesome."

Jon stood there Star Atlas looked at the layout of Cinnabar and their family before. From the bottom of his heart, Jon still hopes Cinnabar can succeed. She has experience and qualifications. Now there are only so many families in the East that have the right to speak. Zhu Family is one of them. This is basically a situation where the time and place are favorable and the people are occupied. If you haven't gotten this matter, it will be too uncomfortable.

"However, rest assured, I will always be here to help you. Teacher and Professor Dumbledore are also in the dark. They are currently traveling in the vicinity."

"That would be the best However, the bloodline of the black bird hasn’t appeared for a long time. If you can help me, it’s basically a destiny. It’s just that the Old Guy is in trouble. After their Totem blooms, they all have at least the strength of Legendary, which is difficult to deal with. "

"It's hard to deal with and it's not impossible to deal with, don't worry, including your Master and you, we have five Legendary realm people, at least on the surface our strength is the strongest. "

"Yes, at least this is the case now."

The cinnabar knocked on the wooden board, and the star map in front of it was hidden, looking like a wooden board.

The time is set at the end of summer and the beginning of autumn. When the seasons change, it coincides with the magic power tide. The Old Guys in the family have also benefited a lot from this tide, so there is Such a strong force.

There are not many families that can enter Jixia to observe the ceremony. Jon used transfiguration to turn into a child of Zhu Family and followed in. In addition to the long inheritance Great Family, there are also a few in history. Descendants of the Imperial Family.

In short, the situation is not good.

Jon can feel the problems on the field, but the ceremony has begun. Cinnabar has slowly lifted off with the power of the magic net, and is docking with the will of the world, ready to take over. Once the takeover is completed, she will start Moved towards Legendary wizard to upgrade, this kind of power requires a certain amount of time to digest, this is the focus of the key.

Before the power is digested, cinnabar is the most dangerous. Someone must act in the dark, so I can’t be careless.

Cinnabar’s mother is an ordinary-looking woman. Jon has seen her twice in the past few days, but he can clearly feel the power of this female patriarch—naturally, able to control Living in a Great Family and pushing your daughter to this position will definitely not be a simple character.

He and Cinnabar's mother looked at each other, and quietly disappeared from his body. Anyway, his strength is strong enough, otherwise it would be really difficult to do this.

Grindelwald and Dumbledore impossible came to support in a short time. Although the two of them are outside, they can even come directly through the authority of the magic net, but those who want to pick the fruit will definitely do it well. Adequate defensive measures. When Zhu Family's Master and allies contain those old people, Jon needs a person to stop many problems.

In the air, Jon, who is not showing his figure, secretly beats the beat and counts the time.

It doesn’t take much time, so I can’t relax for a moment.

In the time he and everyone anxiously waited, the space suddenly vibrated, the supreme treasure of Jixia-the scroll of Analects, bamboo slips wrapped in the streamer, from the image of the magic net Stripped out, the most important part of the core of the magic net has been completed so far, and the magic net has begun to take over the East, and cinnabar, has also begun to move towards Legendary promotion!

Many old people watching the ceremony in the field moved towards their side and looked over. Then dozens of young silhouettes turned into streamers from the ground and rose into the sky, and moved towards the position of Cinnabar and flew past.

The young leaders who have competed with Cinnabar for the position of this time are all present here. At that moment, various natural phenomena of thunder, rain, dew, wind and frost appeared, and various sounds followed between the families. The union and the collision disperse, accompanied by dozens of Legendary fluctuations, and the collision of each other's forces.

At this moment, the essence of the oriental magic world was revealed to Jon.

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