Harry Potter-Approaching the Magic World Chapter 854

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In the chessboard, the divine brilliance gradually appeared.

Every Imperial Family that can survive to the present will not be a simple character. Even after a long period of time, they still have a lot of power to use, even if it is sealed by the bloodline.

But anyway, Liu Family's plot is indeed dignified.

After being promoted to Legendary realm, his ability to perceive the world has gradually increased, not to mention that Jon was originally an expert in this way.

He can feel these things and know what idea Liu Family is playing.

Everyone knows that this kind of impossible authority is concentrated in the hands of one person, but after holding it for a long time, it will easily become a family inheritance, just like they were in ancient times, so simply move on the board. Hands and feet, in this way, the ruler must be selected from each family, and everyone will persuade others, which is very fair.

Even though Jon thinks it is just so-so, this is already the best goal among all those who snatch the chessboard from the perspective of Human World's good and evil.

That kind of peace and compassion was a power recognized by the people of the Li people in the world countless years ago.

What people want is invincible.

So everything is silent.

The rays of light of compassion and compassion flow here, and the light bursts out from the chessboard. The inheritance of the will of the sacrifice has attracted the Spiritual Imprint of Emperor Wenjing thousands of years ago. This kind of tender compassion merges into the rays of light, and it spreads to all darkness, like a compassionate Goddess, embracing everything, even sin and darkness, into her arms.

No action, no self.

I am everywhere in the world.

No one can resist this kind of power, not even the old people. This kind of warmth from the light surrounds everyone, just like the mother's gaze, which is extremely gentle and difficult to remove.

This is a kind of salvation.

Sacrifice yourself, sacrifice yourself, and bring peace and harmony to the world.

With the blood and soul of Liu's Imperial Family as sacrifices, it will bring real change.

Authority tampering, the power in the chessboard, moved towards peaceful transformation from control.

For a while, I don't know how many hateful sights fell down and fell on Liu Family patriarch's body.

The latter is unperturbed, but the heart is also very nervous. No one can resist the decision Old Ancestor made. For this step today, more than a dozen Old Ancestors who have been in the family for a long time dedicated their lives. Not only this great aunt, but also a few old people who want to serve as family heritage.

They paid such a big price in order to get the power of the chessboard today. As long as the Divine Vestige of the two emperors is branded into it, the Liu Family will always have a little more voice.

Power is peaceful, but people are not.

Only one old great aunt who can definitely be compassionate to others, has died in the light just now.

The gods don't care about the world, but the world is always related to each other.

The chessboard began to stretch, and the majestic sound began to resound through Heaven and Earth.

The miracle was born here.

But Jon did nothing.

He stood still in the void, no one saw him, only a phantom in front of him, it was the Old Lady.

She looked at Jon for fear of what he would do.

"What I will not do, you and I have the same purpose. I care about this. It is best not to control the power unless the controller can entrust it. Unfortunately, there is no such person here."

The last insurance of Western Magic Net is Helga, but there is no such person in the east.

Even cinnabar is selfish.

So the best way is co-governance.

The cinnabar is still asleep.

The chessboard is evolving, so the contention is over again.

In the sky, changes are taking place. Everyone is watching the changes here, and even in the deep sea, a few eyes hang down.

The gods are interested in this place.

But no one cares.

What they care about is that the brand-new matter that is gradually being born in the friction and collision of countless power characteristics has begun to transform its own state.

At this time, no one will put their minds on anything else-except for the sleeping cinnabar, the consciousness of all the rest has followed their eyes. In the sky, those powerful people also started to do their best, and tried every means to keep their Soul Seal close to the unfolded chessboard.

Even if there is no way to gain the initiative, they can sense the changes. To experience the profound mystery of the operation of the world, this is a very important resource for people in their this realm.

Because of this, everyone sees nothing common with each other, but everyone knows very well that they only saw the tip of the iceberg of the behemoth, because of their The angle of view is too narrow, just like looking at a leopard in a tube, only one spot can be seen, and it is difficult to see the whole picture.

And even this is good.

Just watching that kind of change, these old people feel that their lifespan has been extended, and some bottlenecks are continuously being impacted and even have to break through. Those who are weak are also affected by this. Two people even fell into unconsciousness, just like cinnabar, and started moving towards Legendary for promotion.

It's hard to believe if it wasn't for Jon to see it with his own eyes.

The magic net in the West actually has a similar effect. It's just a secret made by Jon. There is no such change, but the ability to transform an ordinary person into a wizard is already obvious.

It's just that quickly, the benefits of that transformation are over. This transformation is short-lived, but very successful.

But the powerhouses present were too late to be melancholy and regrettable.

Because with the end of the transformation, the huge tide was aroused, and the turbulent sound echoed in the minds of the Eastern wizards.

New rules and orders are being formulated.

The existence that hangs high above the sky completely reveals his true face.

It was a weird wind wheel carved like a rock.

It's like a chessboard pulling up from the center point. The lines originally carved on it are precisely distributed on the side of the cone at this moment. In each line gap, there are countless complicated symbols. The lines formed.

At this moment, the stone wheel is still, but it gives the illusion of it slowly turning.

Of course, maybe it is really spinning.

It's just that the world is relative, or in this space, the wind wheel is the center, the world is running, and it is running, and the two are synchronized.

Without will, relying only on instinct to operate on its own, it is a simple tool.

This is the best case.

There is no competition and control, only constant power.

The most direct effect of the magic net-isolation, is reflected here.

Under the ownerless state, the magic net began to block the surrounding forces extremely harshly.

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